Chapter 337 – Technology


Chapter 337 – Technology

Ball bearing.

It is a device used for axles or anything that rotates to reduce friction.

I thought of using it for a horse-drawn carriage.

But, no.

I can’t.

First of all, as the name implied, ball bearing needs balls.

You have to surround the axle with a number of balls. In addition, those balls have to bear the weight of the whole thing so it must be hard.

And all the balls should be of the same size too.

It is impossible to make them with the current iron-making technology.

I did not notice since the sample I made was a wooden ball bearing that I carved using the AFT.

「Such a shame. It can turn around so much.」

A mountain elf spins the wooden ball bearing sample I made.

I thought I could make a toy with it but I could not think of anything.

I am disappointed by my lack of imagination.


Next, I thought about the axle of the carriage.

Currently, the wheels are fixed to the axle and each axle rotates.

Its advantage, easy to make.

Its disadvantage, the axle receives too much stress because of the load from the shaking body of the carriage which makes the axles accumulate damage.

It often breaks.

Maa, there are two holes for the axles at the bottom of the body so even a slight imbalance will damage the axle.

In addition, the roads are not flat.

There are many rough roads.

If there is a difference in height between the left and the right wheels, it will damage the axle and it will also cause it to break.

The suspension that was installed by me and the mountain elves before is what separates the carriage body and the axle holders.

It was a popular anti-shake measure and it also makes the axles last long.

However, the axles still break.

If that is the case, what should be done?

Fix the axle to the carriage’s body and make the part where the wheel is installed on the axle rotate.

It would be nice if we could adopt the ball bearing I’m talking about earlier here but ordinary bearing would be fine.

「Village chief, what will be damaged now is the wheel holding part, that’s not much different from the previous problem, right?」

「Don’t worry. This is the main.」

First, cut the axle in half.

Then, install one of the ends at the bottom center of the carriage body but the other end should have the ability to move up and down.

Install the suspension near the wheel.

How is it?

TN: Motorcycle’s swingarm concept.

「Eh? This is…..the left and right wheel are now independent so it will not be easily damaged even on rough roads.」

In the past, the suspension’s main purpose was to reduce the shaking of the carriage body but it is never used to make the left and right wheels independent of each other.

Even with this setup, the shaking will be lessened so there’s no problem.

「As expected of village chief! Genius!」


It’s the knowledge from my original world.



When one of the wheels carries the weight of the whole carriage, it has come off.

「The prototype carriage made in Big Tree Village is okay…..why!」

The trees of the forest of death are durable.

Is that so?

No, I feel like I’ve been told that before.……

Anyway, it was good that we made it in Village Five first before spreading it.



What should I do to make the axles sturdy?

Change the axle to iron.


Iron bends easily.

I thought it was harder.

It’s heavy too.


After various experiments.

A new, all wood carriage became operational but only in Big Tree Village.

Technology is accumulated.

It was already autumn when I learned that I couldn’t do it fast.


On the other hand, the ball bearing samples I made became popular with children.

「Why is it rotating like this? Isn’t this interesting? …..I don’t get this.」

I don’t get it too but I made it because it functions that way.

「Papa, thank you.」

My pleasure.


The water was running out because the fields were expanded.

The crops won’t wither but the water level of the reservoir has fallen.

The amount of water used is greater than the amount of water going in.

This shouldn’t continue.

We have to think of countermeasures.


Maa, there’s a river nearby.

A simple widening of the waterway of digging a new waterway will solve this.

Unlike in the past, there is manpower now.

No spiderlings, I’m not excluding you.

You guys helped me a lot.

Will you help me this time too?


Alright, let’s get it on.


It was decided to create a new waterway from the river to the reservoir.

It will be made next to the existing waterway.

Since there are bamboos, I thought of making it using bamboo but considering decay, it should be better to make it with soil like the previous one.

「Let’s do it!」


The high elves, mountain elves, dwarves, beastkins, and lizardmen started working together.

Loo used magic while Tier conjures golem to help too.

The spiderlings helped by carrying soils.

Thank you.


The five-kilometer waterway was completed in ten days.

Water is now being poured into the reservoir from the new waterway.


Though I know that it will be fast since I’m using the AFT, it is still too fast than what I expected.

This is also thanks to everyone’s efforts.

Thanks for joining hands.

As a celebration for the completion of the new waterway, let’s have a barbecue near the reservoir.


Oh, eat not only meat but also vegetables.


You’re going to grill tomatoes?

No, grilled tomatoes will certainly be delicious……

Then, grill asparagus next to it.

Ah, I made too much.

I’ll eat it.

You eat too.

「Village chief, village chief」

「Hnn? What is it?」

「Ehto….I just noticed.」

One of the high elves points to the reservoir.

What is it?


I thought there were monsters in the reservoir but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

「What’s wrong?」

「Water level」

Water level?

The reservoir is quite large.

The water level will not rise up or fall down easily.

That’s the reason why the water level only dropped gradually before.

「The water level is indeed rising. It will take a few days before to make it full.」

「Yes, that’s it. The water level is rising however, the amount being used now is lesser than the amount going in…..What will happen when it’s finally full?」





After the barbecue, I decided to immediately make a waterway from the reservoir to the river.

This time, we only need to dig.

There is also the job of soil carrying but the main player is me.

The time limit is until the reservoir overflows.

For the sake of not flooding the village, I must do my best.

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