Chapter 330 – Chick


Chapter 330 – Chick

Early morning.

At the shrine with the statues of the god of creation and god of farming.


My first impression upon seeing it is a fat bird.

It’s a plumpy fat bird and it doesn’t look like a chick at all.

It’s about the size of a volleyball.

Is it really just hatched?

I wonder if that is really the case.

Next to it is a crushed eggshell.

Red, white, orange, and pink marble patterns. Newly hatched alright.

This is probably the chick hatched from the phoenix egg.

Even though I only displayed it here as a good luck charm, it hatched….

However, phoenix?

This is completely different from what I’ve imagined.

Its feathers are also pink.


Maa, go down from the top of the statue of the god of farming first.

If you poop there, I’ll get angry.


Hearing my words, the chick chirps on the head of the god of farming.

Then, without moving from that spot, it spread its small wing to show them to me.


Is that a declaration of not getting down?



Of course.

I lift the chick using both of my hands and put it down on the ground.


You’re quite brave but you lack strength.

While listening to the chirps of the frustrated chick, I checked the god of farming’s statue for dirt.

There seems to be no problem.

It just hatched so it probably can’t poop yet.

But here’s the question, how was it able to climb the top of this statue when it just hatched?

Oh, you can fly.

Though it’s slow.

Ah, don’t go up, don’t go up.

I’ll make you a special perch.


When I came back to the mansion with the chick, they were surprised.


Though it was a surprise that it hatched, they were not surprised that this is a phoenix’ chick.

Alfred and Tiselle wanted to touch it but before that, I’ll talk to Loo about phoenix and how it grows first.

「Phoenix grows up on its own.」

Phoenix has a strong vitality. Even if it fast for a hundred years, it will still be okay, and it also has the ability to regenerate.

It looks like it can grow without any special care.


Is care even necessary?

When it hears me say so, the chick suddenly becomes cute and it looks like it’s flattering me.

What happened to your majesty?

Food is more important than that.

That’s true.

You’ve just hatched it but you already know about it.

No, could it be its instinct?

For the time being, let’s pass this chick to Alfred and Tiselle.

I’ll go and look for something that a chick could eat.


I finally understood the meaning of not taking care of it.

This chick can eat anything.

Do you even know what flavor is?

Pre-harvest rice.

It looks like a sparrow.

Don’t get angry, don’t get angry.

I’ll prepare it properly.

However, if you lay your hands on the field, I’ll get angry.

Do you understand?

All right.



What is it?

When I was thinking about why the spiderlings came in a group, one of them came out in front of the chick.

Perhaps the chick also felt something. It spreads its wings and threatens the spiderling before it.

Then, the battle between the chick and the spiderling began.

I was wondering what’s happening before something came into me.

Birds eat bugs.



Wait a minute!

I was too late.

The spiderling is already in a victory pose while the chick is wrapped with web.

Ah, etto…’re amazing.

Now, release that chick.



This is a piece of advice.

Don’t target the spiderlings.

I’ll prepare as much rice as you want.

Spiderlings, you can fight back without hesitation if you are targeted.

However, stop attacking first.

The spiderlings waved their legs to show acknowledgment.

Good good.

What about chick?

Don’t act spoiled.

Here, a cabbage leaf.

You like it….don’t peck my hand.


Chick seemed to have acknowledged too.

I want you to get along peacefully.


Several hours later.

Chick was being chased by the kittens.


Kittens, wait. I said wait.

Ann, please.

Please tell them to not attack the chick.


The name of the phoenix’ chick was decided.


I suggested Hinako, Feniko, and Fenitaro but they didn’t seem to like them.

***TN: Hina = chick. Feniko and Fenitaro came from phoenix(fenix). ***

It was decided as Aegis because Alfred’s the one who suggested it.

How did he know that name? It seems like he heard it from ancestor-san’s stories.

Is it a god’s name?

Speaking of which, is this Aegis male or female?

No one knows how to distinguish.

「Once it grows up a little more, its natural feature will show up.」

I see.

It clings more on Tiselle than Alfred.

It also clings more on Loo and Tier than me….


Until we exactly know, it is male.



When I was building an aviary for Aegis, Loo came over.

「Phoenix feather is a high-class material. Even feather of a chick is fine so don’t throw any away when you’re cleaning.」


Let’s think of this bird as someone who earns its own food.


Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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