I would like to inform you that I’m summoned to a different world.


I’m trying to get on a crowded train to work as a corporate slave today too but the next moment, the scenery before me changed completely.

What happened?

After traveling to a different dimension-like place, I’ve finally reached a certain place.

It is a stone building which is similar to those of medieval Europe.

Judging from the spacious interior and luxurious decorations, it should be a castle. It became more castle-like since there is a king-like, bossy old-man sitting on a higher place.

「To respond to our summon, I welcome you to our world, heroes!!」

It’s a different world summoning after all.

From what the king has said, I should be able to use magic or some sort of system.

Anyway, I was summoned to this world for a reason which is also related to the interests of the people of this world.

「Then, allow us to check your qualities as soon as possible.」

All of us are confused. The king from another world proceeds with the procedure they’ve prepared.

At the king’s signal, a few priest-like people rushed out.

They surrounded, not me, but a high schooler-like boy standing next to them.

Who’s that onii-chan?


I finally realized that I’m not the only person who’s summoned in this world. I’m not alone in this place.

There are about ten of us. Given their outfits, they shouldn’t be inhabitants of this world.

The priests surrounded the otherworlders one by one and chanted some sort of spells.

「……!? This hero-sama’s skill is “Goddess Scythe +2”!! Rare skill-desu!!」

「Wonderful……! We have a good harvest this time!」

The king on the throne nodded satisfactorily to the report.

Each of us was surrounded by the priests. They hold hands and chant spells. They are repeatedly saying “What’s this person’s skill?”.

And finally, my turn has come.

「Hero-dono, I will check your status now. Please cooperate.」

「Ah, no, no, it’s okay. Thank you for your hard work.」

Perhaps because of my long experience as a corporate slave, I’m polite every time and everywhere.

He might have judged that I consented. The priests surround me, hold their hands, and chant a spell.

After that, something happened. Some letters and numbers came to my mind for some reason.

【 NAME 】Itonami Norio (male)

【 RACE 】Otherworlder

【 SEX 】Male

【 JOB 】None


【 Lv 】1


Skill possesed】None

…….what’s this?

Is this the so-called parameter?

This, is this my resume in this world?

The figures that are floating in my head, apparently, the priests can see it too.

There’s one thing they’re focusing on.

The priests reported it to the king with a bitter expression.

「Your majesty, this hero-sama’s skill is “none” desu.」

「 “none”? What do you mean?」

「 This hero doesn’t have any skill desu.」

「 What……!」

The very disappointed expression of the king was very impressive.


—Scene Change—


After the ceremony was over, a briefing was held.

「 I am the human kingdom’s King Genesis XVIII.」

The king said arrogantly from the throne.

The summoned otherworlders, including me, listened to the king’s words of thanks.

「 This world is in danger. After several hundred years of war against the demons, the country kept losing both soldiers and wealth. Because of that, we decided to summon heroes from another world and ask them to help us. That’s you.」

And continue in a hopeful voice.

「 Whenever otherworlders come to this world, they will be granted with special powers by the great god. This is called “skill”. Skills are not gained by anyone born in this world but can only be gained from god’s blessing.」

So that’s why the priests checked us one by one.

「 Otherworlders with skills, we call them heroes. That’s you.」

We are, heroes?

Hearing that, the reaction of ten men and women are mixed. Some were puzzled while some have glittering eyes as if their dream of becoming heroes have come true.

「 There are many kinds of skills so I ordered the priests to read your parameters and confirm the skills of each of you. This summon also gave us a good harvest and I’m very satisfied. Especially Momoko-dono. Her “Goddess Scythe +2” skill is one of the strongest skills that can kill even a great demon in one blow!!」

The king said that while pointing out one high school girl from us ten.

The person in question has a cute and lively face that is expected from someone of her age. However, she’s full of anxiety probably because we were suddenly called to a place like this.

「 The others also have very useful skills. We will prepare an environment where you can maximize the use of your skills. I hope everyone will do their best to serve our country!」

「 I have a question.」

I raised my hand.

I know that it is common sense that it is disrespectful to interrupt a king but I judged that I can’t afford to hold back.

「 W-what is it….?」

The other party seemed to have never expected that an otherworlders would interrupt him, a king.

「 To summarize his highness’ story, I assume that we must rely on the power of this so-called skill. However, the priest from earlier said something.」

“No skill”.

Even I was able to confirm that it is indeed the case from the floating parameter earlier.

「 Though I’m not sure what is the reason, I don’t possess a skill. Therefore, I may not be able to help you….!」

「 Do you want to return to your former world? I can’t do that.」

…..No, I don’t want that too.

I don’t think that I want to return to my company slave life.

「 We have magic that can summon heroes from another world but we don’t have a magic that can return you to your former world.」

“What!!” “That can’t be!!” were screamed by some of the summoned otherworlders.

Each of them has their own regrets in our former world.

「 It is said that the demon king, the ruler of demons, has that kind of magic. Because of that, you have to work hard to fight against the demon king’s army…..!」

「 To me who has no skill, that’s simply impossible.」

I’ll say it again.

「 I don’t possess skill so I can’t fight the enemy hence, I can’t help you. Your majesty, the king, how about giving me a piece of land?」

「Piece of land?」

「I don’t mind even if it is a wasteland far from the city. I only want to farm there and live quietly alone.」


Though he reacted slowly, I did not miss how the king’s nostril bulged with all might.

I’m worried about him secretly getting rid of me who doesn’t possess skill.

「…..okay. In the first place, we, who summoned you, also have some responsibilities. I have a duty to listen to your little selfishness.」


「But you’re from another world. Land is also something that can be easily given. It is usually given as a reward to those who gained merit. If I break that rule, my quality as a king will be questioned.」

「I understand.」

「How about this? At this moment, you’ll be given with 10 gold coins as living allowance in this world.」

Hearing those words, some of the summoners screamed.

Maa, I’m glad that I’ll be able to get money without working for anyone.

「How about buying land from me with those 10 gold coins?」

「Thank you. However, it will be difficult for me to do something on the land if I don’t have anything. How about leaving me one gold coin while the rest, nine gold coins, will be used to purchase land from you?」

「Umu, good luck.」

Negotiation has been concluded.


—Scene Change—


That way, I bought a piece of land and decided to live in another world.

The other summoned otherworlders followed the kingdom’s instruction and went to somewhere where they could demonstrate their skills.

For some reason, I feel like I will never see them again.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to enjoying my second life in another world.

My name is Itonami Norio.

I was a poor corporate slave in my previous world.

I came to another world so if I introduce myself as Norio, I don’t think I’ll be able to get over my previous life.

So, that’s right….

I’ll change the way Norio is read….


I’ll call myself Kidan.

TN: He already explained his name. His name can be directly translated as “man of the era”. If you write Norio in a different way, it can mean lawful husband and Kidan is a slang of “married man”.

Let’s Buy the Land TOC

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