Chapter 2 – Gift


Chapter 2 – Gift

Let’s go back a little and let me tell you what happened before I was teleported to another world.

That time, I was neither in the previous world nor the present world.

I wonder if I should call that place a different dimension.

There, I met god.

『I, I, I’m a god.』


The god who appeared before me wasn’t so god-like.

He’s mediocre but at least doesn’t look pretentious. He’s nervous and doesn’t seem to be wise.

However, he is simple and sincere and he has an aura of someone who’ll never tell a lie.

『D-do you want onigiri?』


Even though he seems like he’s making a fool of himself, it looks like he can create amazing works of art.

『Y-you will be summoned to another world after this. My papa has chosen you.』


『The king of gods, Zeus.』

When I was about to ask which god he is….

『I-I’m the god of molding, Hephaestus. I’m good at making things.』

Hephaestus said.

He seemed stupid but he’s a likable man. No, god.

『Until now, managing summoned otherworlders has been Athena’s job. However, she hates men and discriminates against summoned men so other gods complain.』

He’s talking one-sidedly about things I don’t understand.

Thinking about it, if someone has the ability to summon me from the world I’m living in to another world, it will surely be a god. And that god was the problem.

『With that, the gods are currently in an experiment and it was decided that I’m the one who’ll give skill to the summoned person. In short, I’m in charge of you. I’m pleased to meet you.』

「P-please take care of me from now on.」

Whenever I see another person’s sincere attitude towards me, I can’t help but respond politely.

『Well then, I’ll give you the skill immediately. This is the first time I’m going to give someone a skill so I worked a little harder than I should be. Here it is.』

Then, something shining appeared for the hand of god.

That shining thing was shot towards me.

『S-since I’m the god of modeling, I did not cut corners in creating that skill. It might be a little difficult to use but I’m sure you’ll be just fine.』

The light was sucked by my chest and disappeared.

Inside me, I sense something that does not belong to me fusing with my body.

『I want you to make full use of the “Master of supremacy” that I made.』

That’s my mysterious experience before coming to another world.


—Scene Change—


From there, I was summoned to a different world, had an audience with a king, and came to this undeveloped land. Only then I was able to comprehend what happened to me that time.

That god gave me a skill.

I don’t know if the other ten summoned otherworlders other than me had the same experience but I also have a skill.

I don’t know why the priests judged me as someone with “no skill” but that’s nothing to worry about.

Now is the time for me to test the power given by the god of modeling Hephaestus.

「Activate 『Master of supremacy』…..!」

I picked up a sickle from my kit that I’m organizing on the ground.

This place is full of grass for being untouched for hundreds of years.

I waved the sickle toward the grass.


All the grass that my eyes can see was cut and scattered all at once.

Did a vacuum wave come out from the blade of the sickle? To think that a range dozens of times the range of a sickle was cut down with a wave.

That’s not all.

Normally, weeds are full of vitality that even if you mow them down, as long as the roots remain, they’ll grow again tomorrow.

Yet the rest of the weeds that were cut down by my sickle have withered to the roots.

「I reaped life….!」

What I really wanted to say is “outstanding effect”.

I took the hoe next.

「Again 『Master of supremacy』. Please.」

I’ll plow the soil using this hoe. I wonder what will be its range.

Thinking so, I swing down the hoe.

Then, a shock wave like thing is released for the hoe. It runs on the ground continuously digging it in a straight line.

The shock wave reached a certain range that I thought “I want to plow up to” earlier.

「….a side effect.」

I no longer doubt.

This is the effect of the “master of supremacy” given by Hephaestus-san.

The effect of “master of supremacy” is to draw out the maximum potential of the tools I hold!

If I hold a sickle, I’ll become a master of sickle.

If I hold a hoe, I’ll become a master of hoe.

“Master of supremacy” will change me.

If I hold other tools, that will make me a diverse master.

「With this, my pioneering work will be easy!」

I would like to build a shrine and offer Hephaestus onigiri for giving me such a convenient skill.

I don’t know why but I think that god loves onigiri.

By the way.

Why did the priests of the kingdom judge that I have “no skill” even though I was given such a terrible skill?

Hephaestus-san said.

「The original god who manages another world reincarnation caused a problem so I replaced him.」

That’s probably the cause.

Hephaestus-san gave me an irregular skill.

Furthermore, he called himself god of modeling.

Those whose occupation is related to manufacturing would subconsciously make something with the highest quality possible whenever they make things.

As a result, a skill called “master of supremacy” was made by a serious god which makes it exceed the level of this world’s skill.

Therefore, my “ master of supremacy” is both a skill and not a skill because it is already something that transcended skill.

If I dare name it, yeah.

Let’s call it a gift.

The power that god gave me as a present.

If god bestows power to a person, that’s a skill.

If it was given by god as a present, it’s a gift.

That will be my “master of supremacy” classification.

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