Chapter 299 – Winter Romance

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The kittens have grown big, I wonder if I should bring male cats from somewhere.

I was thinking about that while hoeing using the AFT in Big Tree Dungeon.

I know that even if it is winter, the crops will grow since it’s underground.

There was a field inside that dungeon and it is in full swing only now.

It was formally named as dungeon field and white asparagus, mushrooms, and beansprouts are what were mainly planted on it.

However, unlike the field on the ground, there is a rule that anyone can freely eat what’s planted here.

Beansprouts’ crop cycle is fast so does its shelf life so it would be better for it to be eaten by anyone who wants to eat it.

Fortunately, earth dragons like to eat bean sprouts.

If harvest is delayed, it will grow too much and rot.

I’m just surprised that appearance and physique wise, earth dragons look completely carnivorous. Is it alright for them to eat bean sprout?

No, that doesn’t matter as long as they are willing to eat it.

Let’s widen the beansprouts field a little more.


There was an accident no, an incident.

In the old ranch area, there’s a family of horses.

The young horses are already at a decent age too.

Though not every year, the horse couple gives birth at their own phase.

Their oldest child… already an adult but there’s this unknown horse snuggling up to the foal.

The beast girl who’s managing the ranch reported that.

「It is a beautiful, pure-white horse.」

「I agree.」

「What’s its gender? Female?」

The oldest child of the horse couple is a male so it should be.

「Female. I thought I should pair them as it is.」

「Is there a problem?」

「Who’s horse is it?」

「Isn’t it a wild horse?」

I was told that it is surely not.

Did you find any identification tag?

No? How do we know who this horse belongs to?


Afterwards, I asked the villagers about it but it looks like no one knows.

The favourite theory of the beast girl is that it was brought from Village Five however, Youko denied and the holy maiden even fainted as if she’s being wrongly accused.

The arachne Arako, Asa, and Futa, the manager of the teleportation gate also came to her defense that she never went in with a horse and there has never been an incident where a horse has passed through by itself.

My favourite theory was either Dors, Doraim, or ancestor-san brought and released the horse here without telling anyone….that theory was also denied by the people in question too.

Soon after, the real identity of the horse was revealed.

It was when Doraim saw that pure-white horse.

「That’s a unicorn.」

「Unicorn….where’s its horn?」

Males have horns but females don’t have horns so it is difficult to distinguish them from ordinary horses.

Doraim managed to distinguish it from its magical power.

Is that so? A unicorn, is it?

So my first theory, a wild horse, seems to be correct after all.

The beastgirl apologizes.


Don’t mind it.

To say it accurately, it’s a wild unicorn.


However, isn’t unicorn a male-only race?

「How will it give birth if that is the case?」


There are both male and female unicorns and it seems like the “male unicorn only touches untouched maidens” is only a superstition.

「In fact, male unicorns are lustful.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. Look over there….」

A pure white horse with a horn is chasing after my foal.

The foal being chased is the second child of the horse couple….I think it’s female.

In other words …


Before I managed to dash out, the father horse tackled the unicorn.

You’re the man!

Afterwards, they stare at each other…..the unicorn is glancing at the foal frequently.

It can’t concentrate.

It will not be able to beat my horse in that state.

Smack the hind legs of my horse sank into the face of the unicorn who’s busy glancing away.


Is it alright?

Is it dead?

Well, it can’t be helped since it chased my horse’s daughter.

I would have done the same to the man who’ll chase after Tiselle, Fracia, Sette, or Rananon.

No, I’ll plow him.

I pat the back of my excited horse to calm it down.

As for this unicorn on the ground…..what should I do with it?


Since there are a male and a female unicorn, maybe I should hook them up together…..

They might be siblings.

Given their attitude, perhaps they are an older sister and younger brother pair.

The female unicorn and the eldest colt seemed to have reached an agreement.

……are you two a couple now?


She confessed and the eldest colt said OK.

Well done.

Do you eat carrots?

You like cabbage more?

Got it.

I’ll give you a cabbage.

Eat together.


The problem now is the male unicorn and the eldest filly.

The eldest filly completely rejected it. It is not interested at all.

Give up.


Since the eldest filly doesn’t like you, you’ll target the next filly?

Ah, I advise you as a fellow man, that attitude is wrong.

If I’m the father horse, I’ve already broken your horn.

Yeah, that’s right, listen to me.

What on earth are you glancing at the mother horse at?



This unicorn is hopeless.

Its species preservation instinct is too strong.

Maybe there is something wrong with it.

No, Doraim said that male unicorns are lustful.

In other words, it won’t mind as long as it spreads its seed.

What should I do?

What do other male unicorns do?

「I don’t know the detail but from what I heard, it seems like they usually slip into a horse’s ranch, bang mares without permission, and run away after that.」


Are they vermins?

「No, not really. A unicorn-seeded horse foal will be born as a horse and ranchers welcome it since it will be a strong horse.」

It short, it is a nuisance for the horses and an enemy of stallions.

Ah, maybe they don’t run away but are kicked out by stallions?

It seems possible …


There’s a ranch near Shashaato City so I guess it is best for us to lead it there.

Will that be alright?


Eldest filly and second eldest filly, what’s wrong?

When I go to that ranch, I should bring back a handsome stallion?

Understood, I’ll do what I can.


Thus, the female unicorn stays in the ranch area.

On the other hand, the male unicorn will be sent to the ranch near Shashaato City.

I thought of sending it when the spring comes but leaving it here will only cause trouble so we decided to send it out even if it is still winter.

I organized a convoy.

I, Gulf, and several beastgirls.

There’s only a few of us but there will be no problem since we will only be transporting the unicorn and bring back ikemen stallions.


Five high elves were added to the party.


Thanks to the teleportation gate, travel is so easy and while thinking that we would take a few days for a round trip, the unicorn said that it can bring me to the destination with an amazing speed.

From Village Five to Shashaato City, it will only take an hour?

What sorcery is that?

However, I can’t just go on alone.

Return, return.


Let’s pick up Gulf for safety purposes.

Gulf looked pale when he was separated from me.

I’m sorry for making you worry.


In Shashaato City, we greeted Marcos and Paula.

After that, we contacted Michael-san about the ranch.

It seems like Michael-san will personally guide us.

Thank you.

Michael-san rides the unicorn and it looks like he’s having a great time.


It looks like Michael-san’s eldest son, Maron, is waiting in line for his turn.

Once the unicorn goes to the ranch, won’t he be able to ride it anytime?

If you won’t ride it, it will run away?

No, I think it is better for you to put it in a female horse only area as a countermeasure….


For some reason, it was a short trip.

Marcos and Paula seem to be energetic too.

As for Big Roof Shashaato…..ah, yeah, incredible.

It was amazing as usual.

I managed to bring a partner for the eldest filly but as for the second eldest filly….we still have to wait.

Looking at it, they are looking at each other cautiously at a distance.

As expected.

It is because of that male unicorn….

No, I shouldn’t say that to an important asset.


When I came back to my residence, I suddenly remembered.

I forgot to look for partners for the kittens.


Maa, there’s always next time.

Or am I unconsciously being selfish and want them to remain as children.

I thought of that while patting the kittens on my lap.


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