Chapter 341 – Something Happened During a Day When Nothing’s Happened


Chapter 341 – Something Happened During a Day When Nothing’s Happened

In Big Tree Village, there are various races.

I have been acquainted with them for a long time but I’m still surprised from time to time.


They are the maids of the entire village, even my mansion….

There are two oni maids who are facing too close with each other that their horns are already hitting.

「What are they doing?」

I asked Ann for an explanation.



Why are they both smiling then?

「They are really fighting. The first one who looks away lose.」


I don’t recommend fighting but I think fighting is better than accumulating whatever you have inside.

Well, they are not hitting each other so I guess this is a good way to settle things.

「By the way, they’ll continue to be on that state for about 3 days.」


「They will?」

「Given the atmosphere they are giving… will not end soon.」


Though this place is not the dining room, if they are left unattended, they’ll be a nuisance.

The children will see them too.

I asked Ann to intervene.


Ann’s method of arbitration is straight.

She cuts between the two glaring oni maids with a smile and blows them away. The end.

The two protested and had a horn battle against Ann.

It took less than five seconds to beat each.

The end.

Both of them got back to work but…..

Won’t they be moody because of this?

「Moody? I don’t know. I never lost before.」

Ah, yeah, Ann isn’t helpful.

Let’s take care of them later.


The kittens, Aegis, and Hitoe are sleeping in a lump.

They look cute.

However, they are lying down on Kuro’s stomach.

Looking at Kuro, I can see he’s asking for help.

I want to help you too.

But how?

If Kuro likes it, he can simply stand up even if they are sleeping on him.

However, Kuro doesn’t dare to do so since he doesn’t want to wake up the kittens, Aegis, and Hitoe.

How can I help Kuro while keeping them asleep?

What should I do……

When I was being troubled, a spiderling came down from the ceiling using a web from its ass.

It stopped at the height of my eyes and raised its leg as if saying leave it to me.

What are you going to do?

After that, the spiderling returned to the ceiling beam.

Then, move directly above Kuro.

From there, it descended by using web like what it did earlier.

No way!

The spiderling gently caught Aegis.

Nice position!

But, can you bring it up?


It did it!

As expected, so powerful!

Aegis….is still sleeping!


It moved Aegis next to Kuro and descended again.

It’s next target is….Hitoe.

The spiderling lands on top of Hitoe…..that moment, Hitoe woke up.

She looks at the spiderling with her sleepy eyes.


The spiderling withdrew.

Yeah, it can’t be helped.

You already did great with Aegis.

I’ll do the rest.

I tried moving the kitten Miel but Yuki came from the side and barked once.

The kittens and Hitoe were surprised and ran away from Kuro’s belly.

Oi oi.

When I thought that she’s being too violent, Yuki rests her head on the now empty belly of Kuro.


So that’s your place.

I can still feel Kuro’s cry for help…..

Do you want to go to the toilet?

Maa, if you don’t endure, Yuki will be angry.


By the way, Aegis, who has been taken away earlier, woke up when Yuki barked. However, it fell asleep again immediately afterward.

What a big guy.


Fairies are active in a wide area.

Even though their houses are in the flower garden on the north side of the village, you can see them in my mansion and the residential area during the day.

And it looks like their favorite is the ranch area?

They like to play with the cows’ tails.

Maa, they’re beaten by the same tail they’re playing with though….

Are you okay?

Yup, they are tough.

They are currently harmless so I leave them alone….as long as they don’t intrude into anyone’s private space.

Like toilet or bath.

Also, aside from my mansion, they visit other houses.

However, the food storage is off-limits.


You guys aren’t bad.

However, I heard about fairies’ mischief from Loo.

Turning potatoes into stones, putting sand on flour….

No, I also don’t think that they were all done by fairies.

However, I will not tolerate playing with foods or fields.

Got it?

Don’t push! don’t push!

Don’t do that.



The next day.

Something happened to the field that I thought was about to be harvested.

A mysterious crop circle?

The knocked down wheats form a picture.

A bad picture.


As a person…..I never laughed for being too angry.


To be able to do that under the watch of the spiderlings and kuros, you can say that there are only a number of people.

My apologies but my main suspects are the fairies!

I went to the flower garden.

There are about 50 fairies and among them, there are 10 humanoids.

In the middle is a beautiful woman.

She’s taller than everyone.

She also has wings on her back.

Not like the wings of angels but wings made of light.

I had a hunch.

She’s the fairy king, no, queen.

And the criminal.

However, I still need to confirm the truth.

「Are you the one who played with the field?」

「Hnn? Aren’t you rude to me?」

My hand grasps the fairy queen’s head.

「Are you the one who played with the field?」

「Wai,ou-ouc-ouch ouch ouch!」

「Are you the one who played with the field?」

Isn’t this force interrogation?

No, considering what happened to the field, I must confirm what happened.


Was there a fairy queen here before?

What happened?

Ah, then, why didn’t you stop her?

Thank you.

I’m sorry for doubting you.

So this is the criminal?


「D-don’t, tight, crack, my head will crack.」

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