Chapter 304 – Village Five’s Winter


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I carved a statue of the god of creation in the workshop.

It is more than two meters tall which is slightly taller than humans.

I made it larger because it will be displayed in the church of Village Five.

I’m satisfied with the end product.

I even thought of failing in carving details when I was working on it.

Ancestor-san is looking at it with envious eyes.

No no, didn’t I already give you one when you ask me before?

「My human nature of wanting to collect everything is tingling.」

You’re a vampire.

If you can help me transport it, how about I’ll carve you one?

Instant response.

Fortunately, I won’t have to carve it similar to this one.

Even in nature, woods don’t look the same.

Oops, I said something artist-like.


「By the way, village chief, what are those?」

「Mini Kuro, Yuki, Zabuton, Cat, and wine slime.」

「All of them looked like they were about to move. Are you making them as souvenirs?」

「No. The holy maiden of Village Five…..I mean, Celes wants them.」

She warned me to stop calling her holy maiden and call her Celes instead.

If you think about it, it’s only her job title.

I should reflect a little.


With the help of ancestor-san’s teleportation magic and five lizardmen, the statue of the god of creation was placed in the hall of Village Five’s church.

They were able to place it in a good location but, is it okay to put it there?

Ancestor-san said that there’s no problem since the person in charge here is Celes.

On the back of the statue of the god of creation, there are sticks arranged to look like an aura.

I properly made a hole for it.

It is similar to what you can read in manga but in this case, it’s 3D.

I was pondering if I did something superfluous but it looks mightier this way.

Ancestor-san was surprised. It looks like he has never seen something like this.

Isn’t it normal for a god to have an almighty aura?


The mini statues are not in the hall but in Celes’ private room.

They were placed in the plant box.


That’s a good place.


Afterwards, I observe around Village Five a little.

When we brought the unicorn here, I couldn’t bother to look around.

Village Five is more developed than before.

The high elves worked hard at the top of the hill making it a magnificent village.

What stands out are the village chief’s mansion in the north and the church next to it.

A little distance from there is the village council hall. Next to it is a large ground and a small ranch.

Next to the ranch is a trading post.


I had Youko be the person in charge of Village Five and because of that, the village chief’s mansion was called Youko’s mansion.

The teleportation gate that connects to Big Tree Village is in its basement.

Youko’s mansion is considered as the private space of the acting village chief so it is treated as a normal house.

Presently, 20 servants are working there whom Youko chose personally.

Even though they live there, the teleportation gate is a secret to them.

There are covers for that secret but it seems like the servants have never come to investigate.

Also, there are three new mercuries.

They work as Youko’s assistant too.


Hih Foguma.

A man who looks like a middle-aged veteran warrior.

He looks like someone who’d rather cut someone with a sword than talk but he’s surprisingly the scholar type.

In case of emergency, he’ll be the head of the army organized by the village.

He seems to be popular with the widows of Village Five. He was given gifts frequently.

「My stomach’s not that big yet…so」

He eats everything.


Loch Foguma

A young civil servant.

He wears glasses and he gives off the smart guy atmosphere.

When we first met, he acted cool but when I sent him to the civil servant girls to work, he collapsed.

He has a hot-blooded character.

「Please, send Miyo over. As expected, I can’t do everything on my own!」

I’m sorry, please hang in there.


Nana Foguma

At first glance, she’s an ordinary village girl.

Though I might sound rude but she’s like someone you can meet anywhere.

However, she has this amazing ability.

She has the ability to extract and process necessary information from tons of information at hand. Her intuition makes her unable to overlook important information.

She’s now based in Village Five and she will gather and organize information here.

The news and prices of crops in various places are important.

Currently, she seems to be in the process of selecting and training personnel for information gathering.


But why would an information gatherer need training in dagger arts?

Is it for self-defense?


Since Youko’s mansion is supposed to be a private space, Youko performs her official duties as acting village chief in the village council hall.

The village council hall consists of a large conference room and a small private room.

The small private room is Youko’s office. She handles government affairs in that room as the acting village chief.

Several men and women are working there too. They were selected by Youko to be her secretaries in Village Five.

These secretaries.

I wonder if they already have experience as secretaries. They’re amazing.

And Youko executes her job as the acting village chief way better than I thought.

Next time, let’s cook Youko’s favourite dish.


The large conference room has chairs and tables arranged in a circle. There is but one chair that is higher than the rest.

When I saw it, I thought it was Youko’s seat but that wasn’t the case.

It’s my seat.


On the right side is the seat of the acting village chief, the secretary guiding me explained.

Is that so?

By the way, can you humor me? Is it normal for a place like this to have a chair higher than the rest…

I see.

Let’s pray that I won’t have any opportunity to attend a meeting at the village council hall of Village Five.


There’s also a canteen in the village council hall.

The boss of the canteen here is someone who worked for Marla at Big Roof Shashaato.

「I’m still immature but please take care of me from now on.」

The curry served is delicious enough.


The church is run by Celes and some priests.

I heard that all ceremonial rituals of Village Five were to be held here.

I know about weddings and funeral….ah, you have something like an adulthood ceremony?

There are new year festival and harvest festival too.

It seems like the last two will be held only with the cooperation of Youko.

It will be hard but do your best.


The ground is the place where they can hold an event.

On normal days, it serves as a playground for children.

It is quite a wide place.


The small ranch is a stud farm for horses and a parking lot for carriages.

This is only temporary since we are planning to build a large ranch at the foot of the mountain….it has already been completed.

I see.

In that case, shouldn’t I have let the unicorn stay here?


I shouldn’t?

You were able to complete it with the help of the ranch where I left the unicorn?

Most of the horses here are also from that ranch?

Is that so?

I guess I have to go there again to say hello.


The trading post is a temporary storage and a sales place for the luggage carried by the horse-drawn carriages.

The real trading place is located at the foot of the mountain so this place is small.

At first, we thought of holding all trade transactions here but there was a concern about the slopes being too steep which is too tough for the horses.

That concern was raised by the adventurers in this area.

The upper trading post now acts more as a luggage area of traders at the foot of the mountain.


The construction speed at the side of the mountain is also comparable to the construction speed at the top of the mountain.

I guess they have a lot of manpower.

Since it is currently winter, construction seemed to have minimized to a reasonable degree….

Still, looking from above, it is quite lively so see a lot of places under construction.

As for the current population….

Let’s not worry about it.

I’ll leave it to Youko.


It is cold in winter but I can’t see snow which is different from Big Tree Village.

I hear that it doesn’t snow here.

It’s also not that cold.

It is a small mountain so the wind is strong.

It seems like each house has its own measure against the wind.

That’s probably the reason why doors and windows here don’t use hinges but are sliding instead.

That is true for the window but the doors are sliding doors in order for it not to block the road.

This place is on a side of a mountain so it is hard to widen the road.

I see.

It is a certain trait of a region.

Though the most prominent feature is the fall prevention fences and nets installed in various places.

Putting nets in a residential area, could it be that someone has already fallen before?

I wonder if that is the case since the color of the roofs are different.

I never received a news that someone died so I guess that person is only injured.

I hope that person is not seriously injured.


A group of horse-drawn carriages climbed up from the south side.

At the hood of the carriages lies the crest of the Goroun Company.

The carriages did not stop at the trading post but went towards Youko’s mansion.

Are they shipping the seafood from Goroun Company?

It looks like I’m going to enjoy fresh seafood tonight.

It’s cold so let’s make a hot pot.


I stopped my Village Five tour and ran after the horse-drawn carriage of the Goroun Company.

I was stopped by the guard of Youko’s mansion. He said I’m someone suspicious.

………he didn’t remember my face.

I’m a little shocked.

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