Chapter 69  – Louise’s Proposal

「My lord, why don’t we go get orichalcum weapons?」

Louise came to me, who’s working in the office, and proposed something.

To be exact, she’s inviting me to capture the legendary “White Tower of Trials”. It is rumored that adventurers who have cleared the harsh trials were given with orichalcum equipments.

「That’s too sudden, Louise. Why did you suddenly decide to challenge the White Tower of trials?」

「It’s not sudden, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. If I have an orichalcum sword, Takeru would no longer have to fight.」

Mou, I feel like Louise has become strangely overprotective since the last battle.

I wouldn’t say that an orichalcum sword equipped Louise could beat Crowned Prince Freed.

If it is the present me, I think I can win against Freed by using my hidden ace “neutral sword” as a surprise attack.

I don’t want Louise to take my place.

However, I’m also certain that she had always wanted a strong weapon for a long time.

Since the war was interrupted, it won’t be bad to strengthen the equipment we’ll be using.

If Louise gets a weapon made of the world’s strongest metal, orichalcum, she will become even more reliable.

I think that’s a nice suggestion but not now.

In front of me are Lyle-sensei and Sherry. They are in the middle of an endless discussion regarding the logistics plan so we’re stuck.

On the desk, there are scattered documents, maps, parchments, and so on. All of them have incomprehensible figures written.

I can summarize the two’s arguments after listening. There is no problem even if the volunteer corps is promoted as a regular force, we can even increase their number if we want to. The problem is what to do with the mercenaries who are more than 5000 people.

The atmosphere in the room stagnated because of that problem then, Louise suddenly proposed to go and capture a dungeon.

I don’t mind talking to Louise about it but we don’t have the time to talk about something else now….

「No, captain Louise’s proposal is not bad. The “White Tower of Trials” is near the trade city of Lanct Dukedom. Umu, that might be a good idea.」

Lyle-sensei gracefully put his hand on his cheek and think.

The slightly smiling face when he thinks of something bad shows up.

I don’t know what’s good about that proposal but Sherry seems to have figured something immediately.

Sherry rakes up a bunch of paper with her little hand and smiles at me.

「Master, food prices are stable in big cities. I think you can even procure food for 5000 people there. Considering mass transportation, having them to go through Marquis Est’s territory will be quick too.」

No, what are you even talking about? Is it about logistics or is it about capturing a dungeon?

To me who don’t get what they are saying, sensei points his short stick on the map and says “here-desu”.

「The White Tower of Trials, which Captain Louise proposed to go to, is located in the duchy of Lanct, a territorial state of the Germania Empire.」

「Isn’t that a territory of our enemy country?」

According to the map, Lanct duchy is just next to our country’s Lauren Knights’ territory. It is a territorial state that borders the kingdom and the empire.

It’s close so the trip won’t be long but I think it is a problem to step into an enemy’s territory.

「Rather than that, we can simply call the power of diplomacy. Our purpose is to capture the White Tower of Trials and not war. While advertising it like that, we’ll take along 5000 mercenaries near the border and break in Lanct duchy.」

「Sounds like a crazy plan.」

I don’t care if we capture another dungeon through military force again.

However, since it is the territory of an enemy country, I wouldn’t find it strange if there will be an immediate war.

「The Lanct duchy is a trade territory. It would definitely avoid war between the empire and the kingdom in their territory so they will reluctantly accept the passage of our army. You can get plenty of supply from the enemy city while putting pressure on the empire.」


Lyle-sensei nods after winning my approval.

We can use the mercenaries while there is a truce, we can get supplies on the enemy’s territory, and we can get orichalcum equipments from the White Tower of Trials. Three birds in one stone.

The size of our army when we captured Oracle’s Great cave was about 1000 people. This time we’ll attack another dungeon with 5000 people.

We’re going to go big this time. We’re going to use a war level force to capture a dungeon.

Many of the mercenaries are ex thieves, ex adventurers, and ex dungeon explorers.

It is a good idea but above all, I don’t want to waste Louise’s suggestion.

「All right. I understand. Let’s go to the White Tower of Trials.」

「It is decided then. Issue an official notice to the Garan Mercenaries at once, we’re going to battle!」

Lyle-sensei and Louise left the room to have the military move.

By the way …

「Sherry, do you want a souvenir?」

The great city of Lanct seems to be quite rich. There should be a lot of unusual things there.

Sherry has been working hard for a long time so I think it’s better to give her some reward.

She’s stoic and doesn’t even have any eating habits. I’m troubled because she only asked for quality paper and books.

「Master, please drink and eat as much as you want in the City of Lanct. You should also buy a huge amount of preserved foods, their price will surely soar soon. That’s the biggest souvenir you can give me.」

That said, Sherry smiled evilly not inferior to sensei.

As expected, maybe having a child near sensei is not very good for emotional education…


—Scene Change—


With my personal guard corps in front, I’m traveling with over 5000 knights.

From the Ox Castle, via the City of Spike in Oracle’s territory, we move to Lauren Knights’ territory.

This is the first time I’ve come to Lauren Knights’ territory.

When I crossed the Mona mountains and entered the territory, there was really nothing there. It was a lean land with wide wilderness and a small swamp.

Strategically speaking, Lauren City is only a road that connects the empire and the City of Spike.

In the last war, the Lauren Knights were divided into two factions; the empire faction, and the kingdom faction. It seems to be okay now since the kingdom faction won.

About 50 knights came over to greet us. One of them is wearing a pointy helmet and he claims to be the commander of the Lauren Knights.

Everyone is wearing old plate armor. They are damaged and it made them look like they are wearing antiques.

「Hero-sama, I am Bagamon do Culturedeia. I am entrusted with the position of baron and is governing this territory.」

「I-I see.」

Commander Bagamon, who’s riding a lean horse, dismounts and bowed deeply before me.

His pointy helmet is so long that I thought it would hit my head.

「In the previous battle, we were betrayed by our deputy commander, Baronet do Marshe. I was not able to be of your help, I am useless.」

「No, it’s fine, Baron.」

Originally, I didn’t expect anything from the Lauren Knights.

The Lauren Chivalry seems to have been dysfunctional because of the battle between the commander and the deputy commander.

It seems like he was seriously fighting as an honorable knight himself but his battle has no strategic value so they are completely neglected by both the kingdom and the empire.

Depending on your point of view, they are poor people.

Since he asked me to visit the castle of the Lauren Knights, I stopped by but what awaits me is a half wooden shack surrounded by a shabby wooden fence.

I can only feel sorry for them since their castle looks almost the same as the slightly rich farming family residence of the Rod from Losgow Village.


「This is called Lauren Knights’ Castle do Culturedeia do Marshe.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, it is the Lauren Knights’ Castle do Culturedeia do Marshe.」

Baron Bagamon only repeats what he said.

In the shack with an honorable name, thirty or so knights are living in a quite difficult life.

It seems like they managed to get by by getting food from farming families nearby.

The food served in the feast is hard bread soaked in water. Looking at their reaction, it looks like it is really a treat for them.

「……….Baron Bagamon, if you like, we can eat the food we brought.」

Considering the possibility of battle, we prepared more than enough provisions.

They are only not so good wine, ham, and sausages but they rushed and ate them greedily.

These knights, they are knights with peerage or ranks like baronet and general but they are acting like fasting children…..

「Hero-sama, shank yu vury much, tank yo bery mush gozaru.」

When I see Baron Bagamon, who’s savoring a piece of ham while shedding tears, I feel uncomfortable.

After hearing his story, I found out that Commander Bagamon also came from a poor samurai family and his career is similar to Viscount Ortholet.

He is already originally from a poor samurai family so he has no prior capital. Then, the villages collapsed and they were not able to do anything to rebuild them. The former castle was also destroyed and all they can do is to gather the left-over materials and build a hut.

He obviously fails in territorial management.

Given that, I feel like I should not only financially support Viscount Ortholet but them too.

When I was already feeling really sorry for them, Lyle-sensei whispered to my ear.

「They are fine like this. If they don’t have anything, nobody will try to kill them.」

「That’s true….」

I think what sensei said is justifiable but they are men who have been sacrificing for the kingdom.

I would at least leave them some food.


—Scene  Change—


From the Lauren Knights’ territory, we head for the Lanct Duchy which is under the Germania Empire. After traveling for four days on land, the road gradually became wider until we arrived at a splendid stone-paved road.

The villages along the highway gradually became richer and richer too.

A beautifully stone-paved road can only be seen in the royal capital of Silesie Kingdom.

Many merchant carriages and adventurers go on using the splendid stone-paved road. Just looking at them, I already knew that this place is lively.

「Takeru-dono, that is the city touted as the treasure of Germania, the trade City of Lanct.」


Snuggling up to the big Tsurube river are white walls. Those walls are walls of the stone buildings lining up along the river.

The center of the city is a gorgeous castle and it even looks like a square stone castle.

Compared to the trade City of Lanct, the royal capital of Silesie looks like a countryside.

Even from the viewpoint of modern people like me, I can say that this city can be classified as a big city.

「It is sometimes called city of 100,000 but the citizens of this city alone are already 100,000. If you want to know the number of non-citizens, slaves, and drifters, they are about 12 to 30 thousand.」

「How did they built such a rich city?」

Sensei pointed his hand and said “water transport-desu” while looking at the white plaster and red brick city.

Rather than using horse-drawn carriage, the cost and amount of goods that can be transported by ship are a whole lot better.

In this era where sea travel is still dangerous, the Tsurube river, which runs through the Eura continent, is the best trade route.

「The Tsurube river, it runs to the north, which is Transilvania Dukedom, and to the south, which is the Rolland Dukedom. Moreover, even using land, the great city of Lanct connects the Germania Empire and the Silesie Kingdom. Even in the whole Eura continent, you can never find such a strategic location better than this…..I want this.」

「I see.」

Now, what did you say in the end?

「No, well, I wish I could get this…..The trade city of Lanct is like a jewel where the wealth of Eura continent is concentrated. It is normal to covet it.」

Sensei unusually sighed as he looked at the beautiful city and murmured greedily.

Maa, let’s remember this. I’ll conquer this jewel of the Eura continent, this great city of Lanct, and give it to sensei as a proposal gift.

Of course, that’s a joke. I don’t have any intention of waging a war of invasion.

….if sensei pleads seriously, I might consider it.

When I was contemplating in silence while watching the lively highway, a commotion broke out in the front row of the mercenaries.

Maa, there’s a large number of mercenaries coming from the enemy territory. It is normal for a big city like this to react. When I walked towards the front row, I heard a familiar lovely voice.

「You have come to invade my country. Am I a joke to you!」

A female knight in blazing fiery armor. Her luxurious mantle with the scarlet hawk emblem of Lanct Duchy is fluttering with the wind. She’s angry and her fist is already raised towards heaven.

Right, if you think about it, the Lanct Duchy is the territory of the father of the princess knight Eleonora.

The leader of the Garan Mercenaries is leading the crowd. He’s troubled since the blonde, blue-eyed princess knight is picking a fight.

The strong looking Garan Dodol takes off his black chainmail helmet and shows off his skinhead. His dark face has countless old wounds that he got from the wars he participated in.

With their commander Garan leading them, the five thousand members of the Garan Mercenaries did not step back. He put his hand on the saber on his waist getting ready to slash anyone at any moment.

The arrogant princess knight Eleonora was not bothered at all. She’s really a mantis ax.

TN: a mantis ax is a weak person that confronts a strong person without thinking of his own ability.

Instead of Garan, who’s at loss on how to deal with the princess knight, Lyle-sensei steps forward to Princess Eleonora.

「Greeting, Duke Lanct daughter, Eleonora Lanct Am-main-dono. Will you tell us why you are interfering with our travel?」

Sensei’s tone is awfully gentle and polite. He’s also wearing the state secretary’s formal clothes before we enter the Lanct Duchy’s territory. It can be said that he’s well prepared in terms of diplomacy.

However, Lady Eleonora, along with her heavy shield infantry, seems to don’t know anything about diplomacy.

「The hero of Silesie brought you scoundrels here to invade my country. You often attack my city but with me here, you won’t succeed in a hundred years!」

「However, your highness princess Eleonora, we did not come to attack your country but to clear the “white tower of trials”. Given our purpose, I have already reached out to your father Duke Lanct formally and obtained permission to go through your territory.」

「That’s just an excuse! You came here to invade my country and you won’t deceive me!」

I wonder if this reckless her highness the princess knight knows that if she’ll do anything aggressive here, the war will resume.

Even if you have a heavy infantry with you, they are only around 30 so you’ll be annihilated in no time.

Behind her, the heavy infantry holding heavy shields are trembling with tense expressions.

If you’re a normal person, you’ll know when it is good to fight and when not.

However, I’m sure no one can defy this skipjack princess.

I can already feel the pain of serving in their court.

Butler knight Kato-san, “come early!”. Did everyone’s wish come true? An old silver-haired gentleman is rushing his horse towards us.

The old blackmailed butler jumped off the horse and dashed towards Princess Knight Eleonora.

「Princess Eleonora, what are you doing!」

「Old man, I’m trying to protect my country…」

As expected, the princess knight seems to be a little weak against the silver-haired old gentleman.

Her voice toned down a lot.

「What and how do you protect it with this number of soldiers?」

「Since the Silesie’s hero attacked, you’ll inform the imperial capital….」

Upon hearing that, Kato-san was so angry that his frown made his eyebrows become one.

「Princess, do you even understand what it means to start a war here? The daughter of the lord is right to protect this beautiful city and its citizens but remember to not jeopardize their safety by exposing them to the danger of war!」


As expected of sensual Kato! Someone finally able to scold this tyrannical daredevil princess knight.

You have my admiration!

The smiles both returned to the mercenaries on our side and the heavy infantry on their side.

Kato-san is wonderful.

「Any further than this will go against the will of our lord, Duke Lanct, so even if you are the princess, this Kato will not stay silent!」

「Understand, I understand. I’ll pull back…..」

The princess knight Eleonora went away with a very dejected face.

The heavy infantry bowed happily and left with the angry princess.

「Silesie’s hero-sama, the princess of our country, I apologize for the inconvenience she caused. Please forgive her with these.」

As expected of the old knight Kato. He brought a bag of gold coins on his horse’s saddle.

Solving trouble with money. I don’t think it’s a good idea but since I’m in the role of receiving it, it’s a completely different story.

「Now, apologies for being presumptuous but let me guide you to the city. Of course, it is okay to replenish your supply in the city but please don’t cause any trouble.」

「Ah, of course, thank you.」

Normally, a group of mercenaries, especially this many, is prohibited to approach the city for security reasons.

It is a good thing that we’re with Kato-san. He talked to the guards and even arranged accommodations for everyone to stay. He considered everything perfectly.

We follow him to the red brick highway until we reach a magnificent semi-circular gate. We use that to enter the great city of Lanct.

It feels like a different world jammed with people and full of a variety of things as if there’s a festival.

「So this is the trade city of Lanct…..」

While Kato-san is guiding us through the city, I can see the resentful gaze of the princess knight Eleonora. She’s been following us from a distance.

The princess knight, as long as we’re with the butler knight, she can’t do anything.

By the way, this great city competes to be either the number one or number two top city in the continent. Though capturing the “white tower of trials” is important, it is also good to sightsee in this city.

This trading city is a hub of product circulation so there surely be rare commodities.

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