Chapter 327 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (III)


Chapter 327 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (III)

Though there’s break in between, the meeting continues.

「Farming is minimal in Village Five but we were able to secure farmland now. Full-scale farming is expected to begin next year. This year will be dedicated in making farmland.」

Normal course of action.

There’s no problem with that.

No, there is a problem.

The self-sufficiency of Village Five is considerably low.

It has to procure food outside so the Goroun Company needs to deal with that.

Since it is a food situation, I want to improve it immediately, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Making farmable land is important.

…..How about using dungeon potatoes?

After it withers, won’t it become good fertilizer?

Oh, you’re already doing it.

My apologies.


「Livestock raising of cows, sheeps, goats, pigs, and chickens have started in full scale. Though there’s no problem with breeding, it will still take several years before it is supplied to Village Five.」

This is also natural.

They are living things.

「For the time being, we plan to cover it by purchasing outside in addition to the meat of monsters and demon beasts the adventurers have hunted.」

Purchasing outside….even in this, we have to burden Goroun Company.

I’m sorry.

I said my apologies but Michael-san said it’s alright since they are making money from it.

Thank you.

Now, what’s the problem with the adventurers?

「There are no longer any monsters or demon beasts near Village Five. It is all according to plan-desu. Now, they are hunting in a place in the north which is six hours from here.」

They are bringing meat from there?

「No, we have set up a temporary purchasing office there. We are trying to secure the quantity of meat needed by Village Five by dismantling them there before transporting it here. The adventurers are asking us to build a restaurant, a tavern, and an inn near the temporary purchasing office.」


I don’t know about that temporary purchasing office but I know what the adventurers want. I heard that they demand a place where they can safely eat and stay in the forest.

I heard that from Gulf, Daga, and Pirika.

For the time being, the solution I thought of is a camping coach.

It is impossible to pack a restaurant, a tavern, and an inn in one, we divided them.

In order to decrease the number of horses, we downsize them.

Cooking carriage is an equipped cooking facility.

The following food carriage and water carriage can be used as dining rooms.

A tavern carriage that mainly sells alcohol.

The carriage is not where the customers would drink. It is especially designed to make sure that no alcohol will fall.

If you want to drink, don’t do it inside the carriage.

And last one, a private carriage equipped with bed where two people can stay.

One won’t be enough so we prepared ten of them.

I understand that it still won’t be enough given the number of adventurers but we can’t afford to prepare a lot.

For everyone else, a carriage full of camping tents and equipment for camp is prepared.

There’s also a shower carriage where they could take shower.

Please make do with these.


Water and food wagon is necessary so we prepared 20 of them in total.

We managed to prepare them all.

The mountain elves worked hard.

It will be embarrassing if it became problematic when used in a forest with monsters and demon beasts. Because of that, we are experimenting on it at Village Five.

Gulf, Daga, Pirika, and Pirika’s fellow disciples will give their impressions later.

After making improvements based on their impressions, we will officially adopt it.

With this, we will be of help even a little to the adventurers who are getting rid of monsters and demon beasts. We are thankful for it and also for securing meat.

However, in terms of food security, we can only rely on Goroun Company.

This is a freshly made village so it can’t be helped.

Come to think of it, is it really okay?


「What is it?」

Michael-san answers my doubt.

Other areas may have had food shortages not too long ago.

Hou, one of the demon king’s kingdom’s four heavenly kings, carried out farmland remodeling using dungeon potatoes in various places that saved those areas with food shortage.

But, they just got out of food shortage, won’t they be reluctant to sell?

Won’t the price be too steep?

「That’s not true. Farm villages and merchants who saw the effect of dungeon potatoes are worried that the price would crumble after this year’s harvest. They are already selling them now.」

So that’s how it is.

Even if the harvest is good, not everyone is happy.


「Well, the demon king’s kingdom is also moving so that the price won’t crumble.」

Beezel nods to Michael-san’s glance.

「Randan’s stomach is probably aching already.」


I’ll be nice to Randan next time I see him.


But now that this happens….

Won’t Big Tree Village’s crops value decrease?

「No no. The value of high-grade ingredients will still be high. People who can afford it are even competing for it. I still look forward in working with you again this year.」

Michael-san continues asking me to absolutely not decrease our production.

「You may even increase it. I’ll buy it all.」

I’ll think about it.


「Let’s continue. Regarding diplomatic aspect….the two elves.」

Tree king and bow king stand at the same time and bow toward me.

「Please let me report. I’m in charge of the west side of Village Five. All seventeen elf villages scattered throughout the west have taken a written oath. There were some battles but we crushed them. Six people were injured but no one died.」

「I’m in charge of the east side of Village Five. Twenty-two elf villages throughout the east made a written oath to obey Village Five. No battles have occurred there. As for the reason why, the dwarf Juano-shi has contacted them in advance.」



We’re talking about diplomacy, right?

Why is there a written oath?

And why am I the only one who thinks something is wrong?

When I looked at Youko next to me, she nodded and confirmed what they said.

「Both of you did well. By the way, do you know any other place with hostile elves?」


Youko, no.

That’s not what I meant.

Diplomacy is all about trying to get along, isn’t it?

The elves can’t negotiate unless they know who’s in the upper or lower part of the hierarchy?

Basically, making the other party below you….

After hearing Youko’s explanation, I looked at tree king and bow king.

「I’m embarrassed to say but it’s true.」

「As long as they know their place, they’ll be obedient.」


If you think about it, is that the reason why the high elves are following Ria?

Looks like it.


「And the places where there might be hostile?」

「Yes. They are far from here so I think there will be no problem but there is the famous spear king of Gigu Forest, wind king of Gau forest, and there is also a force that calls themselves as elf empire.」

…..elf empire?

「They are not on this continent but it is a country of elves located on an island. I’m sorry but I don’t know anything else.」

Beezel continues for the tree king.

「It is a large island located about 15 to 20 days of ship travel in the southwest direction of Shashaato City. I hear that there are about 5000 elves living there. It is not under the influence of the demon king’s kingdom. They are independent and don’t really get involved with the outside world.」

If they don’t want to get involved with the outside world then let’s leave it alone.

Yeah, there’s no need to prepare a warship.

We won’t invade them.

What about the other two places?

…… northeast of Howling Village.

I see.

That’s certainly far.

Leave it alone too.



Isn’t that the place where the undead came from before?


Is it related?

Or is it not?


Let’s ask ancestor-san next time.

「Last but not the least, some requests from the residents of the village.」

Let’s hear it.

「Because it is developing too much, there is a desire to call it a city and not a village. This is also the comments of travelers and merchants who came to the village. They said they were deceived.」

I didn’t mean to deceive you.

Village Five is only a temporary name but it was then adopted.

It is unexpected that the village has grown to the size of a city.

Well, if there are problems, let’s change it.

We can change it to City Five but it is not necessary to focus on five.

If you have any idea of a city name, let’s hear it.


Yeah, no one said anything.

Ah, Youko raised her hand.


「We had talked about it in the village council before….”Hiraku City” was popular. Are you fine with it?」


As expected, I find it embarrassing to have a city named after me.

If Youko is okay with it, how about naming this place Youko City.


Sounds good.

If you’re not against….

I’m more important….


「Ano, if we change Village Five’s name, we’ll have to rewrite all the oaths….」

That was the opinion of both tree king and bow king.

「Paperwork will increase like a mountain too.」

That’s the opinion of the civil servant girls.

I’m a man who plays safe.

「The summit will be Village Five while the sides and the base of the mountain is City Five.」

To outsiders, Village Five will be the place where government affairs are handled.

「Make sure to publicize it.」

With this, there won’t be any problem.

That’s what I hope.


After that, the meeting continued for some reason.

It was already evening when it was over.

I’m tired.

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