Arc 1 Chapter 2.2 – Revenue and Expenditure Management


Arc 1 Chapter 2.2 – Revenue and Expenditure Management

After finishing managing the management floor, Kousuke started checking out the tower floors.

For the tower floors, the default income is 100pt of divine power per day.

This is because the subjugation pt being absorbed by the tower are from low-level monsters fighting against each other.

Though a lot of pt can be obtained from dead middle and high-level monsters, those monsters already have high wisdom so they won’t fight against each other for no reason.

Given this situation, it is unlikely to gain pt regularly from middle and high-rank monsters.

By the way, in the default state, the lower floors are from the first floor to the fortieth floor, the middle floors are from the 41st floor to the 70th floor, and the high-level floors are from the 71st floor to the 100th floor. Kousuke leaves it as it is.


There are two ways to generate monsters on each floor.

First, they will naturally spawn there because of the natural environment of the floor.

The second one is to spawn them by summoning them using the management menu.

To summon them, of course, three kinds of pt are needed.

For instance, slimes can be summoned like this.


Name: Slime Summoning Formation

Rank: Monter Rank F

Installation Cost: 100pt(divine power) or 50000pt holy power + 50000 magic power.

Description: Randomly summon up to 1000 slimes. If 1000 of them are subjugated, divine power gained will be 110pt


In using summoning formation, there are two problems.

Rather than using divine power, it is cheaper to install it using holy power and magic power.

Problem number one. How do you collect holy power and magical power?

Answer, it is collected once a day automatically.

To begin with, each floor will naturally produce holy power and magic power. Humans themselves can use magic or holy power but it is small compared to how much nature can produce them.

Since there are as many as 100 floors in the tower managed by Kousuke, holy power and magic power are replenished from each layer on a daily basis. However, replenishment is limited to the maximum capacity of the holy and magic crystals which is 1000000pt.

Problem number two. The number of slimes summoned is not random.

That means that even if you install it using 100pt divine power, you may not get 100pt divine power after subjugating all the slimes that will come out of the summoning circle.

This is completely based on luck so there’s no way to adjust.

For these two reasons, it will be a waste to set up a summoning circle and have Kouhi and Mitsuki to subjugate them.

In addition, the summoning circle can only be installed are only for low-level monsters so the pt obtained from subjugating them is also small. It is simply not worth the labor and the cost.

「….those are the reasons….」

Kouhi and Mitsuki nodded as if they were impressed hearing Kousuke summarizing the issue while looking at the management screen.

「….I see, as expected of you desu.」

「Right. You’re amazing.」

「Am I….?….aren’t you familiar with it?」

Kousuke’s thought simply comes from his gamer’s mind.


「If we don’t think about the revenue and expenditure properly, we will fail sooner or later. Well, holy power and magic power can be collected from nature and will accumulate on their own so we still have some leeway.」

「So?….what are we going to do?」

「Set up a summoning circle.」

Hearing Kousuke’s answer, Kouhi looks confused while Mitsuki looks doubtful.

「What do you mean?」

「The summoning circle that can be installed now is certainly not worth the pt but we don’t know in the future. I think the summoning circle that can be installed will change if the tower LV up. However, I don’t know how to raise the tower’s LV. Though this is only my assumption, I think the number of summoned beings is one of the conditions. I mean, we won’t know until we try after all.」

「Then, do you want us to subjugate those monsters?」

「No. Don’t. As I said earlier, it is a waste for the two of you to do it. However, that might be a good idea.」

「Then, what do you want to do?」

「We are not the only ones who can enter the tower, aren’t we?」

Kousuke’s words surprised them.

However, they immediately raised questions.

「But how do you get adventurers to go here?」

In the first place, one of the reasons why no one else has captured the central tower is because of the difficulty in reaching it.

「When I checked earlier, I found some good stuff.」

「Good stuff? Nani?」

Kousuke displayed what’s on the management screen to the two interested girls.


Name: Teleportation Gate(external)

Installation Cost: 10000pt(divine power)

Description: A teleportation gate to connect any place outside the tower to any floor of the tower. One-way and two-way are both possible.


For the central tower, which adventurers can’t go to, it can be said to be the perfect facility.

「Heh. Indeed. You can use this to bring adventurers here and let them subdue the monsters.」

「That’s one of the objectives but not the only one.」

When he found that teleportation gate, Kousuke came up with an idea.

「What you do mean?」

「First, when someone uses the teleportation gate, we’ll collect a toll. If the adventurers think that they can make money in the tower, they’ll go even if you collect a toll. But that reason alone makes no sense. We can consider them as temporary visitors of the tower.」

Kousuke broke off the conversation. He took a deep breath and continued.

「We need people to be active inside the tower. Thus, we’ll found a city in the tower….Of course, at first, it will only be at the level of a few houses. I think making it as big as a floor in the tower is enough….what do you think?」

After Kousuke talks, the two silently thought for a while.

They are sorting things out in their minds. They are going to ask Kousuke several questions.

They will do that not to discourage Kousuke’s idea but to fill the holes of his plan once they proceed.

「In order for people to settle in, they need houses. What are we going to do about that?」

「I checked the menu and found it there. For a normal size house to be built, it needs 20000pt. I think we should build around 10 houses first.」

「After that?」

「It would be better to have craftsmen come and build them. It is also to save pt.」

「Where will you put the houses inside the tower?」

「It’s going to be quite difficult at first. However, I think it would be convenient to have a base in this place.」

「….You will need to adjust the placement of the monsters in the entire tower.」

「We also have to make them think that they can make money here.」

They keep asking one question after another in order to find a hole and fix it.

Kousuke received good suggestions from them.


As the three of them talked about various things, time passed and things started to take shape. Mitsuki proposed to end it that time.

「This is just a suggestion but, can you share the magical power accumulated in the crystal with us?」

「Hnn? What do you mean?」

Kouhi plainly answered Kousuke’s question.

「Summoning desu ne.」

「Right. If we get along with your initial plan, no matter how you think about it, we’ll be short on manpower. However, it wouldn’t be a good idea if we employ outsiders.」

「I also think that it would be better for us if we leave the discussion with the outsiders to those who will be summoned by us. Kousuke-sama should only busy himself with managing the tower. With that, we need you to share divine power with us.」

Kousuke agreed to the suggestion. He had no idea what they meant by summoning whoever.

「I understand. I’ll be busy adjusting the tower for a while so while I’m doing that, you can proceed with your summoning. Should we have them adjust to the outside world too?」

「Alright. Let’s do that.」


When the two nodded, the future plan was set in stone.

Though there are still some unpolished things, no one knows what will happen until they actually execute the plan so that’s all they can do.


Thus, the management of the tower has fully started.

By the way….it took a long time before the three of them realized that they have yet to decide the name of the tower.

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