Arc 1 Chapter 1.9 – The Tower’s Story


Arc 1 Chapter 1.9 – The Tower’s Story

It has been 14 days since they reached Ryuusen.

During those days, Kousuke’s party received as many requests as possible in order to raise their rank in the public guild.

As a result, “eternal journey” ranked up to D rank today.

For Kousuke, it is because of the cheats Kouhi and Mitsuki.

An E-rank monster is nothing for either of the two so they usually split up into two groups.

The first group will be a one-woman party request handling of either Kouhi or Mitsuki and the second group will be Kousuke’s training team whose members are Kousuke and either Kouhi or Mitsuki.

Kousuke himself requested this arrangement because there’s a saying that if one doesn’t become stronger himself, he’ll never know what the future brings.

Kouhi and Mitsuki both did not oppose his idea and train him.

Below is the result.


Name: Kousuke

Race Name: Human?

Inherent Skill: Dagger Lv3, Evasion Lv3, Hide Lv5, Detection Lv5, Magic Circle Lv5 (Summoning Lv5),

Blessing Skill: God’s left eye, Familiar Trainer (Familiar Growth Up + Familiar Creation + Familiar Control)

Title: Goddess’ ?? (can’t be viewed yet), Celestial Maiden Eris’ ?? (can’t be viewed yet)


Kouhi and Mitsuki are always with Kousuke.

Therefore, as a result of their training, Kousuke won’t be instantly killed in a single blow.

Since coming to Ryuusen, Kousuke often checks the status of various people.

As a result, he found out that only a few people have Lv5 skills.

The reason why hide and detection are high is that he frantically hides from either Kouhi or Mistsuki whenever they are training him.

As for the magic circle skill, it was a result of convenience since he’s always trying to summon Kou.

He’s also thinking if he’s biased but both Kouhi and Mitsuki are satisfied with how he treats them so he did not pay much attention to it. 

By the way, his leveling up by leaps and bounds for only two weeks, Kousuke thinks that it is thanks to his two teachers.

Therefore, when it comes to surviving, he should be at the level of “no problem”.

Their guild rank will also be D-rank. For Kousuke, it is an important step for the future. They’ll be able to get important information on how things work in this world.


Night of the next day when they became D-rank.

They held a small celebration.

The proposer was Gozen.

When they happened to meet Gozen at the inn yesterday, they told him they became D-rank so he invited them to celebrate.

Gozen himself is a solo party and he’s been an adventurer in Ryuusen for many years. He seems to be an influential person and even members of other parties call out to him.

The three of them attended. On Gozen’s side, in addition to him, there are two men and one woman.

They were introduced as Creek, Gin, and Aine.

It seems like all three of them are party leaders of their respective parties. Not only that, it seems like Aine is planning on founding a guild soon.

As the conversation progressed, it became clear to Kousuke why the party was held.

The first thing they did was to solicit them to their camp and when they found that it’s not possible, they at least wanted to get acquainted.

“Eternal Journey”, which ranks up to D-rank in just two weeks had become famous among the adventurers. That’s in addition to Kouhi and Mitsuki’s beauty.

They immediately tempted Kouhi and Mitsuki but the two refused them all.

That’s probably why this “celebration” was held.

However, as time went by, the three of them shifted from solicitation to being acquainted. They finally understood that Kouhi and Mitsuki would never leave Kousuke.

Moreover, Kousuke clearly stated that he has no intention of dissolving “Eternal Journey”.

Rather than forcibly soliciting them, they might have judged that it would be better to build an amicable relationship with them.

It has become lively and useful information can be obtained from time to time as the celebration goes on.

Meanwhile, Gozen’s words entered Kousuke’s ears.

「You guys might eventually own a tower.」

At the last stage of the celebration, when everyone has already drunk a certain amount of alcohol, Gozen said that. He probably meant it as a joke.

In fact, the other three are laughing at Creek-san’s joke.

Upon hearing that, Kousuke became curious.

「Own? Can towers be privately owned?」

「What? You don’t know?」

「Tower. There’s an old rule saying that the first person who can reach the highest floor can own it.」

「Maa, unfortunately, no one has been able to capture the central tower.」

Hearing the information he hasn’t heard until now, Kousuke has become interested.

「I thought towers are owned by the state.」

「Ah, it’s the opposite.」


「Only a powerful man or a brave can capture a tower and in return, he’ll become a king of a nation. The profits from obtaining the tower are huge.」

「I see. So that’s what you mean.」

「Maa, that’s the reason why the central tower has become a natural target.」

「Because no one has captured it yet.」

「Anyway, just reaching that tower is already a challenge. Upon reaching it, you have to capture it next….」


In a certain way, the central tower might have been the dream of every adventurer.

Some people from other continents even came all the way to this continent to try and capture the central tower.

On the contrary, nations of this continent assembled their armies several times in the past to capture it but no one has succeeded.

The human race, including humans, has designated the capture of the central tower as their major goal.


After that, the celebration was held without incident and the three returned to their rented room.

「What’s wrong? Does Kousuke-sama wants to seriously take on the tower?」

Those are Mitsuki’s words as soon as the door was closed. Though Kouhi didn’t say anything, it looks like she wants to ask about that too.

After all, Kousuke can’t hide it from them.

「….I don’t know. I still haven’t fully decided yet. Not being captured means you don’t know what’s there. In the first place, I don’t think we can do it with only the war potential of two people.」

「If we can, do you want to capture it?」



「No matter what countermeasures we take, we will surely attract attention in the future. I don’t want to spend our life doing things secretly. I thought maybe we could use it as a base.」

The place where the tower is located is less troublesome and it is not under the jurisdiction of any power.

If they’ll stand out no matter what, he thought that it is better for them to have a place of their own where their safety is guaranteed. Given that, owning a tower might be a good idea.

He can’t judge if they can use it as a base though since he’s not even sure what a tower looks like.

「Then, let’s assume that we can capture the tower.」

Kohi proposed that to help him out of worry.

「First of all, there will be no problem in going to the tower.」

「Right. There is Kou’s group. We can easily go there unlike other people.」

「Nest, regarding the tower, it is a place that no one fully knows unless you finally capture it.」

「……that’s right. It seems that it has hardly been reached let alone capture. There’s too little information.」

When it comes to information about the tower, currently, no one has it.

If you want to own the tower, you have no choice but to step into an unknown place where you won’t know what will happen.

(It is not limited to the tower. Exploring an untrodden place is already dangerous.)

「…..maa, for the time being, let’s stop concluding anything. We’re currently under the influence of alcohol after all. Let’s think properly tomorrow.」




The next day.

They decided to go and capture the tower with all they got however, if they judged that they are in mortal danger, they’ll withdraw.


At that time, no one in the world has thought that their decision would have a big impact on the world later as a result.

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