Chapter 339 – Glowing Ping-Pong Ball


Chapter 339 – Glowing Ping-Pong Ball

Loo cut the pasta dough with magic.

She’s not as tired as before.

It seems to be a result of a new type of magic.

I’m honestly impressed that she doesn’t give up that easily.

Both Tier and Flora are praising her.

They are trying to find out how she did it.


On the side, the spiderlings also cut pasta dough into thin strips using web and showed it to me….ah, yeah, you’re amazing.

But don’t show it off now.

Hide it before Loo sees you.


When I was looking around the field that morning, the wine slime came to me and asked for sugar cane.

I don’t mind but what are you going to do with it?

One sugar cane….around that big.

I cut it to 30cm size and handed it.

Is  that alright?

The wine slime said okay and headed to the mansion.


Could it be that it is making its own alcohol?

I was worried so I followed the wine slime.


The wine slime went to the mansion more specifically, in the courtyard.

Then it went to the shrine near the big tree. It became vigilant there.

What is it doing?

The wine slime went behind the shrine with the sugar cane.


When I looked at what’s going on, I realized there are several spiderlings…..

Is that glowing ping pong ball?

The wine slime passed the sugar cane it brought to a spiderling.

The spiderling peeled the skin of the sugarcane and gave it to the glowing object.


Is that a bug?

By the way, there are several magazine size spiderlings and kuros around me. We are watching what’s happening together.

Hiding and raising a creature….what does it mean?

When I was thinking of what’s going on, I let my guard down….

The wine slime noticed us.

The wine slime froze for a moment.…then, it moved between me and the glowing object.

The spiderlings looking after the glowing object did the same.

Wait, wait.

I know that I’m eavesdropping but why am I being treated as an enemy.

Is it something that can harm the field?


It might?

I’m wrong?

Is it safe?


Then, let’s talk.


Why did you hide it?

Hearing my question, one of the spiderlings raises its leg.

Look up?

When I look at what the spiderling is pointing at…..I found Loo.

「Do you know? Fairy wings can be used as material for medicines.」

Ah, I see. So that’s why they’re hiding it.

The wine slime clings to my foot.

I know I know.

I’ll protect it.

「Husband, fairies play tricks on fields.」


Wine slime, do you know that?

This fellow is different?

It will never play tricks?


While I was thinking, Loo called a friend.

Tier is now standing next to Loo.

「A fairy wings desu….that’s valuable. It can make a lot of good medicines.」

The usual cute faces of Loo and Tier are now scary.

However, the wine slime did not give up.

The spiderlings, who had been silent for a while, brought reinforcements too.

「Uwaahhh, what’s that? It’s glowing.」

Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa….

「Papa, this, a new resident?」


The match is over.



It looks like a ping pong ball because it is still small but when it grows up, it will turn into a small humanoid being.

「You say wings but….I can’t see any wings?」

「It is called fairy wings in its current form….」

Loo is shaking a glass bottle containing medicine ungracefully.

It seems like she’s making an incredible medicine and the only step left is putting in the fairy wings or ping pong ball or whatever it is.

「Can you not do it? What’s the effect of that medicine?」

「It can act as a catalyst or this alone won’t do anything. Once the medicine is complete, it can be used for bruises, epidemic vaccine, longevity, skin beautification, and hair growth.」

I see.


I wonder how bruises, epidemic vaccines, longevity, skin beautification, and hair growth are connected.

However, epidemic vaccines are really attractive.

「Can you make it without fairy wings?」

「There are other ways. However, if I use fairy wings, I can skip a lot of steps.」

I pat the sulking Loo’s head while asking her to make it using the long method.

In any case, we’ll be ready if there’s an epidemic.

I think it’s time to teach Alfred using emotional education.

When I was patting Loo’s head, Tier presented her head too.

「Can’t you see that I’m sulky too?」

Yes yes, I pat Tier’s head.


「By the way, what do fairies eat? Sugar cane?」

「Anything sweet. Maybe it will be good if you keep it in the flower garden.」

Then, let’s do that.



If that is the case, why would the wine slime want sugar cane?

It can just take it to the flower garden….

Ah, the bees will attack it.

I see.


At a later date.

A fairy house, a small box with a round hole, was installed in the flower garden.

Too low?

All right, all right.

The foundation…..oh, it’s fine.

The height is already okay but the number is too low.

What do you mean?

What the….where did these ten fairies come from….is this okay?

They are flying around.

Don’t fight with the bees.

If you fight, I’ll side with the bees who are making honey.


You’ll be useful when you grow up?


I’ll believe you.

I return to my mansion and start making a few more fairy houses.

Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa will help too?

Thank you.

But don’t play with tools.

It’s dangerous.

Yeah, that’s a good reply.

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