Chapter 333 – Big Tree Village’s Expansion


Chapter 333 – Big Tree Village’s Expansion

While working on the field, phoenix chick Aegis, often comes by.

Is it about time to harvest?

When I asked Aegis, it said that it is the most delicious this time.

I see.

Why do you know the taste?


That behavior is easy to understand.

Be honest.

If you tell me, I’ll let you off but don’t put your hands on pre-harvested crops again.


Ah, you don’t care if you get hurt.

The spiderlings are eating too and if you get hurt, you’ll be given priority.

But the spiderlings take an active part in harvesting.


Just because you have wings, don’t overdo it.

It is enough for you to do what you can. You don’t have to try your hardest.

Like in pest extermination, you can’t win against the spiderlings, can you?


By the way, if it already reached the best taste, let’s start harvesting them.

Aegis, can you call someone free….impossible?

Can you give this note to anyone in the mansion?

As for the matter of stealing and eating, let’s forget about it.

All right, be careful.


The high elves, mountain elves, beastkins, lizardmen, and spiderlings have gathered to start harvesting.

This is the second in our thrice a year harvest.

It is difficult as it is harvesting in the hot season.

Please be careful about heatstroke.

Also, since the field is plowed with the AFT, it won’t get hot much but it will be affected by heat after harvesting.

Loo and Tier’s water and ice magics have greatly taken an active part.

Let’s chill this watermelon and eat it later.


Harvesting took five days. While the others are harvesting, I’m already plowing the area they already harvested at.

This is for the third harvest.

The yield is sufficient but I shouldn’t let my guard down.

I have to be careful.

And firm too.


I went to the fruit area.

I tried to expand the fruit area to balance the field expansion a while ago.

The north side is a flower garden for bees so I’ll expand it to the west.

The 12X12 fruit area has doubled to a 12X24.



I just plowed this area so I can fully see everything but when the trees grow up….it will become a forest.

If I don’t prepare labels as guidance, it is possible to get lost.


The bees will be the guides?

That helps a lot.

Let’s expand the flower garden in the north as a reward.

What flowers do you want me to plant?

….you want trees?

Oh, a tree that will give nectar when its flowers bloom.

You are only collecting nectars from orange flowers in the fruit area?

All right.

Let’s plant the trees you want in the flower garden.

However, I don’t know what kind of tree is….ah, you’ve already found it in the forest.


Guide me there.

Ah, call me some guards.

I don’t act rashly.

I’ll get angry.


A few days later.

As the number of cows, horses, goats, and sheeps have increased, expansion of the ranch area was considered.

It will be expanded to the east.

I cleared out the forest, plowed the ground to grow grass, and expanded the log fence and moat.

From 12X12, it has become 36X12.

The size tripled.

I prepared drinking places and shades in some key parts.

While working, the goats charged at me when they saw a chance.

Are they being nostalgic? Or are they making fun of me?

The kuros are guarding me but they cleverly broke through.

The kuros guarding me got angry and started using lightning magic. As expected, they ran away ….

They succeeded in escaping.


Ah, yeah, I’m not angry. The horses nearby are surprised though.

The cows are calm.

But the goats are mischievous…

Do they have built up stress?

Should I make something athletic for the goats?

Don’t spoil them?

Well, it’s just a simple thing made of log.

You don’t have to care so much.

As the whole area became wider, the area the kuros had to guard expanded too.

The kuros said there’s no problem but now that the area they have to patrol has expanded, it will delay them a bit to travel if there’s trouble.

Therefore, I built sentry boxes in the four corners of the village that became branch offices of the kuros.

The kuros had some of them stay there overnight in case of an emergency.

A well dug diagonally was also prepared for each site.

The wells are dug using the AFT so it will not be flooded in wrong places.

A shelf with a door containing emergency food is also prepared.

But I think the kuros can’t open it….oh, you can.

The preserved foods are mainly dried meat and rice.

And, there’s also a few kilograms of flour.

I thought that it should be replaced every month but….is it necessary?

Maa, let’s go with this for a while and see what happens.


The kuros are using the sentry boxes.

They are close to the forest so they are not getting on their way. Rather than that, they have a good reputation because the kuros found them as a good resting place.

It seems like the spiderlings are also staying there in turns.

Thank you.

Also, Ursa, who had run away from home hid in a sentry box.

I wonder if I made it a little too comfortable.

The reason for her running away is a quarrel with Hakuren.

Hakuren and the clay doll Earth are worried so you should return immediately.

Don’t be spoiled.


Alright, I’ll apologize with you.

You’re okay with that, right?


It’s decided then.

Ah, but, on our way back to the mansion, tell me the reason for your quarrel.

If I don’t know the reason, I can’t apologize.


Tell me.

Let me do something father-like for you once in a while.


Ah, Hakuren is your mother and I’m your father.

What is it now?

Okay, let’s go home.

Why are you suddenly acting spoiled?

Okay, I will carry you.


Hakuren got angry with Ursa.

As for the reason….ah, it’s crappy.

However, I feel like my relationship with Ursa has improved.

Although Hakuren is glaring at me as if I’m being sly, I’m satisfied.


I’m carrying Alfred now.

It seems like he saw me carrying Ursa.

Tiselle is waiting for her turn.

Well, I don’t mind.

Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, and Torain, you don’t have to hold back.

Uooohhh, it’s impossible for me to carry you all at once.

Take your turn.


A father should have physical strength.

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