Arc 1 Chapter 2.1 – Management Start


Arc 1 Chapter 2.1 – Management Start

Without noticing that a violent earthquake is shaking the world for the first time in history, the registration process has been progressing inside the tower.

The voice inside the tower is no longer the previous voice but changed to a mechanical one.

「…analysing registrant….ruler condition confirmed….tower management system confirmed….support configuration…..completed…」

Kousuke’s party silently listened to the mechanical voice.

Kousuke is no longer touching the control panel.

He’s just waiting silently.

「….optimization completed…creating work area…all work completed」

「…..oh? Is it over?」

When Kousuke heard the mechanical voice signaling the end, he stood up and checked the surroundings.

At the control panel, there’s a transparent board that never appeared before.

「To manage the tower, touch with your hand.」

「….you mean this?」

He pointed at the transparent board but there’s no reply.

Since there is no other way, he touched the board.

The moment his hand touched the board, characters appeared.

<Do you want to start the Tutorial? Yes or No>

Kouhi and Mitsuki are also watching from the left and right of Kousuke.

When he touched <Yes>, the tutorial of the tower management began.


—Scene Change—


☆ Tower Management Rule Memo

1: You can store power to three kinds of crystals in managing each floor.

You can use that power to place various things in the tower.

2: The power of the three crystals (Divine Power, Holy Power, Magic Power) are interchangeable.

However, their conversions are of different values. Divine Power > Holy Power + Magic Power. 1000 holy power = 1000 magic power = 1 divine power.

3: The management floor menu is different from the tower menu.

Things that are in the management floor are also different from the things that are on the tower. Management floor can decorate and expand rooms on that floor. On the other hand, tower can arrange things like the nature of the floor, adding buildings, monsters, or even magic formation in the whole tower.

4: Three kinds of power can be obtained from nature, living things, buildings, etc. present in the tower.

It is possible to obtain a small amount of power from living things. However, there is much more to be gained if living things die. (Holy power and magic power can be obtained from living things while divine power can be obtained from a newly dead creature.)

In case of natural death, the amount of divine power obtained is smaller compared to subjugating it.

5: Each floor of the tower can be expanded however, it requires an enormous amount of divine power.

The tower is in default state so each floor is of the same sizes.

It can also expand using management floor and it uses less divine power compared to the tower level management.

6: The number of items that can be placed using management floor/tower will increase as the level of the tower rises.

Tower level rises due to various factors. The ruler has no choice but to level up the tower. The ruler must try various things.

7: It is possible to bring in and place something from outside the tower and place it in the tower using the tower.

Whether it is a living organism or not, things can take root in the tower however, it will still be dependent on the floor’s environment (if it is something that can only live in cold places, it should be placed on a floor with cold environment).

8: It is also possible to bring in things that are not in the management menu.

Whatever you bring may or may not appear in the management menu. Its condition should be confirmed by the ruler himself.

9: Treasure chests and traps can also be placed.

The thing that is placed on the chest can also be arranged using the menu. The ruler can also prepare it himself.

10: For living creatures that can move, it is possible for them to move from floor to floor using the teleportation gate.

There’s no movement restriction on living creatures. It is also possible for the ruler to specify whether they can move or not.

11: For both going in and out of the tower, it can only be done using the entrance of the first floor or via a teleportation gate. When using teleportation gate, the ruler’s permission is needed.

The entrance can be opened and closed. This makes it possible to prevent anyone outside from entering.

12: When a person who can destroy the tower appears, that person can also destroy the world.


—Scene Change—


The tutorial was very long so they took note of the memo.

Though there might be some things missing there but it will probably have all the general content.

Kousuke consulted Kouhi and Mitsuki, who also listened to the tutorial and they nodded at the content.

Currently, the crystals have 1 million divine power points and 100,000 points each to holy power and magic power.

Kousuke thought for a moment on what to do with those points.

He concluded immediately to not think about it.

First of all, he had to enhance their base.

Presently, the management floor only have a room with the control panel and crystals and a room with the teleportation gate.

If they want to live there, it will be necessary to change it to a livable environment.

「….I agree」

「Me too」

Kouhi and Mitsuki immediately agreed.

They are indeed in a situation where they can’t utilize this place as a base.

After checking the management floor menu, he installed various things.


Medium Room X 2 = Divine Power 1500pts X 2

Small Room X 2 = Divine Power 1000pts X 2

Furnitures (various things included) = Divine Power 150pts

Kitchen = Divine Power 50pts

Books = Divine Power 1500pts

Various Seasonings + Kitchen Utensils + Ingredients = 75pts


Four rooms were added between the teleportation gate room and the control room.

The medium rooms are the living room and bedroom while the small rooms are the dining room (including the kitchen) and study room.

They plan to make each room bigger in the future but this arrangement will be good for now.

Though that might sound really stingy given that they have 1 million divine power points, they don’t want to waste it and planned to use it wisely in tower management.

By the way, talking about the kitchen, Kousuke’s opinion was not included upon making it.

The kitchen was the result of what both Kouhi and Mitsuki wanted.

Since the food was enriched, Kousuke has no problem with it in particular.

As for books, he chose magic-related and history books about this world.

They were surprisingly expensive but given that even the books in the city are expensive, he just accepted it.

Finally, the three of them went to see what the place looked like.

Kouhi went to the study room while Mitsuki went to the kitchen.

And when the two of them checked the bedroom, they looked at Kousuke with eyes full of expectations. However, Kousuke pretended not to notice.

Naturally (?) since there’s only one bedroom, the two of them hope for it. They are all going to use it eventually so they did not do anything. Haste makes waste after all.

「Do you think this place is good enough to be our base?」

「I don’t see any problem.」

「It’s okay.」

If there is something missing, they can add it later.

Since the two have not seen any particular problem, Kousuke concluded the construction of the management floor.

As for his next move, he’ll decide how to manage each floor of the tower.

Let’s Manage the Tower TOC

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