Chapter 336 – Harpy Chick and Paula


Chapter 336 – Harpy Chick and Paula

There are currently nine migrant couples in Village One led by Jack.

Aside from them, there are also 20 nyunyu-daphnes and 42 harpies living there.

They are fewer than 100 in total.

But there’s a lot of pigs.

That’s what I thought but I was wrong.

There were more harpies than I thought.

It seems like they lay and hatch 20 eggs each year.

It’s been four years since the harpies came to the village.

It’s almost five years.

Because of that, the harpies alone are over 100.

I received reports about them but it seems like I overlook each time.

Reflect, me.

However, there is also a reason why I didn’t notice the update.

I never saw a harpy child.

I thought of seeing a harpy child but the angel Kierbit stopped me.

She said that harpies incubating eggs or has chicks are ferocious.

I heard something similar with the dragons.

So, the mother is being overprotective of the child huh.

Maa, I’m not the one who’ll bother someone if there’s nothing important.

Because of that, even when I go to Village One, I don’t approach the harpies’ huts.

I was not aware that there are new harpies because of that.




The reason why I finally noticed the harpies is because of their certain appeal.

For the harpies, phoenix is an existence to adore.

Even when the phoenix egg was displayed in the shrine of Big Tree Village, the harpies came to see it from a distance.

When I saw them observing from a distance, I thought they were scared of something.

At that time, I left them alone.

When the phoenix egg hatches, they are not looking at a distance but hiding.

I don’t know why they hid but they said that a phoenix is a sacred existence.


So, Aegis, who rolled around a muddy puddle in the courtyard, is a sacred existence?

Ah, Ann will be angry if it enters the mansion like that.

Wash with clean water before entering the mansion.

By the way, Ursa, Guraru, and Nutt are muddy too.

So does Alfred.

Go take a bath.

Tiselle was blocked and caught by Tier.

Tier is looking at me.

She’s smiling.


It was me who sprinkled water in the courtyard.

Aegis requested to…….I’m sorry.


My story got derailed.

There is something I noticed while observing the relationship between the phoenix chick Aegis and the harpies.

They look like they are afraid or treat it as sacred but those are the points.

It is similar to fans chasing after an idol.

They gave me that feeling.

I was late to notice because the chasing manners were super good.

They don’t mind even if it’s late.

Their manners are really good.

I was watching over their relationship but the harpies came to me for a request.

They wanted to invite Aegis to the harpies’ huts in Village One.

I thought that the well-mannered fans finally want to get close but it seems like there’s another reason.

It seems like they want to show it to the chicks who can’t fly yet.

No, it seems like the chicks who can’t fly yet want to see Aegis.

I see.

Well, it’s not something to refuse.

I found some time and rode a horse to Village One with Aegis.


The chicks who can’t fly yet are another group of fans.

They are very excited to see Aegis.

They are physically chasing Aegis.

Perhaps it thought that it would be bad it gets caught so Aegis is desperately running away.

In terms of leg strength….hmm, both parties are equal.

The harpy chicks who can’t fly yet are similar to kindergarteners.

They are small and cute.

However, even chicks have talons and wings so even if they can’t fly, they have the power to move around independently.

An adult harpy tried to stop the chicks but failed.

She was kicked by the chicks.


Are you all alright?


Ah, you can’t use force since the other party are chicks.

Take a rest.

I’m already troubled a little so I dashed towards the escaping Aegis.

I’m still faster than a running Aegis.

That time, seeing the number of chicks running after me and Aegis, I finally renewed my perception regarding the number of villagers of Village One.

That’s the story.


By the way, though Aegis was not injured, every time it hears the name Village One, it reacts.

It seems like it needs some psychological care.

I’m sorry for the late rescue.

I was scared too.

You can ride on my head for a while.

The kitten Miel attacks my leg saying that it’s her place.

It hurts.


By the way, Marcos and Paula, who runs the store in Shashaato City, have returned.

They temporarily return.

As for the reason, three couples of Village One became pregnant.

That includes Morte, wife of Jack who’s the representative of Village One.


At the beginning of their migrations, they were hesitant to have a baby since children would be a burden but….it seems like they thought it was time.

Though it is still not time for them to give birth, I already asked several high elves who already have experience as midwives to take turns to stay at Village One.

I’m afraid to take chances.


By the way, the one who’s most pleased with Marcos and Paula’s homecoming was probably the kuro who was guarding their house.

The couple calls it Kricky.

I wanted to say that if you’re really happy to be with them, go back with them to Shashaato City but I was forbidden by the demon king and Beezel.

I’m sorry.

It is behaving like a baby to Marcos and Paula….ah, yeah, I know you have pride but you’re still swinging your tail like crazy.


But there was an incident.

When Paula was about to return from Shashaato City, she became ill.

With the high elves’ diagnosis, it was discovered that she’s pregnant.

And it seems like her delivery date is earlier than the three couples in Village One.

There are only one or two months left.


You really came back to celebrate!


Why didn’t you notice your own pregnancy?

You obviously look pregnant.

According to Paula, she thought she’s only getting fat.

I’m glad that you’re safe and nothing happened until now.

Paula wants to give birth in Village One so she’ll stay.

I’m afraid of having a pregnant woman travel using a carriage so I agree.

Marcos has a store to look at in Shashaato City so he’ll return to Shashaato but he will be back here again when Paula’s about to give birth.

In order to fill the hole because of Paula’s absence, the mercury Miyo will head for Shashaato City.

「Are you dissatisfied with me?」

「No, it’s because externally, you look like a little maid girl….」

「Starting today, I’m going to change job into a waitress. Maa, it’s not like I’ll be serving at tables.」

It is fine for her to fill Paula’s hole since Paula is mainly doing paperwork rather than serving or cooking.

「I am trained. I will not bow down with a little amount of documents. Besides, there is also a team that specializes in paperwork and accounting there. You can leave it to me.」

Miyo sticks out her chest but because she looks like a little girl, it looks cute.

Yeah, sorry for making your eyes look dead because of paperwork a while ago.

Good luck.

Thus, Marcos.

The person herself is confident.

It should be fine.

So, don’t worry.

……I understand.

Then, Miyo.

This is my gift to you.

「This paper… it a magic tool?」

「That’s right. Whatever you write on that paper will also be written on this paper here.」

I showed her another piece as I explained.

The contents written on one piece will be displayed on the other.

This is an antique magic tool that I got from Dors.

If I compare it to something, it should be a fax.

The disadvantage of this magic tool is that it is one-way.

Sending and receiving are fixed so nothing will happen even if I write on this paper.

No content must remain on the receiving side.

I can’t make a mistake with this.

If you don’t erase the characters that will appear, it will be impossible to read when another one appears.

It can only be erased by magic and everything written will be erased at once. It is impossible to erase only the old message.

Even with these shortcomings, if there are a lot of these, it will be enough to make the small wyverns unemployed.

However, to my regret, there’s only this set.

Dors doesn’t have more too.

For a while, I had desperately asked Loo if she could replicate some but it is currently suspended.

It is kindness not to ask the reason for the suspension.

「Put this piece of paper in a prominent place. If anything happens, use it to contact me.」

「You worry too much but thank you.」


At a later date.

The receiving paper showed something horrible.

「Ano, village chief, it says help but….」

I think we should increase the number of civil servants in Shashaato City.

「Is anyone free….」

For a while, I wasn’t able to see any of the civil servant girls.

It seems like the place where I put the receiving paper was bad.


I’m sorry, Miyo.

Do your best until Paula gives birth….after she gives birth, she has to raise her baby too.

I will do my best to increase the number of civil servants.

Do your best too.

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