Chapter 263 – Big Tree Dungeon

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The dungeon was completed because the spiderlings worked hard day and night.

At the south edge of the village, the entrance of the dungeon can be found and there’s a stair there.

Once you have gone down the stairs, you are now at the first level.

It is a big room. The size is about 100 meters on all sides.

As for the ceiling, the highest is around …..10 meters?

The parameter walls and the ceiling are carved with tree root design.

Though there’s not a single tree in the dungeon, it gives off the feeling that the whole room is under one huge tree.

I’m very satisfied with the result.


This is where traps in the dungeon are tested and there’s also a training area where one can learn and practice everything about traps including countermeasures.

You can move on straight from this floor without worry and rather than a dungeon, you can consider this as a basement.

There is a popular aRias for this floor, training room.

Gulf and Daga trains here intensively recently.

There are like three hidden rooms here but for some unknown reason, they have become bean sprout field, asparagus field, and mushroom field.

I really don’t understand why my supposed to be secret hideout has become a mushroom field but….I can only accept the result.

Rather than me using the AFT to cultivate mushrooms, the spiderlings are the ones cultivating mushrooms in a natural way.

Though I can imagine them eating mushrooms, the spiderlings’ diet is really similar to a person.

Is it delicious?

Ah, I think you should limit it.

Manage it properly.

…..the kuros are eating too, is it okay?


Second floor.

A true dungeon, a labyrinth.

The area we focused on making.

Stone wall, stone floor, stone ceiling.

We expected that there will be a variety of races that will come to this dungeon so the passageways are big but that’s not only limited to this floor but doors to each floor too.

The ceiling is around 7 to 8 meters high.

It is really impressive.


A large room can accommodate 30 adult minotaurs while a small room can accommodate 5 people.

Those rooms are interconnected as much as possible via different passageways in order to have alternate routes.

Depending on the room or the passage, there will be a trap.

The mountain elves took their job seriously and there are a lot of instant death traps.

If I didn’t tell them that no one would be able to capture it, this place would literally have been a kill zone.

When a dungeon explorer triggered a trap, the mountain elves will secretly change the said trap. In short, even the villagers can’t let their guards down here.

Also, if you changed a trap, I want you to report it to me.

Eh, no. I’m certainly not making a secret room without informing anyone…..

Yes, I’m sorry.

Let’s give each other mutual reports.


Third floor.

Per Doraim, Hakuren, and Rasuti’s request, a dragon nest like floor.

To describe it simply, it looks like a fortress that specialized in defense.

At first, I thought of installing anti-intruder defenses on the second floor but it all changed because of the teleportation gate.

The anti-intruder defense was changed to fourth floor.

Because of that, this floor has become somewhat a luxurious boss room.

And, there’s really a boss room here.

It is a really wide space and one could even fly here, maybe?

Well, it is wide enough for Doraim to move okay in his dragon form.

When a stranger comes here via the teleportation gate, I wonder what he’ll think.

I’m slightly anxious.


Aside from the boss room, there are defense facilities.

There’s a barricade where one could hide to but still can attack the other party.

It’s an anti-army measure.

Assuming that 100 enemies might invade from the fourth floor, the villagers can barricade theirselves there.

The second floor is a labyrinth, the first floor is a training room and the ground is the village.

This is the pivot of our defense.

The villagers also customized this place so they can easily protect themselves and can charge any time needed.

「Expect that someone will invade.」

I know how you feel but please don’t say something that dangerous.

In the unlikely event of invasion…..I want you to escape without barricading yourselves.

As long as there is life, we can restart anywhere.


Fourth floor.

The area made by the spiderlings.

The design is a masterpiece. It really looks like an underground ruin.

There’s still a fifth floor connected to this place and that’s where the teleportation gate will be installed.

Given that, this area was considered seriously and one can easily understand how scary a dungeon is simply by being here.

You should be careful above.

But don’t let your guard down below especially to the sides.

You wouldn’t even know that you’ve already been caught.

The spiderlings reside here and they will be the only guide.

Perhaps looking for the stairs up to the third floor will be serious trouble if you don’t have their guidance.


Fifth floor.

This place is where the teleportation gate is planned to be installed.

There are three teleportation gates so there are three independent places here.

However, they all look the same.

There will be a room where the teleportation gate will be installed and accommodation and warehouse for the teleportation gate manager.

There will also be a waiting room in case of many users.


In an unlikely event that there will be an accident, they can stay there for a prolonged period of time but….

There’s no manager yet.

Let’s decide who will be.


Thus, the five-floor dungeon is complete.

The first floor to the third floor has a hidden direct access passage so this can also be considered as a four-floor or a three-floor dungeon.

I shouldn’t worry about that kind of detail.


Moving from the ground to the teleportation gate, the shortest time would be for about 15 minutes.

Though I thought of shortening the time a little more, I was persuaded that it is necessary because of security issues.


Once the teleportation gate is installed, the kuros will also go around each floor.

My apologies for troubling you.

If there’s an intruder, you may escape.


For the time being, since it is already complete…..

Start defense training.

Can you move to your assigned place immediately?


So the stairs should be wider huh.

Half of the population of the village is now at the dungeon.

Ah, food storage and pantry are also necessary for each floor considering barricading.

Let’s get it on.


Ehto….Hakuren, you are going to be the boss of the third floor?

You want to entrust it to Hiichirou in the future?

I’ll prepare a private room.


Makura will manage the fourth floor?

She’s reliable.

Of course, other spiderlings are reliable too.

Please take care of that place.


Kuroyon will take command of the kuros that will guard the dungeon?

TN: Remember, Kuroyon is the chess champion of the village. He’s a good strategist.

Uno will be the leader of the mobile unit.

Aren’t you two cool?

But don’t overdo it.


My top concern now is the manager of the fifth floor and the teleportation gates.

That place is the most vulnerable one considering enemy invasion.

Moreover, that manager must stay in that place for a very long time…..who should it be?


「Ano, village chief.」

「What is it?」

「The toilets in the dungeon, are they traps?」

「No, they are normal toilets. If there are traps there, that would be really unsanitary.」

「But, isn’t this a dungeon?」

「It is a dungeon but the toilets are designated as safety zones. You mountain elves shouldn’t put traps there.」

「I understand. We’ll remove them.」


We understood a lot of things we are lacking as fruits of the training.

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