Chapter 306 – Dragon’s Story

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There are various types of dragons.

The first one is the one who reigns all dragons, the ancient dragons.

Created by god, lived during the age of gods, and up to now, their bloodline lives.

All dragons from this lineage appear in various myths.

The ancient dragons have 12 pedigrees but only half of them remain.

It is said that there are no more than 50 that survive up to this day, Hiichirou and Rananon are already included in that number.

「Moreover, most of them are old men and old women who are either hiding somewhere to sleep.」

The one explaining is the chief of the ancient dragons, Dors.

He’s holding Hiichirou with a happy face.


Under the ancient dragons are the impure dragons.

They are dragons who were created after the age of gods.

The famous tribes are flame dragon tribe, water dragon tribe, ice dragon tribe, wind dragon tribe, and earth dragon tribe.

Each tribe has its own strengths and weaknesses and they are highly territorial.

Moreover, strong impure dragons are comparable to ancient dragons but weak impure dragons are indeed weak.

Their brain also varies depending on the individual. There are wise and mild and there are also violent and stupid.

There are about 200 impure dragons in the world.

Majority of impure dragons are under the ancient dragons.

To be precise, to an individual and not to pedigree.

For example, the flame dragons are followers of Hakuren’s younger sister, Sekiren.

Therefore, even if it is Dors’ order, they will not follow.

They will only take orders from Sekiren.

Maa, I heard that they are willing to do it even if it is a request and not an order.

In addition, the water dragons, ice dragons, and wind dragons are under Raimeiren.

The earth dragons, on the other hand, are following Hakuren’s younger sister’s, Suiren, husband, Maxbergak.

I see.


Dors doesn’t have followers?

「Hiichirou is enough for me.」

He told me that while snorting.

Even if all the impure dragons work together, they won’t be able to beat Dors so they don’t matter.

The one who informs me is Doraim who’s beside me.

The ancient dragons that are being followed by impure dragons are basically caring dragons.

Raimeiren, Sekiren, Maxbergak….

So that’s how it is.


In addition to ancient dragons and impure dragons, there’s also the famous color dragons.

Red dragons, blue dragons, yellow dragons, green dragons, black dragons, etc. fall into this category.

They are innumerable.

To be precise, they are not innumerable because of their number but because no one bothers to count them all.

Dors and the others are not interested in them so they don’t know the details.

It seems like their power only amounts to that.

For the time being, it is said that there are about 10,000 to 20,000 of them in the world.

They act in various ways. Some are forming groups while some prefer to move alone.

Some of them also follow ancient dragons while some are hostile.

In short, you can’t describe the color dragons as a whole.


When talking about dragons, it is often referred to the three, the ancient dragons, the impure dragons, and the color dragons.

However, the word dragon is a symbol of power thus, it is often attached to strong races.

Stone dragons, rock dragons, needle dragons, circle dragons, sea dragons….

Those are sample races that were mistaken for being dragons.

Even the dungeon walkers of Big Tree Dungeon are being called earth dragons in some place.

Even I mistakenly thought that the wyvern who attacked the village was a dragon.


Maa, the dragons don’t care if the dragon name is used by other races.

They really don’t care.

It seems like their style is that if there is an actual harm, destroy it.

On the other hand, if there is no actual harm, leave it alone.

However, there are people in the world who care.

It is not any of the dragons but dragon worshippers.

Perhaps it will be troublesome if they were worshipped by other races and took some action without permission.

That kind of extremist act almost destroyed a fake dragon race.

Usually, the dragons wouldn’t even bother about worshipping but this time, it was different.


The origin of this matter is the under dragons.

As you can see from the flow of the story, these under dragons are not related to dragons.

In a nutshell, they are a kind of demi-humans. They are lizardmen with few scales.

They are a violent and hated race.

This under dragons kidnapped a young red dragon.

As for their purpose, it is to make that young dragon their object of faith.

They want to take advantage of the strength of the dragons.

The red dragons and the red dragon worshippers’ race have gone berserk because of that.

The red dragon worshippers, using their large number, attacked the under dragon settlement and rescued the young red dragon.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is, the young red dragon was injured during the rescue.

The red dragons have even flown into a rage when they found out that the kidnapped young red dragon was injured.

At that moment, the red dragons and the red dragon worshippers who rescued the young red dragon decided to destroy the under dragons.

However, one wind dragon that happened to be nearby stopped them.

But the enraged red dragons are unlikely to give way.

As a wind dragon, it can easily destroy the red dragons and end it there but given what happened, it only thought of having measures to stop them.

As a result, it called for Raimeiren.

The method of communication is a message game.

The final messenger is the devil Gucci.

For Raimeiren, Hiichirou is more important than that so she ignored it….

Gucci did his best.

He really tried.

「When Hiichirou-sama grows up, wouldn’t he want to hear about Raimeiren-sama’s adventures?」

「I have hundreds of adventures I can tell him.」

「Will he listen? It will be difficult for Hiichirou to imagine something that happened before he was born. Rather than that, I think Hiichirou will be pleased if he was told about something that happened when he was one year old.」

I managed to persuade her.

However, Raimeiren only departed after the father and son she summoned, Dors and Doraim, arrived to protect Hiichirou.

Ehto….Isn’t her biological mother, Hakuren, nearby?

Maa, I guess it’s okay since Dors is happy.

As for Doraim, he’s more anxious about Rananon and Rasuti.


Thus, instead of Raimeiren, we have Dors and Doraim here.

Though Dors is spoiling Hiichirou quite a bit….

When Raimeiren comes back, I hope there won’t be trouble.



Ah, I forgot.

I have a request for Dors, if you don’t mind.

Actually, for a while, when Raimeiren is taking care of Hiichirou, she looks very young.

I know that you can freely change your age appearance.

I’m no longer surprised at that aspect.

When I first saw her, I wondered who she was.

However, it seems like she’s teaching him to call her “mom” instead of “grandma”.

Can you tell her to stop before Hakuren notices…..why do you look like you suddenly had a good idea?

Hey, don’t make yourself look younger!

Come on, you’re annoyingly handsome!

I don’t want to be called “gramps” by Hiichirou!


As a digression, the general public doesn’t know that the flame dragons are Sekiren’s followers.

Because of that, the general public recognizes Sekiren as the highest-ranking flame dragon.

Hence, Sekiren is said to be called flame dragon.

By the way, the dragon in question doesn’t care what she’s called.


Another digression.

There’s no white dragon among the color dragons.

A long time ago, they were destroyed by a white ancient dragon.

The last living bloodline of the white ancient dragons is Grafaloon, Doraim’s wife.

She seems to be called white dragon princess.


After Raimeiren returned, she had a fight with Dors.

I asked them to be peaceful so there’s only a small damage.

However, Ursa and Guraru were very pleased with the battle.

They’re a bad influence.

And don’t get too excited.

Let’s go back home.

It’s almost dinner.

If you two want some battle practice, ask Gulf or Daga tomorrow.


I’ll participate too.

Let’s go home quietly today.

If you resist any further, I’ll call Hakuren….

When I said Hakuren’s name, they became obedient.

I feel complicated.


After dinner.

I had to take care of things between Rasuti, Rananon, and Doraim while calming Dors.

If I request her to, Rasuti will be willing to leave Rananon to Doraim.

…..wait, Doraim.

Do you know how to hold her?

Are you sure?

Have you held Rasuti when she’s this small?

You were not allowed to until she grew up to a certain age…..

I see.

It is probably why Rasuti treated Doraim as a nuisance when it is related to Rananon.

Ah…..don’t be too intimidating. What you are about to hold is a baby….

It was a good family bonding.



Dors wants to hold Rananon on his arms too?

I don’t mind but you’re not as obsessed with Rananon as Hiichirou, right?

You don’t keep your distance from your grandchild but you hesitate a little with your great-grandchild?

So that’s how it is.

Also, are you scared of Rasuti?

Even though she’s so cute?

When I said that, Rasuti hit me.

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