Chapter 68 – Battle at the Bath


TN: It has been a few years(yes, years) since the last chapter so I’ll translate the names/terms based on my current understanding and will no longer follow the previous translator. Few notable changes are from Roll to Roll, from Miruko to Milk, and best girl(according to me) Steriana to Steriana. Don’t worry, there are only some obvious minor changes on terms and names.

「First of all, before you enter the bath, you must remove all the dust stuck on your body.」

Though she’s always wiping herself with hot water every day, it’s still not enough to remove all the dirt from soil, dust, and smoke that painted my body because of the war.

I was thinking of washing my body first but Roll would have escaped if I don’t take care of her first.

「You guys should also clean up your body first before entering the bath.」


My slave girls are already used to bathing so I think they already know what to do even without me saying anything.

Even so, the slave girls I brought with me made the wash area full.

Then I thought about it, these girls also worked hard and fought with me so every one of them deserves to relax and feel comfort like me.

I wash Roll’s brass-colored hair with the animal oil soap. The dark color of her hair was washed away.

Roll is a beautiful girl and would pass as a black fairy dwarf.


「Fufufu, give up and be clean, Roll.」

Only white fairies(elves) have the tendency to go with the flow so she revolted firmly.

If the small stature, brown-skinned Roll would be cleaned, I’m sure she’ll be beautiful.

If an elf girl is comparable to pure gold, a dwarf girl is comparable to shiny copper.

It will only depend on your taste or hobby since both dwarves and elves have the same pointy ears because they are both fairy races.

Someday, the era of dwarf girls will come.

「Master, mou mou, that’s enough!」

「Yeah, probably…..」

I pour a pail of hot water from the tub onto the foamy Roll.

The other slave girls want to be washed by me but Roll dislikes it from the bottom of her heart.

Therefore, perhaps me doing this special service to Roll, even though she really dislikes it, is awakening my sadistic heart.

In other words, I might have been an S. I also love to wash cats and dogs who don’t like to take baths and I also love to cut their nails.

「Maa, I’m having fun and Roll becomes cute so it’s a win-win.」

「It’s not a win-win!」

She has completely gotten angry.

「Maa maa, that’s just the preparatory reward. Colette, get the Roll’s sake.」


I even assigned a bath attendant for Roll. Since she really hates baths, I feel slightly sorry for her.

The tray with sake floated on the hot bath.

「Master, if you have this, you should have told me earlier.」

「You like it that much huh…..In my hometown, there is a custom of enjoying the bath slowly while drinking. Roll should try that too.」

Although she dislikes taking a bath, when I pour sake in a bowl, her eyes begin to sparkle.

This dwarf is easy.

「If it’s like this, will you take a bath every day?」

「Today is special so I’ll only do this today.」

I thought that if I introduced the “sake drinking while bathing” custom to Roll, she’ll have a habit of taking a bath. I guess I’m wrong.

A hot bath with sake, unfortunately, there is no sake in this world so wine is the substitute.

I heard that in this world, there seems to be a method to drink warm wine called vansho.

Originally, they only drink warm wine by pouring it into a teacup to warm themselves up in winter and they even add sugar or honey to make it sweeter.

I changed it a lot. You can even smell herbs and spices on it. I made it a little spicy so that this hot wine can be suitable for drinking in the bath.

I even tried making something like a sake cup by using primitive earthenware manufacturing methods in order to relive the atmosphere from my hometown.

「How is it, Roll?」

「Mmm, I’m sorry. Master, can you do it as fast as possible?」

I definitely want that too.

I still have to wash the other slave girls and I can’t just treat Roll as someone special.

「Master, shall I wash your body?」

「Ah, please.」

While I was washing Viola’s blue hair and Collete’s brown hair alternately, Sherry washed my back from behind.

It seems like the girls already have someone they are close to. They are already washing each other. There won’t be a problem even if I don’t wash everything.

If Sharon is here, I have no time to look after these girls. Now, I can see them properly and I am relieved.

When I was thinking about that, Sharon came over.

「Master, I don’t have a partner to wash my body with.」

「Then it can’t be helped, but your hair only…..hey, don’t take off your towel!」

Sharon started to take off the bath towel wrapped around her body so I stopped her in a hurry.

「But I have to wash my body.」

「I’ll only wash your hair so turn your back to me.」

Sharon’s unreasonableness is worsening at times like this. I can only sigh.

Standing next to me, Sherry called out to me in a hurry.

「Ma-master, this….」

「Ah, I’m sorry.」

It seems like the towel around my waist had fallen because I panicked.

Sherry’s thin white cheeks became red as she bashfully hands over my towel back.

I quickly rewrap the towel that was handed to me to my waist.

The blushing Sherry looked at me with an absentminded face.

Excuse me but what’s up with you?

Well, Sherry will indeed be shy since she’s a proper lady.

No, she doesn’t even try to hide her naked body. What’s the point of being shy?

That’s strange, I bent over and looked at Sherry’s face.

Sherry’s skin has a very thin skin pigment so if she’s feeling emotional, the skin on her cheeks and even her shoulder will quickly turn pink.

「Ah, master is amazi….I’m sorry for seeing it.」

「……you don’t have to. I should also wash Sherry’s hair.」

Though I was worried about her little strange reaction, it seems to be not related to the bath being too hot for her so I do not think she’s amusing. She should be okay.

I had Sherry wash my back earlier so I would feel bad if I don’t wash her back so I told her that I’ll wash her.

「N-no, Sharon-anesama washed my hair and body a while ago.」

「Is that so? Okay.」

Every thread of Sherry’s silver hair is clear and shiny so that might have been the case.

When I was speaking with Sherry, Sharon’s sulky voice told me to hurry.

「Ano, master, what about me!」

「Yes, I know.」

I lather some soap and wash Sharon’s pale orange hair.

As long as she doesn’t take off her bath towel, I find it fun washing the beastkin blooded Sharon’s hair.

Upon pouring hot water, it changes color from pale orange to amber.

I have to carefully wash it or either foam or water will get into her dog ears.

Only the hair around her dog ears feels like an animal’s hair so it’s quite interesting.

If it is not wrong in any way, I would like to wash her small tail near her buttocks.

「Master, my back too….」

「Sharon, don’t take off your bath towel!」

Don’t be naughty. Can’t you see that I’m already troubled?

I had Sherry wash Sharon’s back to calm her down.

As expected, Sharon doesn’t want to be seen by her subordinates as someone selfish.

「Then, it can’t be helped. Sherry, please.」

I have to give Sherry a reward later.

She’s a very smart girl to begin with and she’s also good at reading atmosphere.

「She’s really useful….」

Finally, after finishing the work of washing my slave girls, I muttered those words.

This person is useful, this person is useless. I think only looking at people that way is saddening but it’s an occupational disease.

「Master, relax more and don’t think about work all the time.」

「I’m the one who brought that sake….」

Roll offered me sake.

Maa, as Roll says, this bath is great so I should take the unnecessary burden off my shoulders.

Seeing the hot wine in the floating tray, I finally did what she recommended and started relaxing by stretching my hands and feet in the warm water.

I had a cup, Roll had one too.

It is true that soaking in warm water while drinking sake will make you feel better.

「I don’t like baths but I like sake.」

「Fuh, this is life.」

When I was having a good time, I tend to let my guard down. I’m sure Ria is coming…..

I heard a clutter and a noisy voice from the dressing room.

The woman who doesn’t know how to use a bath towel came while grandly shaking her two huge chunks of meat.

For the time being, let’s just let her do what she wants since she didn’t disturb us when I was washing my slave girls.

「Now, I’ll join in too.」

「Steriana-san, please hide your front with a towel!」

I don’t have to worry because I’ve already informed Sharon beforehand. She’ll be able to suppress Ria.

No matter how much Ria shakes her huge milkers, she won’t be able to attack me given the number of slave girls present.

I thought seeing Sharon and Ria’s catfight is quite annoying so I turned my eyes away.

From the small window of the bath, I can enjoy looking at the first quarter moon while bathing.

「Kukuku, Asama’s little girl seems to be struggling.」

White twin tails suddenly came out from the bathtub which surprised me.

Where did she come from?

「Oracle, you were in the bath too?」

「What are you talking about? I came in from the entrance.」

Is that so? I didn’t notice anything.

「Did you come with Ria?」

「Well, that little girl invited me to attack Takeru together.」

「Shouldn’t a sister and a demon be fighting each other?」

The Asama Church and the demons have been hostile with each other for the last 8,000 years.

You guys should value the world setting more.

「Of course I’m planning to knock her down but it’s boring to beat her in this place.」

「What kind of development is that? Rivals cooperating with each other in front of the biggest enemy…..」

Am I actually the last boss?

「It is our strategy. While the little girl is acting as a decoy, I’m going to attack the castle.」

I’m at the deepest part of the bathtub and Suzanne and Claudia are patrolling around. The other slave girls also formed a meat shield around me.

Did she dive to breach this enclosure?

「However, I’ve never experienced this bath since coming here so I’m not going to waste this opportunity.」

「I see.」

Not attacking and chatting casually, it is Oracle-chan’s strategy to get my guard down.

After all, she only appeared and she’s not doing anything strange. She can even mix with the slave girls so it is natural that my guards won’t say anything.

「I wonder if I should make a big bath like this in my dungeon someday.」

「Ah, that would be great. When an adventurer found a bath in your dungeon, he’ll be pleased.」

Maa, he’ll be wary thinking it’s a trap first.

In dungeon games, there will be an amazing but deep bath. You’ll feel good first but when you dive too deep, you’ll fall into the trap and drown.

「I’ll think about it first. By the way, what do you think of this?」

Oracle-chan made a sign underwater then, uttered a chant in a low voice.

Hot bath water begins to bubble up.

「Oh, a jet bath. Feels great.」

「Well, it’s a magic to send oxygen in the dungeon. I thought it could also be used like this.」

So there’s aeration magic huh.

This is the first time I heard about its existence, is it rare magic?

Oracle’ Great Cave, in its 8th level, there are no aquatic plants but it is inhabited by sea snakes and giant squids.

I was impressed with such simple water quality management and the magical technology of air circulation that supports it.

「You’re amazing, Oracle. If we use this kind of magic, we might even improve our food problem.」

Inland Silisie Kingdom, fresh fish is rarely eaten.

I would be very happy if we could create a fish tank for aquaculture where we can catch delicious fish.

「Fufu, maa, there are a number of ways to use it.」

Oracle-chan pulls the ribbon off her twin tails while laughing.

Oracle’s white hair spreads on the surface of the bubbly water.

While I was watching what’s happening, I felt her motivation intensify. Then, my body suddenly becomes stiff.

「Hey, Takeru.」


Oracle-chan’s voice somehow became similar to a cat who clicked its tongue and her gesture feels lustrous.

Oracle swam next to me. She puts her hands on my chest then wraps them around me.


「No one knows what’s going on underwater when it is bubbling so hard….oww, don’t struggle.」

Oracle’s long hair softly envelops my stiff body.

At that moment, an intense impact happened in my lower body that even ran from the tip of my toes to my brain.

「Y-you….in a place like this.」

「You don’t want the girls to notice, don’ you? Even if you are Takeru, you have to consider your dignity as a master….You just need to sit back and leave your body to me.」

「D-don’t joke around Oracle.」

Hearing my urgent voice, Suzanne and Claudia, who are nearby, came running.

「Are you okay, master?」

「Anything happened?」


I’m not sure what I should say since I’m suffocating.

I can’t even move because I’m firmly hugged by Oracle.

「Ufufu. We’re just playing intimately with each other, right Takeru?」

「T-that’s right. There’s no need to worry.」

Oracle-chan bounces on me in high spirit.

The truth is, I’m not okay.

「But your complexion doesn’t seem to be good….」

「Both of you, don’t approach them! Master is okay so you better go and hold back Ria-san.」

The crimson faced Sherry appeared from the water. She looks like she has dived.

Given that, she managed to persuade Suzanne and Claudia and push them away.

Sherry managed to save me. I really felt relieved then, my power was suddenly released.


「Oya, maa….less than three minutes. Takeru is too young.」

「Ahh, Oracle, go away!」

TN: Thus Takeru failed NNN

Oracle-chan erotically laughs and gives me a torrid kiss then separates from my body.

She swam and quickly grabbed her ribbons flowing in the water. After that, she tied her white hair into twin tails.

At that moment, she came back to her usual innocent Oracle-chan mode.

「Oh yeah, Takeru, I forgot to say something important.」

「What is it?」

Oracle whispers to me while biting my earlobe with her lips.

「Thanks for the meal….」

「Shut up!」

Oracle-chan laughed saying “ahaha” and then dived to go somewhere.

She left me who’s now trying to cool down.

I don’t care about it anymore but in the meantime, I think it’s pointless for the battle in the bathroom to continue.

Though entangled with so many slave girls, Ria aggressively attacks getting deeper in the bath.

「If you obstruct me, You will be punished by Asama!」

「We are also devout believers!」

Aside from the other girls, Sharon, who has the same physique and spirit as Ria, managed to suppress Ria who’s now unable to proceed any further.

「Wait a moment, where has Oracle-san gone to? I think it’s my turn now!」

「Right. We have a contract so I’ll help you.」

Before I knew it, when Ria calls out her name, she pops out beside Ria. She chanted magic while making a sign with her finger.

「Ah, what’s this!」

「I can’t move.」

My slave girls, including Sharon, suddenly got entangled in hot water and seemed to be unable to move.

A water control spell is indeed powerful in a bathroom.

「Great! I won’t waste this breakthrough!」

Ria grandly comes to me with joy while her top are making loud splashing sounds while bouncing.

I can’t believe it can create such a loud noise.

「What do you intend to do, Ria?」


Ria hugged me as it was and pressed her soft meat to my face.

One pattern.

「Areh? Takeru’s reaction seems to be weak this day.」

「I’ve been thinking for a while. When Ria is doing this, do you feel great?」

「I think Takeru feels great so I’m doing it with all I have.」

「You feel great when you press your chest against my face….?」

This gives me trouble even if Ria feels great with this.

「Takeru feels great, I feel great-desu!」

「Is that so? If you really felt great then I’ll gladly be of your service.」

「Your reaction today is really strange. Hmmm, could it be that you’re on sage mode?」


Ria’s intuition in things like this is really sharp which is a problem.

She then pressed her chest against my chest and stared at me using her blue eyes. When she did that, I felt suffocated.

「Maa, could it be that men have those days too?」

「You can say that….how about stop doing stupid things and enjoy the bath normally once in a while?」

It seems like she doesn’t understand the true meaning of “sage mode”.

Well, Ria only knows modern japanese knowledge from a suspicious old book by founding king Renz so her understanding of some things is incoherent.

「If Takeru washes my body clean, I can truly enjoy it.」

「Ria is beautiful enough.」

「W-w-w-what are you saying!」

Ria’s face turns red. She buried her body in the bathtub blowing bubbles in the process.

What’s this reaction….ah, so that’s how it is.

I simply meant that she already had washed her body but she probably thought the adult meaning.

TN: 綺麗 Clean or beautiful or pure or lovely or pretty. So this part is basically lost in translation. I used clean for Ria’s line since that’s what she means and beautiful in Takeru’s line since that’s Ria’s misunderstanding.

「Mou mou! A surprise attack like that is unfair. At least say that when there’s only the two of us.」

Ria sits next to me with a full smile and holds my hand under the hot bathwater.

Maa, I hope what’s happening won’t cause trouble.

Now that she’s silent, I can really appreciate her beautiful, wet golden hair.

As for her body, just seeing it at the edge of my eyes already makes me restless.

However, soon after, Oracle’s water restraint magic loses its effect.

Ria was dragged by Sharon and the others to the other corner of the bathroom.

“Wa” “Kya”, I heard those from a distance.

Once again, I relaxed my body in the bathtub and enjoyed the warm water.


Because of the remnants of the aeration magic, the hot wine tray drifts smoothly.

I decided to pick it and get another drink.

In the corner of the bathroom, Roll is sitting on the edge while drinking hot wine.

What’s interesting is that Collete pours hot wine on her cup.

It’s like a tavern.

Those two, it’s like they have their own role which makes the atmosphere between them unique.

「I also want that but I can’t damage my reputation.」

A person’s nature won’t change and will neither grow immediately.

After all, given what happened, it was far from the atmosphere of taking bath. Huh, is it okay?

Well, I got warm and was able to rest.

I gaze at the moon floating in the sky from the bathroom’s window.

I squeeze the spicy sake dry….


—Scene Change—


It would have been nice if it ended like that but real fantasy is like a wholesale store who only sells wholesale.

In front of me, who’s relaxing in the bath, is the dukedom’s princess Caroline who suddenly appeared.

After looking at me up close, Princess Caroline finally noticed something and screams.

She’s nearsighted if she doesn’t wear her glasses so she didn’t know who she approached.

「Eeeeeeehhhhhh! Kyaaaaaaaaa!」

The arguing Ria and Sharon’s group froze when they heard the princess’ scream.

Like last time, she was so surprised that she dropped her towel though she didn’t expose her body now. The dukedom’s princess has grown too.

But, isn’t this the same pattern?

Before I knew it, Princess Caroline, Princess Silhouette, and Jill came in together.

The bathroom is crowded with my slave girls whom I called. They didn’t notice that I’m in the deepest part of the tub.

I didn’t notice them either. This might be the side effect of the slave girls. They have a camouflaged effect. I caused this to happen.

「Why is hero-sama taking bath with everyone!」

「No, I’m sorry.」

Though Princess Silhouette and Jill, who are already used to this kind of situation, are calm, Princess Caroline is really angry.

I didn’t mean to offend you but I think that I could be saved by responding decently.

「Your highness, it is a custom for master and us, his slave girls, to take a bath together. Of course, you shouldn’t count Steriana-san who came here without permission.」

「Your highness, the dukedom’s princess, a hero and a sister entering bath together is not strange by all means. What’s strange is this big slave girl.」

Ria and Sharon verbally persuaded her but it looks like the dukedom’s princess is not convinced.

That’s normal. If you want to persuade the dukedom’s princess, you both should put your towel first.

「It’s strange, absolutely strange!」

The voice of Princess Caroline echoed in the bathroom.

It even hurts my ears.

The dukedom’s princess aside, Princess Silhouette with her flat towel calmly enters the bath and sits next to me.

And for some reason that I don’t understand, she sticks her body to mine.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I took a lot more damage when Jill entered the bath compared to Princess Silhouette sticking her body to me.

The tanned skin and ponytailed Jill looks like a japanese oneesan with good figure given her jet black hair.

With only that, she made me feel a sensual reality.


「What is it hime-sama?」

「Takeru-sama’s reaction, forgive this princess’ rudeness but, could it be that you didn’t feel any?」

「Yeah, I’m not thrilled.」


「Ah, princess is the prettiest!」

The princess entered negative mode again and sank into the water.

I don’t know what kind of reaction I should make in order to satisfy the negative hime-sama.

Also, I’ve already said this a lot of times, Jill, you should work like the guard you are.

Why are you ignoring the sinking princess in the bathtub while you are relaxing in the bathroom?

Meanwhile, Princess Caroline is shouting 「Everyone’s strange!」but she’s at a numerical disadvantage.

Ria and Sharon dragged her as they disappeared into the dressing room. But what she’s saying is entirely correct.

Somehow, I feel sorry for the dukedom’s princess.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the bath now.

When I feel warm enough, it is probably time to rise….

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