Chapter 241 – Ponder

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No, it was autumn a while ago.

Thanks to the Sun Castle, I can visually know what season it is.

The Sun Castle calendar is quite excellent.

Though I’m a little worried about not being around the clock.


Harvesting begins.

The villagers are working hard together.

Alfred seems to be helping too.

Thank you for your concern.

However, don’t overdo it.


Harvest has begun in each village too.

The harvest seems to be quite good.

However, I received a report that there’s only a little growth in this year’s yield.

Let’s hear the whole report later.


Once the autumn harvest is over, it is time for the martial arts competition.

All the preparations for this year’s competition were entrusted to the civil servant girls.

As for me, I have something that’s been on my mind.

Big Roof Shashaato.

No, not just that. I’ve been thinking about the development of that whole area.


When I went to Shashaato City at the beginning of autumn, I saw that half of the land on the south side of Big Roof Shashaato became a ranch.

They are already preparing to turn it into a terminal.

I’ve already entrusted everything regarding that to Michael-san and Maron.

I will not say additional unnecessary words.

They started a test run. Several carriages are running around Big Roof Shashaato as a kind of promotion.

Big Roof Shashaato is relatively big.

The perimeter is around 800 meters.

Though they stop from time to time to pick up and bring down customers, one lap of super safe driving is about 15-20 minutes.

To my surprise, the carriage that was not actually going anywhere is surprisingly popular.

Though I understand the kids wanting to ride, most customers are the housewives of this area.

It seems like they never had an opportunity to ride a wagon unless they’re going to a different town so the free carriage triggered them.

Even imposing a limit of one lap per person, a queue was formed.

Looking at the result, it seems like Michael-san and Marlon are already convinced with the success of the terminal.

It seems like we missed something.

The advertisements drawn on the carriage are all letters.

Thinking about the literacy rate of the residents, the advertisement effect will not be obtained.

If the advertisement will be in picture, there’s a possibility of mistaken recognition.

Reflect, me.

I’m glad that I noticed it this early.


What’s my favorite thing to think now? It is what to do to the east block of Big Roof Shashaato.

Though I spoke with Michael-san a number of times about it already, he said that it is up to me to decide what will happen to it in the end.

Is it alright?

Are they really going to entrust that to a man who never spent a week in this city?

He said that I’m the one who bought that land so it is only natural for me to be the one who’ll decide.



With all of that in mind, I started thinking of building an institution that will make more people go to Big Roof Shashaato.

Theater suddenly hits me.

However, I don’t even know how to start.

There seems to be no theatrical company here.

No, there is. However, I heard that they have ties with nobles and will not perform a play for commoners.

Professional musicians are in the same situation.

They can only be hired by nobles.

It seems like you can only hear them play during noble’s parties.

Though there are theater performers and musicians that have no ties with nobles, they are usually those who have sub-par skills or amateurs.

I have this feeling that they might not even be good enough to perform at the stage of Big Roof Shashaato.

Even if I build a special theater, there’s no point if there will be nothing to perform.

It’s regrettable but I can only give up on the theater idea….so, what other facilities can pull in customers?

I suggested an aquarium on the south side before but there was a problem with transportation and keeping the fish alive so it was scrapped.

I suggested school again but it was disapproved by others since that is not something that someone on a level of a merchant could manage.

Indeed. A school needs the support of the city and the country.

Let’s stop thinking about big things.

I’m not a mayor but a village chief.


Now that it has come to this, I suggested a technical skill school.

Not a large one and only something that anyone can study for a few hours a day.


It seems like there is a problem with gathering teaching staff.

But, can’t the employees of Big Roof Shashaato do it?

Yes, it is similar to a cram school.

However, the area of the place is 200mX200m which is too big for building something like a cram school.


Maa, why does it have to be only one facility?

It seems like the construction cost will multiply once the number of buildings increases but it can at least increase the number of facilities.

If that is the case, then I’ll add the public bathhouse that I already suggested to Michael-san a long time ago.

Though the city of Shashaato is not unsanitary, it is disappointing to find no baths.

Even then the bath in the employee dormitory is really popular and it can be considered that there is a demand for it now…..really?

But that’s because using it is for free and since there is no custom in bathing here, it might be a problem if there will be a “fee”.


To tell the truth, what I’m really concerned about is where to take a bath whenever I’m in this city.

Though Marcos and Paula’s house has a bath, me borrowing it is embarrassing.

Or rather, a bother.

Whenever I voice out that I’m going to use the bath, the employees on their rest day will “all” go to the bathroom to clean it up.

Loo, Tier, and Hakuren, who are currently with me, accepted that as the matter of fact but it bothers me.

I want to take a bath without bothering anyone.

A large public bath will solve that.


Now….where is our lodging?

Once the terminal is in full operation, it will likely be somewhere on the route.

The inns nearby are not bad.

Speaking of inns, the inn Michael-san arranged for us is not bad.

It is actually luxurious.

It is a large room with a table and chairs near the bed.

The window looks sturdy and the curtain is beautiful.

There is also a restroom for each room.

Though there’s no bath, there is water service. You can just ask either the maid or the butler who is waiting next to the room.

Yes, there is actually either a maid or a butler standing next to your room all the time….I think that’s terrible.

Remembering the inn at the village… is more rustic and calm.

The table, the bed, and even the curtain in the village seem to be of higher quality.

I wonder if it is because of personal attachment.

It might be because I’m favoring it more.


According to Loo and Tier, this seems to be a good quality inn for commoners.

As for Hakuren…..she has no comment.

As expected.

Before we went to Shashaato City, we stayed at Doraim’s nest for one night.

It is called a dragon’s nest so I imagined a rocky place so I was surprised to see Doraim living in a normal house.


Not really.

Given the size of this place, it can even be considered as a mountain.

It might be better to call it a palace.

We were greeted in a throne room.

The wall, the floor, the ceiling, the carpet, and the decorations, even with amateur’s eyes, they can only be called high quality.

It is being taken care of by devil butlers and maids.

I thought that this place is really amazing but then they said that Dors’ place is even more incredible.

I became uneasy. Was I able to satisfy them having them live in the guest room of my mansion or the inn in my village? Even Doraim’s room in his house there is only 8 tatami mat big.

Probably since he seems to be still using the kotatsu even though it is almost fall.

It also seems like he habitually uses the futon he bought from Big Tree Village.

Thank you for your patronage.

The guest room prepared for me is as big as an art gallery, it is around 30 tatami mats.

I was not able to sleep easily.

But Loo and Tier were able to sleep soundly beside me.


Let’s get back to the topic.

The inn in Shashaato City where we stayed was luxurious.

However, I felt that there were still things that need to be improved.

However, according to Gulf, this level is more than enough to please commoners.

When I heard the details, it seems like even if a noble stays here, there will be no problem.

I thought that it was something I can’t believe so Gulf told me about cheap inns.

At a cheap inn… not something I should stay at.

Rooms are being partitioned with wooden boards.

Don’t expect doors or beds.

In the worst case, everything is under one room.

There will be no partition and you can just lie wherever you want.

Obviously, there’s no security so your safety is your own responsibility.

Honestly, even if I’m invited, I won’t stay at that kind of place.

Camping in the forest will make my heart at ease compared to that.


For the time being, I was brought to a middle-class inn. Like in your usual fantasy setting, the first floor is the dining room and the second floor is the private rooms.

If you want to eat, it will be charged separately.

Though the room is small, there’s a bed.

That’s it.

A room for sleeping.

The window is also iron-barred.

It seems like it is to prevent customers from running away.


Now, let me recall what I’ve learned.

The luxurious inn that Michael-san arranged for us costs two pieces of silver coins per night, food included.

The middle-class inn is around 3 pieces of large copper coins per night depending on your food of choice.

As for the cheap inn, the entrance is two medium copper coins.

The differences are huge.

Assuming that I’ll build an inn….what will I choose?

A place where no one will disturb you so…it will be around one to ten large copper coins?

Or, should I boldly build an inn that costs around 10 silver coins?

I’m troubled.


Just because I own a place made me have to build something on it.

I’ll just add inn and choose which price range is the most popular later.

Yup, that’s what I should do.

The problem is …manpower.

Should I let Michael-san and Goldie deal with it?

Maa, let’s mass hire.

Let’s do it big this time.


With this, cram school, large public bath, inn….

As for the remainder, let’s build a store. But what kind of store?

Let’s build a shop that deals with beauty and style.

The target customers are, of course, women.

Not just the women living in this city but the tourists too.

A female customer who’s moving around using the carriage from the terminal will surely attracted to a place that manages beauty and style in addition to an inn and a bathhouse nearby.

And on the opposite direction, anything related to eating and drinking needs will be taken care of by Big Roof Shashaato.

Yeah, this setup is good.


For the time being, let’s hire.

But let’s take my idea at the village first before proposing it to Michael-san.


The reputation of the cram school was not bad.

Since commuting is easier, the timing is great.

The lizardmen and Gulf suggested it to be a martial arts school so I’ll have them take care of it.


A problem was raised by someone regarding the bathhouse.

It is about the freshwater supply of Shashaato City.

Since it is a port city, they might have limited supply.

Securing freshwater is necessary.

Let’s consult Michael-san about that matter.


Inn….there are pros and cons.

Pros, they all agreed that an inn must be safe and no one should trouble you if you are in one.

Cons, a lot have negative opinions about it, the guest’s manners.


This is not Japan.

This is a world where anyone can carry weapons anywhere and there are people who can use magic.

Imagine the problem a luxurious inn will have once someone rampage because of something.

That might be the reason for the steep price increase of accommodations.

Now that it has come to this, I wonder if we should really aim for a luxurious one.

Should I go for a one large copper coin one and build something like a capsule hotel…..


Maa, let’s make our final decision one I hear Michael-san’s opinion.

Though I intervene in the form and management style of the store to some extent, the actual operation was taken care of by the Goroun Company.

If I’m over there, I’m sure I can do a little more…..

Yeah, but I won’t.

I am the village chief.

The village is more important.

On the other side……I didn’t even take the store seriously when it started but it has become unexpectedly big.


The reason is because I misunderstood the value of gold coin.

It was 100 times more valuable than what I thought….

The price of land is also lower than expected.

Probably 1/10th to 1/20th compared to what I expected.

Because of those, it has become so big.


However, I also have complaints.

I did not misunderstand the value of gold coins all by myself.

My talk with Dors’ group was bad.

Every harvest season, the dragons receive their shares.

That doesn’t have any payment.

The payment will come later during the martial arts festival in the form of presents.

As for the presents, they are armors, jewels, magical tools etc. in the beginning but it has become money now.

However, it was difficult to turn them into money because armors, jewels, and magical tools are of very high value.

That time, I even heard the shortage of money in Shashaato City.

This time, they asked for a cask that we used for winemaking.

That empty wine cask came back full of gold.

There are a hundred, no more than 1000 pieces of gold.

I don’t know how to react but I heard that money is rotting in their dragons’ nest.

For Doraim alone, it looks like even if I send him 10,000 large casks, it will not be enough.

Doraim treats 1000 pieces of gold as nothing.

As for Loo, she doesn’t think that gold coins are such a big deal.

As for the residents of the village, none of them is particularly surprised.


Yeah, that was stupid of me.

I’ve forgotten that Dors is the number 1 dragon in the world.

Reflect, me.

By the way, the villagers were not surprised since they think that the crops are really worth that much.

The grains and fruits price is 100 to 1000 times more expensive compared to their local equivalent.

The honey and seasonings prices are also sky-high.

All of them are priced using gold coins.

Because of those, my pricing sense has become numb.

Or rather, if they are not worth that much, would Michael-san even bother to come to our village?

That line convinced me.



I don’t know a thing in the world.


Now that I finally understand the value of money, I’ll have the dragons not give any present next year.

That might be culturally impolite but my words were heard by deaf ears.

「It is necessary to bring a present whenever I meet with my daughter(Hakuren) and grandson(Hiichirou).」

Similarly, ancestor-san did the same.

Even if they are not actual kin, he is somewhat Loo’s grandfather.

As for the demon king….

He is not that much related to Frau and the civil servant girls.

Let’s think of an acceptable reason for not accepting his present.

Michael-san, it is unnecessary to give presents too.

Our business deal regarding marine products is enough.

However, if I go there, I need to bring a large quantity of presents.


It is necessary to gift the merchants?


Is that so?

I’ve never given anything until now.

I’ll study about this world a little more.


Side story.

When the dragon’s nest was captured by adventurers, a large number of gold coins appeared on the market making its value fall.

Of course.

「Hundreds of years ago, there was this one human who was far superior to any dragon……he is a village chief.」



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