Chapter 328 – Wooden Beads Curtain


Chapter 328 – Wooden Beads Curtain

Thinking about the food and alcohol situation of Village Five, we decided to expand Big Tree Village’s field a little.

It’s a bit late compared to other crops so we can only harvest on them once this year. However, it is better than doing nothing.

When I told Donovan that there would be more vineyards for alcohol, he gave me a detailed description of what to do.

I don’t really mind.

Before starting, I talk with the kuros, who will guard the field, and the spiderlings and beastgirls, who will be harvesting the field in the future.

There’s no point in expanding the field if we can’t harvest them.

There’s no problem with the kuros.

The spiderlings also waved their legs saying they’ll work hard.

The beastgirls are fine with it too but pointed out another problem.

There’s not enough warehouse for the harvest.


I’m glad I talked to them.


In between the fieldwork, I play with the children.

I thought about whether we should play outside but put it down.

In fact, I’m worried that girls like Ursa, Guraru, Nutt, and Tiselle are growing up wildly.

I think that being energetic is good but Nutt’s mother, Nashii, told me that she’s already troubled.

Because of that, we’ll play girly games.


I’m a man so I don’t know how to play girly games.

Playhouse or something?

No, who’ll play who will be troublesome.

Let’s just ask them then.

Of course, I won’t make the mistake of asking Ursa or Guraru.

「Nutt, what kind of indoor game do you want to play?」

「Siege the castle.」


Yeah, I finally realized Nashii’s concern.

How about playing house?

I’ll prepare some tools.

Ah, who the heck taught Nutt the words “siege the castle”?

I want to have a little talk with that person.



When we were in the treehouse…..

Ah….I see.

I remember.

Reflect, me.

By the way, Nutt, hear this.

Siege the castle can’t be played indoors.

It is also a battle.


We’ve begun playing house.

The soldiers are besieging the place where the rebels and the hostages are.


No, I’m not dissatisfied with my role as a hostage but I think the story should be more girly.

Yeah, I’m doing some negotiations that a child can’t do.


Alfred and the beastboys are watching me and Ursa at a distance.

Do you want to join us?

You don’t want to?

No no, my bad but this is compulsory.

Now, participate as new hostages.


The next day, Nashii told me that she’s troubled.

I’m sorry.

I’ll reflect.

That thing from yesterday can’t be called as playing house.

I’ll drag you all indoors today.

Let’s do some crafts.

Hey, children.

Stop booing.

Do not be upset.

This is not work.

It’s a hobby.

So, you can consider it as playing.

I’m not cheating.

Look, you just have to put this string through the wooden beads that I prepared here.

That’s it.

This is the finished product.

A wooden bead curtain.

There’s an image formed on it.

I’ve prepared various kinds of wooden beads so you can even form an image by devising the order.

You can make what you want no matter if it is an image or a pattern.

Alright, let’s do it.

Ursa is not interested in the chisel.

It is good she’s focused on working.


Yeah, it’s the correct answer, leaving the children alone.

I don’t have to influence them.

Their individuality will appear on their own.


Nutt, isn’t that quite lovely?

Are you going to use it to decorate your room?

Ah, it doesn’t matter.

But before that, show it to Nashii.

If possible, tell her that you made it under my guidance.


Do not mind it.

I just want to at least earn something positive.


Alfred is pretty good too.

Do you want to give it to Loo as a present?

Good good.


Tiselle….do you best until it’s completed.

You can make something small.

It’s important not to give up.


Did Ursa complete hers?

Yeah, it gives off this brilliantly aggressive feeling.

Don’t use this as a trap.

It’s not a weapon that you’ll attach to a stick then swing it around.

It’s a normal curtain, okay?


Guraru….was she helped by a spiderling?

I don’t really mind.

If you give it to Girar as a present, he’ll be happy.


For a while, wooden bead curtains became popular in each household.

It is also a big thing when the parents see their children’s works.

「In the old days, people seemed to have used this as a method of communication.」


It was hard to keep the kittens from playing with it.

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