Chapter 331 – Aegis


Chapter 331 – Aegis

Aegis, a phoenix chick, is living in the aviary built in the garden.

The aviary has an area of about four and a half mats while its ceiling is about the height of a second floor.

It’s too big but it can’t be helped since it is the bird in question’s request.


There are two entrances, one is for Aegis and another for humans.

I devised the door so it can be opened both from the inside and outside.

I’ve also devised it in a way that it won’t flap because of the wind.

That gave me a hard time.

For a human, you had to bend down a little to enter.

This is an ordinary door.

You have to turn the doorknob to enter.


Aegis uses the door for humans and dexterously turns the doorknob.

It is smart enough to properly close it after opening…..I’m not surprised though.


When Aegis wakes up in the morning, the first thing it will do is to go to the north side of the garden where the chicken coops are located.

Then, it stands on the highest chicken coop and crows.

Perhaps it is claiming that it’s the best.

The chickens living there usually don’t care about Aegis.

When Aegis targets their feed, they don’t mind and eat in a group….

Maa, I guess it’s good that they have a peaceful relationship.


After that, Aegis will go to my mansion and then the dining room.

It will rest on the backrest of an empty chair and wait for breakfast.

I have prepared a perch for Aegis but there is no sign of it being used.

The oni maids, who are preparing breakfast, are also accustomed to it. They’ll greet it and serve breakfast.

Since it will peck in order to eat, it won’t use a flat plate.

It eats in a special casserole.

Today, Aegis’ breakfast is chopped cabbage leaves and carrots.

Its water is also in a special casserole.


After breakfast, Aegis will take a walk.

It has already been noticed that it is faster when walking than flying.

Except when moving up and down, it walks.

It’s walking course is fixed.

It will go to the third floor of the mansion first and go out to the roof.

Once it secured the highest place, it would spread its wings and crows.

After that, it will head to the field.

The crops on the field are already growing a little so it is watching over it.

It is checking it in fine detail.

Maybe it has become friends with the spiderlings. They are exchanging information about pests.

It greets every kuro it passed by.

Very low profile.


Afterwards, the ranch area.

However, it is ignored by the horses, hit by cow’s tail, and not approached by goats.

It is so awkward there as if it was treated as if it was filthy.

Or rather, do you really have to insist that this is your territory?

Aegis, who saw the dragons Hakuren and Rasuti in its line of sight, closed its eyes and meditated a little. Then, it decided not to look at them.

This time, are you going to fight the goat in a one on one battle?

Don’t get injured.


After the ranch area, it will go to the fruit area.

It is not there to eat stealthily.

It seems to be studying the fruits there.

The specification of fruits it requests for meals has become finer.


I thought that it was going to get into trouble with the bees but the spiderlings took care of the situation before a battle starts.

I don’t mind you studying but can you at least don’t cause trouble?



Aegis returns to the mansion for lunch.

Meat for lunch.

It grabs the meat with its talon and tears it into smaller pieces using its beak.


It can’t tear it.

After trying several times, it chirps to the oni maid who cut it for him into smaller pieces.

It’s still a chick.

However, it will get angry if it was already cut into pieces from the beginning.

The oni maid is watching over Aegis warmly.

Her heart is big.


After lunch.

Aegis nap in a sunny place.

Recently, it has been sleeping on Zabuton’s back.

I know that it was the safest place but, is Zabuton okay?

You don’t mind?

That’s good then. However, if it is on your way, don’t hesitate to tell me.

I’ll put it back in the aviary.


After a nap, it will look around the field again.

It is our own food so it’s good that it’s seriously guarding this place.

Next year, I think it’s okay to make the field a little bigger.


It will play with the kittens in the mansion until dinner.

Even though they are bird and cats, they get along quite well.

It is living in a good world.

When it saw Ursa on the way, it ran away with all its might.

However, it is slow.

It was captured with Ursa’s tackle.

Aegis asks me for help.

Ehto, Ursa.

Though the phoenix chick seems to be strong, don’t treat it roughly.

You know? Really?

Don’t throw it.

Aegis, give up.

By the way, the kittens also escape when they sense Ursa’s presence.

Aegis is still inexperienced.

Well, it’s only about ten days since it hatched.



Aegis eats dinner.

It has no problem with eating fish.

But it is not eating it with one gulp, it eats it by pecking off the meat little by little.

Even though it eats like that, only neat bones will be left.

It is more dexterous than me.

I’m a little jealous.


After eating, Aegis returns to the aviary and sleeps.

There is a perch in the aviary but it sleeps on a bundle of straw on the floor.

I thought that it would sleep while sitting but I saw it sleeping on its back facing up.


Maa, you are free to sleep any way you want.

Good night.


This is a digression but aside from that bundle of straw, there is a water tub and a toilet in the aviary.

I appreciate it for taking poop in a fixed place.

When I arranged a slime for the toilet, it pecked the slime but the slime counterattacked.

After that, it has never meddled with a slime again.

It seems to have learned.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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