Chapter 239 – Fearina’s Bakery

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A store that bakes and sells products known as bread.

This bakery is also my parents’ house.

I work here as a saleslady.

Ah, my name is Fearina.

For those who are in a close relationship with me, they call me Funa.


I had two problems a while ago.

The first one is the future of this store.

With the price hike of wheat which is a major ingredient for making bread and the price hike of firewood, which is needed for baking bread, the store’s savings is steadily decreasing.

Worrying, isn’t it?

Though bakeries are moderated by license issued by the country, there are still a lot of rival stores around.

Only regular customers buy my bread.

Therefore, our income is not increasing.

Father, mother, and me…We are already doing our best but the future is still dark.


Who are my regular customers?

Ehto, they are the housewives nearby and the inn who needs bread for their food.

Though they don’t buy every day, the Boroko Gumi buys every three days….they are a group of carpenters.

They buy every morning.

Also….there’s the local militia.

However, they don’t just buy from my store, they buy from the neighboring bakeries as well.

Though they only buy every 10 days, their order is not something that can be neglected.


Another problem of mine is my romantic relationship.

I’m not boasting but there’s a man who’s courting me.

I’m not really interested in love but it’s not like I hate it.

But I can’t neglect the other party.

His name is Gilspark. Though he looks good, he looks slightly scary.

He’s not violent but he looks like he’s always irritated.

However, I’m still uneasy so I rejected him when he proposed.

It is a waste to reject him but I still haven’t thought of marriage at that time.

I’m still too young to be a wife.


Though I clearly rejected him, Gilspark still regularly comes to my store without the intention of giving up.

He’s not buying any bread.

He said that the purpose of him coming here is not bread but for me.


Maa, I don’t need your advances you know.


I don’t know what happened but one of my two problems was solved.

A surprisingly big store with the name Big Roof Shashaato was built nearby.

I managed so wholesale bread there.

Though my store is not the only place they buy bread from, my sales is still doubled.

No, more than doubled.

Thank you very much.

When Big Roof Shashaato was still under construction, please forgive me for saying that it is nothing but useless obstruction.

Your curry is super delicious desu.


As for my other problem…

The romantic relationship or whatever you want to call it.

It’s not like I’m easy or anything.

Maa, Gilspark is not a bad person and his eyes only see me and because of that….cough.

But still, marriage talk is still too early…


By the way, let’s get back to the topic.

Now I have three worries.


Though Big Roof Shashaato is our main source of sales, they are baking their own bread.

However, those said bread is not for sale but for employees.

Baking bread but not selling them, I think they are thinking about the bakeries around.

They even give clothes to their employees and they all have accommodation and bed to sleep on too.

They are not selling bread because they don’t want to monopolize profit. I’m thankful for that.

Thank you very much.

That’s not the problem but what comes next.

Though they are baking bread for their own employees, it is overwhelmingly more delicious than our bread.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to eat it….ah, I’ll say it honestly.

Gilspark managed to eat a piece of bread for the employees and he boasted about it to me.

To me, a baker’s daughter.

He dares praise bread from another place before me?

As expected, I went berserk and let Gilspark’s chin feel the power of my right smash.

After that, I went straight to Big Roof Shashaato and, though seems impossible, unreasonably ask for bread that is meant for employees.

It was mortifyingly delicious.

There’s no way my bread can compete with it.

It is on a whole different level.

That’s what I felt at that time.

Gilspark bowed to me while explaining that that bread has been really popular with the nobles recently.

And they are giving them to the employees.

If they sell it to their customers, there’s no doubt the bakeries around will go bankrupt.

An employee of Big Roof Shashaato told me that they won’t sell them to customers because if they do, the price of their meal will rise.

Complete humiRiation.

I almost went berserk.

Well, to be exact, I really went berserk but Gilspark managed to carry me and escape.


I feel like collecting back all the bread we sold them and return their payment.

However, this is father’s bakery.

I’m only a daughter.

I can’t do it without his permission.

In addition, nothing will change since they can just buy more bread from other bakeries.

I cannot live with pride alone.

Then, there’s only one solution.

Make a more delicious bread.


I’m currently researching.

This is not the problem of my bakery alone so I spoke with other bakers.

The result….maa, this, I can’t compliment that much.

No, it is certainly more delicious compared to the bread we’re currently baking but….

It is still inferior to the bread for employees of Big Roof Shashaato.

I keenly realize my inadequacy.

This is my first worry.


My second worry, I found out that Gilspark is the governor’s son.

Gilspark was silent when I hit him.

Social status difference.

The governor of Shashaato is a noble.

As for me, a commoner.

This is real life and not a story so marrying each other is nothing simple.

It came to the point where we talk about breaking up, I’m prepared for it but Gilspark cried and resisted with all his might.

Gilspark said that he knows a trick where it will be fine for a commoner to marry a noble. I believe him….

Now, we’re in the process of finding the right timing for me to meet up with Gilspark’s parents.

As for my parents….they decided to wait and see what will happen.


By the way, Gilspark’s friend seemed to have committed mischief In Big Roof Shashaato and was entrusted to the church.

He is not imprisoned and is usually engaged in volunteer work.

Gilspark accompanies his friend to do some volunteer work too.

It seems like the main cause of everything is them having quarreled before.

Gilspark joined him in order to share his burden.

I’m kind of troubled right now since the location of the volunteer work of Gilspark’s friend is none other than Big Roof Shashaato.

So this is how they managed to eat the bread for employees.

Their volunteer work in that place is still ongoing.

In other words, Gilspark can see how the employees bake bread.

Should I have my beloved investigate it?

But the main purpose of volunteer work is to reflect.

How can I ask him to steal the method of bread making during that time?

When I’m still worrying about what to do, Gilspark said.

「I’ll ask acting manager Marcos-san how they bake bread….yes, that delicious bread. I’ll have him teach you how to bake it. What do you think?」


It’s painful.

This is troubling.

My pride….no, it is necessary to throw it away in order to make it.

To be able to bake delicious bread, I’ll obediently….



At a later date.

I met the manager of Big Roof Shashaato.

I find it strange since everyone’s calling him village chief even though he’s a manager.

Though he’s not usually in the store, he seems to have come to restock seafood.

As for looks…..Gilspark is superior.


However, in terms of business talent, he’s overwhelmingly above.

I talked with the manager a little and was made to notice.

It is natural to bake delicious bread.

However, the most important thing is to meet the kind of bread Big Roof Shashaato wants.

So, what kind of bread does Big Roof Shashaato want?

Naturally, a bread which matches with curry.

I finally see what I need to see.

As expected of a manager of a big store.


Several months later after meeting the manager.

Though I don’t think this can match the bread for employees, this taste can beat any bread in terms of compatibility with curry.

However, I must not be overcome with conceit.

I will surprise manager with this.


I’ll bake an even more delicious bread.



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