Chapter 249 – Eastern Dungeon Survey Corps and Those Who Stay Behind

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It looks like ancestor-san is busy. The holy maiden is still staying in the village.

There seem to be a lot of places where he can leave the holy maiden but in terms of safety, our village is number one.

Also, the holy maiden is not worshiped much here.

I don’t even know how she became amazing.

Is it better for me to worship her?

……I’m not sure.

Once I receive a complaint, I’ll worship her.

No, it might be better to ask the person in question.

「Should I worship you?」

「Worship, do you know the meaning of that word?」

I know what she means. When she first came to this village:

「I am the holy maiden. Though this is a poor looking village, I will allow you to worship me in particular.」

Fushu suddenly reacted exaggeratedly when she said that.

She might be happy with her growth.


I have some work to do in winter.

I’m currently at the workshop of my mansion. Before me is the squeezing machine.

The squeezing machine is simple and durable but it is necessary for it to be finely adjusted.

「What shall we do?」

The mountain elves say so but they are already loaded of things to do, especially the carriage equipped with springs.

I want you to entrust me with this at least.

Don’t oppose.

「You want to do something other than making a carriage body, right?」


There are always orders for it.

「I understand. This squeezing machine, I’ll calibrate it…. You can make a new squeezing machine but make sure you won’t be late for the carriage orders.」

「Leave it to us!」

Strangely, the speed of production of a carriage did not suffer even though they received another task.

They might be using this new task as a sort of recreation.

「Can we place an order of a spring with this shape? Please tell Howling Village!」

「We need a special metal fitting here so I want Gutt-san to….」

「Village chief, ten more woods of this size. Thank you very much.」


The new type of squeezing machine was completed a month later. The beastgirls who will be the ones who’ll use it were pleased.


I wonder if it will take over the role of my recalibrated squeezer.

「Don’t worry. We’ll surely use it」

「We need time to adjust to the new one.」



Don’t overdo it.

I covered the corner of my eyes since there seems to be some dust in it.

Hey, don’t touch my eyes.


Because a dungeon in the east was discovered, it has to be investigated so I’ll send a survey corps.

The eastern dungeon, there might be people there who would want to trade with the village like the lamias and the titans.

In Hakuren’s personal opinion, that doesn’t seem to be the case…..

The problem is, when will I send them to investigate?

Will it be fine to send them this winter?

Or should we wait till spring?

We will all be busy when the spring comes so they must go now.

Hold on, wait a minute.

「Village chief, are you delaying us because you want to come too?」

「It is almost time for Frau to give birth so you can’t go outside the village.」

「How about, spring…..」

The high elves, who are already equipped for offense, are all against me.

「We will secure the area first, afterwards, village chief can go.」

Daga, who looks very eager to get revenge, wants to leave me out too.

「We’re not casting you aside…..we just don’t want to let village chief go to a place where there is a security risk.」

Though the arguments continue, it doesn’t seem that I will be able to do anything.


The eastern dungeon survey corps members.

10 high elves including Ria.

5 lizardmen including Daga.

Beastking Gulf.

20 inferno wolves.

As a Riaison officer of the survey corps, 5 harpies.

Hakuren for transport assistance.

Captain of the survey corps, angel Kierbit.

「Eh? Why me?」

「You’re the best choice since you know when to go back. Please.」

If I choose Hakuren, who knows when she’ll stop.

Kierbit is the best choice.

And now, I’m doing my best to hold back Ursa, Guraru, Alfred, and the beastboys from going.

Doraim, Holy, HELP!


Surveying a dungeon comes with danger.

If you’re inexperienced, you’ll immediately be injured…..worst-case scenario, you’ll die immediately.

However, I think everyone has their first time!

What would a person like that should do?


He should go with veterans in order to learn from them.


Eh, then, it was my chance to learn, wasn’t it?


Everyone, why are you looking away?



If I can’t join the dungeon survey corps, why don’t I just make my own dungeon?

You’ll definitely be safe in a dungeon you create yourself.

If you practice there, it will be possible to join the dungeon survey corps.

I thought of a good idea.

As for my adviser…..who’s the one who knows a lot about dungeons?

Loo and Tier raise their hands.

Doraim too.

Thank you but aren’t you here to take care and make sure that Rasuti gives birth safely?

It is probably okay since he’s taking turns with his wife, Grafaloon.

Are you?

But why do I feel like the two of you are always here…..maa, it is probably okay since the person in question is fine with it.

I’ve never seen Gucci so he’s probably the one taking care of their nest.

Let’s make a cake for him.


Let’s get back to the topic.

「If you really want to create a dungeon…..I’d recommend you to make an entrance at the south side of the village and let it spread southward.」

If I make one below the village, there’s a possibility of collapsing.

「How deep should I make it?」

Loo started designing a dungeon using a nori.

「Not so deep. If water comes out, it’s all over.」

「Eh? Wouldn’t that mean that as long as I don’t hit a water vein, it will be fine?」

「Might be. Didn’t you try digging and there’s water in all of them?」

Right, not only in Big Tree Village but Village One, Village Two, and Village Three have……

「I didn’t know…..I did not check for any water vein.」

It seems like I’ve been really lucky.

Ah, no, there’s a possibility that the AFT has some sort of effect like that.



Dungeons have three levels.

Level 1 is a practice zone with simple obstacles and traps.

Level 2 is an orthodox zone.

Level 3 is a zone modeled to a dragon’s nest.


As for the scale, isn’t that humongous?

Is my power as a human being capable of digging that much?

I’ll do my best.

My first move, digging up a hole for the entrance. It is a diagonal hole and it will be classified as a level 1 depth.

I dig while Tier’s golem carries the soil outside.

Loo is ventilating and lighting the dungeon using magic.

On the side, the mountain elves are laughing while making some devices.

It won’t be good if I’ll find out the tricks behind them.

Gulf’s son laid stone cobblestones in the vicinity of the entrance of the dungeon.

Thank you.

However, why do I feel like the design is too wicked?

It’s not like the dungeon will be a big one.

But it might be so.

I am now feeling slightly fearful of the surrounding walls.

「Village chief, think about the design later. Make the shape of the dungeon first.」

Okay, I’ll do my best.


Thus, dungeon creation has started……

It is something that can’t be easily completed.

Let’s work hard this winter.

But can we build it with intervals…..

Doraim, what is that suspicious magic tool?

Harpies, don’t just build your nest there.

Mountain elves, remove that trap.

That will kill someone in an instant.

Also, Ursa and Guraru, this is not yet complete.

This place is dangerous.


While we’re making a dungeon, Frau’s labor begins.



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