Chapter 286 – Rasuti’s Delivery, Banquet, and Gift

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Dragons, from what I heard, they would be really violent during pregnancy but that’s not true at all.

I wonder if this was because of Bulga and Stifano’s hard work.

If you’ll ask what changed, she requested a huge amount of dried persimmons but…..she’s pregnant so it is normal for her to ask something like that.

I did my best to satisfy her.

However, I still want her to have a balanced diet.

You can’t only eat food that you like.

A slight reminiscence.


Rasuti’s delivery is very plain.

It is a girl.

Her name’s Rananon.

She was named after Rasuti.

It seems to be the name of an ancestor of Grafaroon, Rasuti’s mother.

Do they know her? I seem to hear Rananon from Dors and Girar’s conversation.

「How can this be? The name of that villainous old hag….」

「No, if you change your mindset….This precious little girl might be able to overwrite that ominous name.」

「Oh, if you say so. Right, my granddaughter….no, I’ll raise her to be grandpa’s girl.」

「Teach her to be nice to me too. When I think about that old hag, my back was roasted by her….」

「I understand. I’ll do what you said.」


Let’s stop listening to the details.

It seems like their talk is going to be longer.


Doraim and Grafaroon’s joy can be easily seen.

Doraim danced in the garden.

He danced enthusiastically and when he got tired, he just stared at Rananon’s face and his tiredness looked gone.

And he dances again.

Grafaroon is holding Rananon and doesn’t have any plan on separating from her.

When others try to hold her, she refuses with a smile.

Yeah, she looks like a human but I feel like I saw an angry dragon behind her.

As expected, she lets Rasuti hold her.

Me too.

Even after giving birth to Rananon, Rasuti remains in her adult form.

I heard that it makes her easier to hold her daughter that way.

So that’s how it is.


The name Rananon is not bad but it is not that easy to say.

Should I call her Rana?

Is Rana better?

It might sound like a trivial problem but it is a problem.


Everyone should call her Rana.

If not, the baby might get confused so everyone should call her Rana.


After the delivery, the banquet begins.

However, since I sent Hakuren and Gulf’s group to Village Five, the scale of the banquet is smaller.

For the large-scale one, let’s do it at the next martial arts tournament.

Alfred, Tiselle, Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, Torain, Hiichirou, Fracia, Sette.

This is your younger sister.

Be nice to her.

Ursa and Guraru, you too.

Ah, Hitoe too.


While looking at the children surrounding Rana, I noticed that I had a lot of children.


Are they going to increase?

Are they?

With what I’m doing, they’ll surely increase.

Should I expand the field?

I have to properly feed them.


A few days after Rana was born, Hakuren returned with Futa.

Thank you for your hard work.

The celebration banquet for Rana’s birth was held when the two of you are away so please accept my apology.

Hakuren doesn’t seem to mind.

Futa demanded alcohol without holding back.

「Alcohol continuously pour at banquets, right? Right? Right?」

With a bitter smile, I started a small banquet.

The participants, all of the dwarves.

Yeah, at this point, it is no longer a small banquet.

In addition to the residents who have finished their work, the dragons, Doraim, Grafaroon, Dors, and Girar participated….Ah, Hakuren participated too.

Since they are following Hakuren, the children participated too so it has become the usual banquet.

Don’t encourage the children to drink.

No, be satisfied with juice.

The oni maids screamed because of demonpower shortage so I started cooking too.

Since it was originally a drinking party, the dishes are only those who are good combinations with alcohol.

If it’s an ordinary banquet, you can find ordinary dishes.

Since it has come to this….

I baked the prototype of pizza that will be sold at Big Roof Shashaato.

Of course, in a stone pot.

Though it is basically a vegetable pizza because of ingredient availability, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the taste.

But there’s a small problem….

「I demand something that has meat on it.」

Youko is being an annoyance.

Behind her are the kuros who seem to be supporting her.

I understand.

I’ll bake a pizza with meat later.

Youko, help and bring these foods to the banquet.

And you kuros….if you’re not bored, you can wait for it.


In the middle of the banquet, 10 lamias from the southern dungeon came.

I thought first that something happened but it seems like they brought a present for me.

The senders are the lamias, titans, and elder wyvern.

It seems like it was the reason why a lamia spoke with the wyvern elder before.

「We apologize for barging in during a celebration. We brought a phoenix egg as a gift for completing the dungeon. Please accept it.」

At the center of the place where we were holding the banquet, I received a big egg from the lamias.

It was big so I have to use both hands to properly hold it.

But it’s light.

As for how it looks…, white, orange, pink patterns similar to a marble.

It looks like a work of art.

For the time being, I convey my gratitude to the lamias and titans that are presently here and raise the egg above me like a trophy.

The crowd cheered and applauded.

But what will I do with it….

Should I put this somewhere like a decoration?

Should I warm it up until it hatches?

When I was troubled about what to do, I did not miss Girar’s murmur as he’s sitting alone in a slightly remote place.

「Areh, that’s delicious.」


Is that so? Well, it is an egg.

A, no, Grafaroon, who’s near Girar, hits him.

「Phoenix eggs are good luck charms for babies. I won’t let you eat it.」

I see.

Let’s use it as a decoration then.

Is it okay to do that?

I wanted to thank the lamias again for gifting me a phoenix egg….

I’ll display it near the statues of the god of creation and god of farming.

Ah, why does it seem like I’ll be sacrificing it?

Maa, whatever.

Let’s make a proper shelf tomorrow.

I have to make something to prevent this egg from rolling.


The next day when the banquet ended.

I asked Futa about Village Five.

There are already lined up buildings. It seems like the full-scale city building has begun.


City building?

Not a village?

「Given its scale, I don’t think it can be called a village….」

Is that so?

I’m relieved that Gulf’s group went there. I’m sure they will be able to root out the monsters and demon beasts in that area.

The location of the teleportation gate is in the basement of the warehouse of my mansion.

It is said that the warehouse of my mansion is about the size of a small gymnasium.

That is to deceive the quantity of shipment from the teleportation gate.

Though neither my mansion nor the warehouse had been completed yet, she seems to have been able to install the coordinate specification stone without any problem but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

After that, we can open the teleportation gate any time.


You should check it out again first before activating it.

I want to handle anything related to the teleportation gate with utmost care.


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