Chapter 332 – Robert-sensei


Chapter 332 – Robert-sensei

My name is Robert.

A demon researcher.


In the demon king’s kingdom, there are two major methods to learn.

Hire a tutor.

Or enter a public institution like a school.

These two.


Hiring a tutor is either one or one or one on one small group or as long as the tutor can teach them individually.

It is also very rare to be a dropout.

However, it is troublesome to find a good tutor and it costs a lot of money.

It is widely adopted by wealthy families.


If you are looking for a cheaper one, go and enter a public institution like a school. It is inexpensive and very efficient.

If you want to learn, this is my recommendation.

However, since you are studying with a big group, there is a limit to learning and the dropout rate is high too.

In addition, there are schools that only admit nobles. Schools like that are a place where rich people can attend. Given that sample, there are advantages and disadvantages when attending a certain school.


My family is a commoner’s family so it is impossible to hire a tutor.

I studied at a school.

I was praised for my excellent grades so I aimed to become a researcher.

I thought that it would be simple.

However, I never knew that a sponsor is needed to become a researcher.

If there’s no one who’ll take out money for my research, I can’t research.


Can I even find someone who’ll be willing to spend money for a research whose result is unknown?


The world is tough.


After graduating from school, I decided to continue my research on my own while helping my parents.

It troubled my younger brother who’ll succeed our parent’s family.

However, I really want to make a successful research.

After trial and error, I finally found my research theme.

The use of earth magic in farmland.

If it was an attack magic, I would have been able to find a sponsor.

How many times have I regretted not doing something flashy?

But I won’t give up.

This research is absolutely necessary these days when there is food shortage.

The reason why I didn’t get a sponsor is because it has been researched in the past a lot of times but no one has been able to produce a result.

I know the difficulty is high.

However, I want to eliminate hunger from this world.


With the advent of dungeon potatoes, my research fever cooled.

Good harvest, hurray.


No, I will not pray for the misfortune of the world.


I left home and came to Shashaato City.

It is because I was invited to this city’s newly built Ifrus School.

Although it is named after the governor of the city, it is only a cram school and not a nationally recognized institution. It is a private school.

The benefits are not bad but also not good.

To be honest, I would prefer to work in an ordinary school.

However, even in this place, if I don’t bow my head, I might be dealt with.

After all, I am a researcher who has not produced any research results.

Who needs someone like that?

I was only invited to the Ifrus School because of luck. Someone who studied at the same school as me is involved in that school.

I don’t really feel like going but my brother’s wife’s eye is painful so I accepted the invitation.

It has been ten years since I graduated from school.

I was taken care of after that.

Though my salary will be reduced, I’m grateful that they prepared accommodation for me.


I started teaching at Ifrus School.

Given my comprehensible explanation, I’ve gained a high reputation.

However, I am not happy with it.

Because my rival instructors are all amazing people.

Excluding me, they are people who can build a mountain in terms of research results.


Attoma Vieras.

A vampire and a leader in light magic.

It is also said that he is a disciple of Lulushi, a world leader in terms of magic and pharmacology research.


Gableslow Seinvolts.

Attoma’s disciple but also a person who is said to have surpassed his master in pharmacology.

However, he focuses on magic rather than medicine.

At his research presentation about magic efficiency, it is said that mages will compete with each other to get a spot.


Mariana Goro.

A leader in fire magic.

She is sometimes called as explosion idiot but her ability is unquestionable.

Her magic research is said to have doubled the magical combat power of the demon king’s kingdom’s army.


Since I teach magic, I’ve influenced a lot of students to take that direction. In other fields, the world’s leading authorities are lined up.

I only have a high reputation because the other instructor’s levels are too high. Beginners will have difficulty understanding them.

I visited once and I only understand parts. It is already impossible for me to comprehend that at once, what more the students.

I’m being approached by students a little more. I think teaching people is probably a talent.

In that aspect, I may have been blessed.

That’s why, school principal, don’t you think it is absurd to make me the coordinator of the instructors?

Impossible. Impossible.

It’s not a salary issue.

I don’t have the confidence to act as the coordinator of those instructors.

To be honest, how can those people become instructors of a cram school?

They’re not only excellent, they are outstanding.

Their brains should be used in a more meaningful way.

I don’t think that even the national research institute has members like them.

Why are they teaching here?

They are not the type who’ll move because of money.

Moreover, given their prestige, they can leisurely study at their own home.

How on earth did you manage to gather them….

Though the food here is delicious, there surely is another reason.


The instructor’s meal is to be eaten at a store called Big Roof Shashaato across the street.

You can eat elsewhere but in that case, you will have to pay for it.

At the beginning of the month, you’ll be given a month’s worth of food passes.

Though the menu is completely left to the store to decide, there are few types who I can’t get tired of eating.

The meal ticket of the instructors of Ifrus School is special and the food will be handed over at a dedicated window.

I appreciate not having to line up in that long line.

Is it curry today?


Curry is so delicious that it will make you forget unpleasant things.

At the table over there, Attoma-shi and Gableslow-shi are arguing about how to eat curry but I don’t care.

Don’t mind them.

If I get caught up in it, I will be involved in a discussion until next morning.

Previously, I was inadvertently involved in a pizza topping discussion. It was a terrible experience.

I still think that cheese and tomato are the best toppings for pizza.

However, to end that discussion, I have to agree that eggs are the best.

Well, it’s delicious too.

But I have deep regrets about bending my belief.


Let’s stop.

Let’s concentrate on the curry.

After eating, I still have to prepare for the afternoon class.

School principal, I will not accept even if you accompany me to eat.


By the persuasion of the school principal, I was appointed as the coordinator of the instructors.

My title is the first instructor.

Sadly, in this world, power is everything.

I’m sorry but I can’t do anything.

The goal of the school principal is for me to guide the other instructors in terms of teaching.

However, how can I have the confidence to deal with them?

There is no way or so I thought.

The root of the problem is the difference in level between the instructors and the students.

The difference is too much.

Because of that, I sent a letter of student recruitment to various schools.

Enclosed is the list of instructors of Ifrus School.

The target is not the students of various schools.

But the instructors of those schools.

Looking at the list of instructors of Ifrus School, those who have the desire to learn will come.

The current instructors of Ifrus School will teach those incoming instructors.

Then, those incoming instructors will play the role of instructors to the current student.

They are experienced people.

There should be no problem.

Though it would be embarrassing if a lot of people better than me will come but….well, not many would come.

But it would be great if there are at least two or three.

That’s what I thought.


Although this explanation was delayed, there are currently 20 instructors in Ifrus School including me and the principal.

The total number of students is about 150.

And about 300 active instructors who either received my letter or heard about the rumors of the list of instructors I sent.


Letters of protests have been sent from various schools.

In some cases, messengers came all the way to shout at me.

What have I done wrong?

Among the instructors who came, I found the principal of the school I graduated from.

Did you resign?

The magnitude of my action, I regretted it a little.

However, I won’t reflect.

Now, the Ifrus School has finally become a school.

I think.


At a later date.

Lulushi has arrived at the school.

I was surprised.

No way, I never thought that such a celebrity would casually come……

She’s one of those who founded Ifrus School?

She’s like an honorary school principal?

Is that so?

I understand.

She’s the reason why Attoma-shi and Gableslow-shi are here.

Lulushi…….ooohhhh, is it okay for me to call her out without honorific?

Is it because she’s an honorary principal?

Well, the honorary principal will give a lecture….

She’ll teach medicinal herbs!

That’s not my specialty but I want to attend!

Uooohhh, a heap of precious medicinal herbs!

She picked them up from her garden.

Aren’t these medicinal herbs said to be impossible to grow?

Limit the number of people who’ll attend the lecture?


I, as the first instructor, insist on priority.

Yeah, you’re noisy.

I’ll use what I can use.

If you have complaints, let’s hear it after I’m dismissed as the first instructor!


My name is Robert.

Though I strayed off the path of a researcher, I’m doing my best as an instructor.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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