Chapter 338 – Pasta


Chapter 338 – Pasta

There is pasta in this world.

However, it is not the long spaghetti type but square shape.

It looks like a small plate.

Though there is long pasta too but most of them are similar to flat noodles.

As for the reason, there is no machine that can cut it into smaller ones.

The flattened dough is cut with a kitchen knife so it will become a square, flat noodles.

It’s not particularly bad.

It is delicious in its own way.

But I sometimes crave for spaghetti.

I can make udon.

So I think it won’t be that difficult.

This is a challenge.


I stretched the pasta dough with my hand to make it thinner.

The pasta dough breaks.

I also tried other methods like drying and stretching it using its own weight but all of them didn’t work.



By chance, is it difficult?

For the time being, I can’t waste this pasta dough.

Let’s boil and season it.

I’ll cook it myself.


The next day.

Cut it with a knife just like udon.

I thought I would be able to cut it in thin strands but this is also difficult.

Nothing is impossible with technology.

It’s impossible for me to do it.

I asked an oni maid who’s good with knives.

Yeah, that’s a little thick but….I guess it’s fine.


The taste is simple. I only seasoned it with pepperoncino with olive oil, garlic, and pepper.

Yeah, it’s delicious.

I also had the oni maid that helped me taste it.


She’s pleased with its taste but her face is dark.

What’s wrong?

「There’s no problem in making small portions like this but if you want to cook a lot, that would be a problem….」

Ah, right.


Then, what to do?


How about magic?

I asked Loo.

At first, she can’t adjust her power well blowing off the pasta dough but she managed to cut it thinly in time.

As expected of her.

Can anyone do that using magic?

「Power adjustment…..too much….so difficult」

I see.

Does that mean that I had Loo work hard until there’s an alternative?

But Loo is quite exhausted with cutting one serving.

To say it honestly, she’s gasping for breath on my shoulder.

「It is easy to cut the dough but adjusting power in order to not damage the cutting board is hard. In addition, you have to do that many times while cutting it in parallel….this is simply a waste of magical power. However, you managed to do it. As expected of you-desu. 」

「That kind of precise control of magical power is relatively difficult. The way you control it is stunning onee-sama. 」

Tier and Flora praised Loo and told me that you need to be a specialized magic researcher to do that.


I cooked the pasta that Loo cuts. I hope she won’t get angry when you eat it.

I never thought that cutting it thinly would cause this much trouble.

Ah, you want to season it with miso…..I’ll try.

「Given the present condition, it is a waste of magical power. It is easier to control a kitchen knife with magic. 」

Loo was surprised when the watching oni maid said that.


After Loo recovered, she controlled a knife using magic to cut pasta dough.

She was able to make a lot without getting tired.

「If you want to eat thin pasta, just tell me. 」

Loo said proudly.

Yes, please continue supporting me.


「Eh? There’s a tool like that….. 」

When I talked to Gutt about spaghetti, he brought me a tool from his house.

It looks like a stack of small kitchen knives.

「You just have to use it to a pasta dough like this…. 」


It can easily make thin pasta.

「Ehto, is this tool common? 」

「When we were in Howling Village, we received orders once or twice a year for this…..I think this is rare. 」

I see.



I would have preferred if you told me sooner.

Where is Loo?


She heard our conversation?


I’m sorry!


「Thus, we’re going to make a tool that can make thin pasta. 」

One of the mountain elves raised her hand after hearing my explanation.

「Ano, I don’t really understand what you mean. 」

I’m not surprised.

Because there is already a tool for making thin pasta.

But it can’t be helped.

I’ll just summarize it.

「Everytime Loo sees that tool, her mood turns bad so we need to make a new one. 」

The mountain elves were convinced by my explanation.

Thank you.

「It would be enough to think that it will be used only in the village. As for the idea, think that we need to have that tool evolve.」


And it was completed.

Put the pasta dough there, turn the handle and it will be cut automatically. Using that tool, we can make a lot of thin pasta fast.

I named it spaghetti maker.

It is popular because it became convenient for children to help with cooking.

Spaghetti dishes continued to flow for several days.

Yeah, the taste is different so it’s okay to eat another one.


At a later date.

The spaghetti maker became in demand in Big Roof Shashaato of Shashaato City.

「Village chief, I thought it was great. I acted rashly. Five please.」

「I’m sorry. Marcos got one from Paula then everything just happened.」

Me and the mountain elves worked hard.


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