Chapter 326 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (II)


Chapter 326 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (II)

The meeting continues.

「By gathering the night shops on the north side, security has been restored to some extent. They also have a good reputation with the residents.」

A night shop is a sex shop.

According to Youko’s instruction, it seems they have been brought together on the north slope.

I think it’s a good idea.

「However, there are complaints from the stores about the ban on callers.」


The ban on callers is my suggestion.

I don’t mind if they only call for customers but half of them were forcibly brought into the shop.

And of course, I suggested for them to stop doing that….

Now they are dissatisfied.

「If there’s no caller, the customers won’t know what kind of shop they are.」


I see.


They are night shops so there’s no rule about how they look.

From the appearance of the store, it will be difficult to know whether it is a store where you can play with girls or not.

Only a few people can read characters.

So that’s why there are callers.


It looks like callers are really necessary.

I apologize for my proposal.


Wait wait.

Should signboards be only letters?

There are signboards with pictures or even carvings.

There are even three-dimensional signboards made of metal.

「The painters, sculptors, and blacksmiths are too busy to make signboards.」

Yes, I apologize.


For the time being, the talk has been settled by handing out shop type display signboards prepared in Village Five.

All the artisans are busy so they can’t spare time in creating signboards so who’ll make those shop type display signboards?


That’s right, me.

  • Tavern

  • Sex shop

  • Tavern and sex shop

  • Casino

The design is not elaborate and with my skill and the AFT, I can carve one in less than five minutes.

Is it okay for me to create 20 pieces for each type?


Thinking about spares, that should be a hundred pieces.

When it comes to sex shops, I won’t be surprised if the need is around 200.

The occupation of the residents of Village Five, isn’t it too swaying too much on that side?

Well, I guess they are the kind of people who easily relocate from one village to another.

In any case, I should stop making signboards.

I’ll ask Gutt to make a branding iron instead.

All I need to do after that is prepare boards for branding.

If that is the case, then my work won’t take an hour.

However, it should be noted that this is not a business permit but a substitute until their official signboard comes.

I want this to be thorough.


Speaking of the north side, there’s Rogabo.

He is the man who manages the night shops of Village Five according to Youko’s introduction. However, I could only see him as an uncle from an ordinary shop.

Maa, he even mistakenly scouted me when he thought I’m a normal citizen. You can say that he is similar to me.

That time was really surprising.

When I came to Village Five to deliver goods, I was suddenly drawn by a cat’s cry and went to the north side.

My purpose is not to play with that cat. I thought that maybe I could find a partner for the kittens there.

Unfortunately, it was a female cat.

After that, the high elves who had come together with me as my guards warned me politely with a smile.

They were scary.

By the way, starting that day, it has become popular to wear cat ears in Big Tree Village for some reason.

The beastkin’s faces are complicated.


「On the south side, there is a street full of shops and it’s really crowded.」

The problem on that place is price is on the rise.

That happens because the supply is unable to keep up with the demand.

With the lead by the Goroun Company, measures have already been taken and it is expected to settle down this summer.

「Also, Five-kun is popular-desu. Goods related to him are being marketed without permission.」


He is Village Five’s mascot that I proposed.

Coolness of a character is dependent on each individual’s reference so we made him a loose character which is loved by everyone.

It was hard to explain Zabuton when I asked her to make it.

It has come a long way from the first prototype which looks like someone wearing bear fur.

Though there was no problem with the function of the costume, we had trouble with the design.

High elves, beastkins, and even oni participated in a big decisive battle.

It was really serious.

Even the name has caused a lot of trouble until it was finally decided to call it Five-kun.

For me, there’s no difference whether you call it Five-kun or Five-san.


At the beginning of his debut in Village Five, everyone was wary of him thinking he’s a new kind of monster but he was accepted over time.

It was really good that it conducted hero shows as acknowledgment activity.

He’s gaining popularity not only with children but also with adults.

Ursa, Guraru, and Alfred were very excited at its performance during the Village Five’s festival.

I’m satisfied with its success but….I’m not that positive about making goods without our permission.

However, there’s no concept of copyright so it can’t be helped.

「Do you want a crackdown?」

No, leave it alone.

This is also a proof of popularity.

However, warn the shops verbally about overcharging prices in selling inferior quality goods.

「As you wish. Also, we have received numbers of requests from several companies to increase the number of Five-kun.」

Currently, there are three costumes of Five-kun but only one is active.

It is a rule that I decided. There is only one Five-kun.

Increasing its number is rejected.

「If there’s only one Five-kun, what if a shop prepare one?」

Spare no one!

I will not forgive a fake Five-kun.

Take over when it comes out.

「Village chief, how about sending Five-kun to Shashaato City for a visit?」

That was Michael-san.

He might go in the future but he’ll stay in Village Five for now.

Since it is Shashaato City, why don’t you create your own character instead of relying on Five-kun?

「There’s a governor there. I can’t make a mascot of Shashaato City on my own.」

Why does it have to be related to the city?

You can make a mascot for your Goroun Company and call it Goro-kun or Goro-chan.

When I said that, Michael-san and Maron, who’s next to him, looked at each other.

You haven’t thought of that?

However, it will be difficult for the mascot to be accepted.

There was a time when the now popular Five-kun was treated violently by the children.

「Do your best on that. How about the costume? We can make you one but….give us the design.」


We’ll take care of the production but the Goroun Company should design it on their own.

I don’t want to experience another big decisive battle in a while.


The meeting is still ongoing.

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