Chapter 334 – Athletic


Chapter 334 – Athletic

The kuros are using the goat athletic I’ve made in the ranch area.

TN: Athletic(japanglish) in japan is different from what we know. This is what it is to them.

No, you don’t have to hide.

It doesn’t matter who uses it.

And goats.

Just because the kuros are being timid doesn’t mean you can do it better than them…see.

Ah….they can do it easily. I’ll overlook it this time.


I made an athletic for the kuros too.

I placed it in the ranch area.

It is next to the one I made for the goats.

It looks like a huge jungle gym made of wood but it’s not too complicated.

Be careful. No, I’m not talking about the kuros. Won’t other animals use it too?

What I’m most worried about is the cow.

It will seriously be stuck in small places.

Because of that, I widened it.

I also did not install a moving object like a seesaw.

I don’t want to get them injured.

As for the height….if it is for the kuros, it can be high, right?

The height is about 5 meters.

This is just right so that other animals can’t climb.

Now, this is an athletic log…..

Ah, you can play now.

You don’t have to wait cordially.

If you’re happy, that would be the best result.

Among the kuros, the young ones happily climb up and down.


Should I make a little more stimulating device?

The high elves and the mountain elves, who cooperated with the building of athletic, have the same opinion.

After thinking a little, we moved it to a different location.


South of the village, next to the race track.

I tried making athletics with every effort.

Seesaw, think board, slide, suspension bridge, rope climb, tunnel, net climb, stake crossing….

Of course, the challenge is how far can you go without falling.

It is similar to the obstacle course we made during the last festival.

Let’s try it for the time being.


You, change your skirts to trousers.

I’m not asking you to change because of you but I want you to change because of me.

Yeah, let’s do it again.


It’s quite difficult.

It uses a lot of physical strength.

One of the high elves put up a certain sign at the start.

“Beyond this, the ground is magma”

Trying to increase the tension huh.


The children were looking at it.

Yeah, don’t overdo it.

This is for adults.

You’re not tall enough.

That said, I decided to make an athletic for children.


Complete. It’s time to release the children.

Ursa and Guraru advanced smoothly.

Alfred looks like the thinker type.

Tiselle, don’t fly.

Oops, you’ve reached the red sign.

From there, the difficulty will sharply increase. It will be dangerous so don’t overdo it.

Look, your hand got hurt, don’t you?

There won’t be any problem if you can’t reach the end in a day.

You can continue tomorrow.

Also, when you play here, you need to be accompanied by an adult.

It is for your safety when you play.


The next day.

I check the athletic in the ranch area.

A cow was standing at the highest place.


How did it climb?

And from its proud look, it doesn’t seem to be stuck.

I’m uneasy while looking at it. I wonder if it can go down.

I met the elves of Village Five.

They are lined up in a disciplined manner on the plains at the foot of Village Five.


They’re not doing some idle talk.

Everyone is looking ahead and not moving an inch.

In the past, Ria had traveled to Village Five for about 10 days to educate them.

However, when Ria returned after the 10th day, she said that it is not enough and they are not still well trained…

It has been a month since then but Ria still has that face. Are they still not well trained?

Where are you dissatisfied?


Those elves, they marched and performed combat exercises in front of me.

Solo, two, ten, fifty, and two hundred.

Walking, running, assembling, scattering….

Holding bows and shooting all at once.

Holding shields and defending as a group.

Holding swords and charging as soldiers.

It seems like tree king is the overall commander while bow king is the on-site commander.

After an hour of marching and combat exercises, they line up again in front of me.

「How is it?」

Though tree king asked me, how do I answer?


「They lack smile, aren’t they?」

Maybe because they are doing it seriously so they’re not doing it.

「Understood. Village chief wants a smile. Smile.」


With tree king’s instruction, the group of elves smiled all at once.

They are smiling but their eyes are not.


This is not what I meant to say.

I want you to have room for smiling naturally.

I don’t want a dry smile.


After returning to Big Tree Village, I discussed it with Ria.

Ria, what happened?

No, I didn’t praise you.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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