Arc 1 Chapter 1.8 – Adventurers Guild


Arc 1 Chapter 1.8 – Adventurers Guild

Public guild.

It is a guild operated by a public organization. There should always be one in cities of a certain size.

Members of the public guild are not limited to adventurers.

Adventurers, merchants, craftsmen….

It can even be said that joining the public guild is a road that everyone must take in order to find a job.

Of course, there are exceptions like the noble’s eldest son or daughter who’s going to succeed their family.

So to speak, it is an organization that serves as both a vocational training center and job placement agency.

Even if it is described as a vocational training center, what you’ll learn here is practical experience.

Public guilds always have bulletin boards.

Various requests are attached to the bulletin board. Those requests are taken to the counter in order for someone to accept it.

There is no particular limit on the number of people who’ll take a request. If it is taken by two parties, their remuneration will be divided.

The maximum number of party members is six. When more people or parties form a group to take a quest, they can be called a multi-party or a private guild unit.

From the public guild’s viewpoint, there’s no difference if a quest is taken by a multi-party or a private guild.

There’s only a difference if the request requires a large number of people. The public guild will decide if either a multi-party or a private guild should take it.

The public guild does not limit the number of request/mission takers however, the number of people who’ll receive the quest will be decided by the recipient themselves.

Requests have ranks and only parties with the corresponding rank to that can take them.

The rank is not based on an individual but on a whole party itself. Even if you register as an individual, you’ll be registered as a one-man party. It is structured that way so that they can moderate the requests taken by each party.

There are seven ranks and they are S, A, B, C, D, E, and F.

F-rank parties can only accept F-rank requests and E-rank parties can accept both E and F rank requests.

A high-rank party can receive requests below their rank but it is not considered to be fair to receive requests two ranks below their rank (for example, a B-rank party accepting D-rank request or below). If the public guild allowed that to happen, low-rank parties won’t grow.

By the way, the establishment of a private guild doesn’t have a rule or proper procedure to follow. All you have to do is declare that your private guild has been established.

Because of that, there is no institution that knows all the guilds. In all the places in the world, it is said that it is normal for a new guild to be suddenly established and another one to suddenly disappear.

Therefore, if your private guild has become known in the world, you’ll become an object of respect and admiration, or jealousy and envy.

Becoming a member of a famous guild or establishing a guild is a kind of status symbol.

That’s why young promising people are being scouted by famous guilds.

In some cases, even officials of the guild scout them themselves.


The above summary is the story from the beautiful public guild staff of Ryuusen City that Kousuke’s party of three heard during their registration.

During their registration, they asked for the detailed story of the guild. They were asked to sit as they were explained of it in detail.

Apparently, for Ryuusen’s public guild, new registrants are very valuable.

While they were being explained to, their member’s IDs were completed.

It seems like the member’s ID will be fully activated by putting magic power or divine power in it.

Since magic power and divine power differs from an individual like fingerprints, it can be said that it is the best form of ID since it is unique to an individual.

The member’s ID that Kousuke received has the following details:


Name: Kousuke

Age: 20 years old

Party Name: Eternal Journey

Guild Name: None


It is very simple.

As is often the case, there is nothing written with regards to personal skills.

Rather than that, he has not heard yet whether the existence of skills is recognized in this world.

He could see them because of the power of his left eye but the possibility of it being widely known is low.

As for the party name, it was decided by the three of them. It stinks of chuuni but it is troublesome to think more about it so it has been decided immediately.

According to the beautiful staff, it is possible to change it later so he did not think about it that much.

The guild is none because they don’t belong to any guild.

As for the age he reported, Asura told him that he will look like 20 years old by the time he’s teleported so he wrote 20 years old.

Kouhi and Mitsuki received their cards the same time as Kousuke.

Of course, the party name and guild name are the same as Kousuke’s. Age is….a secret.


The three, who just received their guild card after registering, did not immediately go out but checked the job requests on the bulletin board first.

They want to find out what kind of quests can be found there.

Looking at it, there are really a variety of them.

However, to Kousuke, something like this is familiar because he has seen similar scenes on games before.

For adventurers, there are monster subjugation and material gathering. For merchants, something related to logistics. For craftsmen, making items, and so on.

While checking the requests on the bulletin board, they gathered a lot of attention. To be precise, Kouhi and Mitsuki.

The place where the bulletin board is located is at the cafeteria and tavern of the guild so members are relaxing there as well as gathering information.

They are attracting the attention of the adventurers regardless of gender.

Their appearance is worth noting even for people of the same gender.

However, the two of them completely ignore such gazes.

Since Kousuke’s party had just registered, the only requests they can take are those of F-rank but they’re looking at everything there.

They have already decided not to take a quest that day though.

「What do you think?」

「There is no problem in particular.」

「That’s right. It seems like the lower the rank, the more permanent quests there are. I think it is better to take what we can take.」

「….Right. Are you done checking?」

Kouhi and Mitsuki nodded to Kousuke’s question.

「Then, let’s go shopping」

When Kousuke said so, the three of them left the public guild.

Those inside had seen them off.

Normally, there are people who drink alcohol even in daytime so there’s always someone who makes fun of newbies but it did not happen this time.

Without thinking that anything special happened, everyone returned to what they have been doing. However, topics about the two newbies can be heard. Whether it can be said as natural or regrettable, none of them talked about Kousuke.


The group of three, who came out of the public guild, went to buy daily necessities as planned.

Whether daily necessities or things that are needed for a long journey, they buy it all.

Since they don’t want to waste time, Mitsuki left halfway in order to do something else.

It seems like she wants to gather information by chatting and she’s good at that incidentally.


Kousuke and Kouhi rounded up their shopping a little early and returned to the inn.

It is because there is an appointment with Schmidt.

When they returned to the inn, Schmidt was already waiting by the counter.

「My apologies. Have we kept you waiting?」

「No, I just got here and it’s not even the appointed time yet.」

After a brief greeting, the three of them move to a secluded place.

As expected, the amount of money is so large that it cannot be delivered in a place that can attract attention.

「This should be all. Please check.」

「…..good, we’ll take it. Thank you.」

「No no, I’m the one who made a good deal here.」

Schmidt says that with a big smile. Of course, it might only be his business smile but it is also true that he made a lot of money.

「Speaking of which, I just want to know, is the market price of something can change easily?」

「Yes but….it depends on what kind of item it is…..Are you thinking of a business?」

「No no. I’m not thinking that far. I only wanted to ask because it would be troublesome if the market price collapsed because of the materials I collected.」

「I see, so that’s your concern…’re right but…. For example, if Kousuke-sama brought out a hundred pieces of this, the value will certainly collapse because it can only be bought by women. On the other hand, if it is materials used as consumables, like medical herbs, it will not affect the price no matter how much you bring out since they are always in demand.」

「….I see. Thank you. That was helpful.」

Bringing materials directly to merchants is a good way to earn money but if you do it too much, you’ll stand out in a flash.

If you want to be stable, it would be good to take care of requests from the guild.

「No no, if it’s just like that, you can ask me anytime.」

Schmidt laughed lightly and left the room.


When Kousuke and Kouhi have finished eating dinner and sorting out what they purchased, Mitsuki returns to their room.

Her cheeks are slightly red. She might be drunk.

Since she already said earlier that she’ll eat dinner somewhere else, there’s no problem.

「Welcome back.」

「I’m back. I’m tired so please give me a reward.」


Kouhi got angry when she saw Mitsuki hugging Kousuke while pouting her lips.

Though she was drunk, when he saw her eyes, he immediately realized that she’s playing around.

「For the time being, let’s finish organizing our luggage.」

「Eh, it’s just a kiss….Anyway, we’ll do something more amazing after this.」

「Th-that’s right….」

Seeing Kouhi, who turned red and looked down, Kousuke involuntarily deflected his gaze.

An outrageous destructive power.

Mitsuki, who saw it, laughed as if her mischief was successful.


The three of them will be sleeping in the same bed for the first time in this world so they were not able to fall asleep until late at night.

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