Chapter 305 – Remembering One’s Face

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The fact that I was treated as a suspicious person in Village Five was heavier than I thought.

I only intended to have a light talk about it while we’re having our hot pot dinner….

No no, I don’t need a parade.

I don’t need a statue either.

Let’s just eat the hot pot without talking about strange things.

The seafood hot pot is delicious.

…..I understand.

I’ll actively participate in the events of Village Five a little more.

That’s good, right?

Please don’t talk with such seriousness.

Also, I don’t think bad of the gatekeeper who treated me like a suspicious person.

He’s doing what he’s supposed to do….Ah, yeah, that’s right.

I don’t need a guard dog that will bark when his master arrives.

Even the kuros don’t do that.


A long time ago, there was a half-sleep pup that barked at me but let’s not tell them that.

It is going to be tricky.


For the time being, I decided to go to Village Five to show my face.

At the very least, I don’t want to be seen by the workers of Youko’s mansion as a suspicious person.

Yes, I’ll stop sabotaging myself.

I’ll change my “no contact as much as possible” attitude.

Therefore, can I not wear that outfit?

Isn’t that the flashiest outfit that Zabuton has ever made?

I don’t think even a royal or a high noble with lots of villas will wear something that has too much embroidery.

I should put this on and greet the people there as the village chief?

Won’t I be more suspicious?


It’s not flashy enough?


I understand.

I’ll wear it.

But please drop that battle flag.


I’m glad that Zabuton was sleeping.

If she’s awake, she’ll make flashy clothes happily.

For some reason, Zabuton wants me to wear flashy clothes.


For 10 days, I had my lunch in Village Five.

The first and the second days were in Youko’s mansion with the workers there.

Youko doesn’t need to participate, does she?

I mean, we see each other during mornings and evenings.

Holy maiden Celes ate with us too.

I don’t mind her joining.


The third day is at the village council hall.

I thought of having lunch with the three mercuries but for some reason, it has become a meeting.

And yes, I was made to sit on “that” chair.

The content of the meeting is where am I going to eat lunch tomorrow.

Are they considering how many adults I should meet face to face?


On the fourth day, my lunch is in the village council hall. I was with the two former four heavenly kings, the long-named one and Paruanen.

But, don’t they already know who I am?

I don’t know why but there’s some sort of arrangement.


But, why are their faces swollen?

The result of beating each other in order to decide which house I’ll eat lunch.


What on earth are they doing?

Considering the current situation where we are eating at the village council hall, it must have been a draw.


From the fifth day onwards, I had my lunch at the cafeteria. I also observed the facilities of Village Five such as the adventurer’s place, the trading area at the foot of the mountain, and the inn.

I would have been fine alone but Youko, Celes, the three mercuries, and the two former four heavenly kings accompanied me.

Coming from Big Tree Village, Gulf and Daga came along too as my guards.

From Village Five, there’s Pirika along with 10 of her fellow disciples.


It was a big, serious group of people.


Our main purpose is to show my face and to clarify to everyone that they should treat me as the most significant person here by being accompanied by this group of officials.

I thank everyone for making time for me but this is embarrassing.

Also, I wonder if there is a meaning for talking through another person even though the person I should be speaking with is in front of me.

Ah, don’t be so stiff.

By the way, that guy is the representative of the south area of Village Five.

I wonder if he’s the type that is easily swallowed by the atmosphere?

When he introduced himself, I couldn’t hear his name well because he’s stuttering.

After this, we’ll have lunch together so I hope we can get to know a little more by then.


It was a busy 10 days.

I’m glad that I could return to Big Tree Village after each event.

I’m relieved.

By the way, before going to the church of Village Five, ancestor-san brought Fushu with him and had her accompany me to greet the priest.

I thought that they were only being polite but they said that it was necessary.

Thanks to that, I didn’t have “lunch at the church” in my schedule.


But I have to consider my position.

All right.

On the eleventh day, we had lunch at the church.

I’m tired.

By the way, the two former four heavenly kings were the happiest at that lunch.

They were very enthusiastic and made various arrangements.

As thanks, should I give them something?

Money is a no.


How about reward medal?

For the time being, I’ll give the two of them three each.

In addition, I’ll entrust 30 pieces to Youko. She’ll be the one to decide how it will be distributed to those who cooperated with us in this matter.

A reward medal is something like a ticket that can be exchanged with a lot of things.

You can trade it for something they like.

Yeah, the exchange list is the same as the one in Big Tree Village.


That won’t work?

One of the civil servant girls who came to Village Five pointed out that she brought an exchange list they had prepared exclusively for Village Five.

She showed me the list. Majority of what’s written there is the same but some have been deleted.

「Given the size of Village Five, you will be troubled if they asked for handmade goods by village chief.」


「Also, it is not realistic to distribute reward medals to all the residents of Village Five. The kingdom’s currency is what’s circulating in Village Five.」


Reward medal is only a substitute currency.

It is unnecessary in places where money is circulating.

The civil servant girls already scheduled a meeting regarding that issue.

It’s certainly an important issue.

Then, is it alright to give the people of Village Five some reward medal??

It’s okay?

I’m relieved.

Let’s continue.


The two former four heavenly kings who received reward medals expressed their gratitude with all they have.

Ehto…..I might be impolite but, you’re loyal to the demon king, right?

Is it alright for you to act like that?

I don’t want to be resented by the demon king.


This is a digression but I’m no longer treated as a suspicious person by the gatekeeper.

However, when I walked by with casual clothes, I seemed to have been stopped for a moment.


Clothes are important.


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