Chapter 342 – Fairy Queen


Chapter 342 – Fairy Queen

We carried out the autumn harvest.


However, it is the pleasant kind of busy.

「Why should this queen have to do this…..」

The one disturbing my pleasant mood is none other than the fairy queen.

It seems like she hasn’t reflected enough.

「Loo, prepare the bath.」

「I-I’m sorry. I’ll harvest from here to there. I understand. Okay, let’s do our best and shed sweat of labor!」

The fairy queen hurriedly harvests carrots.

Carrots are easy to harvest, you only need to pull it up by holding its leaves. However, the fairy queen is not used to it so she digs the ridges first.

You only need to harvest carrots so work without complaining.


Yesterday morning.

I caught the fairy queen who played a prank using the field.

No confession happened but there are many witnesses.

Who testified?

All the fairies other than the fairy queen.

The fairies willingly told us about the fairy queen’s crime.

It was a smooth testimony.

I’m glad that the pudding I put out before the fairies did not go to waste.

Ah, yeah, you can eat that.

That’s the only pudding but if you want sugar cane, I can prepare more.


For the time being, let’s hear the fairy queen’s defense.

「Why did you play prank on the field?」

「Do you not have any pudding for this queen?」

「….when the talk is over.」

「It’s a promise. Cough. The image on the field is a proof that this queen has come here. This queen is proud of the job well done. Especially that curve…..」

In the middle of her explanation, I judged her guilty.


For me, your sin is similar to that wyvern.

However, I can’t make myself pierce someone human looking with a spear.

What should I do?


That reminds me, Loo wanted to soak a fairy.

This is a grown-up, will it be alright?

I talk with Loo.

「I’ve never soaked a fairy queen to the solution before…..I don’t know what will happen.」

You don’t know?

「It’s because no one has captured a fairy queen before. I’m curious now.」

That’s a pretty scary smile.

But she’s reliable.

「Ah, let me say this first, soaking a fairy wings will not kill it. When soaking it, it will disappear after a while and appear in a different place.」

The substance that will come out after it disappears seems to be the medicine.

It is also said that it will appear in another place but it is unclear where.

Sometimes, it’s somewhere nearby but it may also appear on another continent.

「I wonder if the fairy queen will be the same? Then, what kind of material will show up when it disappears….fufufu. 」

「Hold on, it will reappear in another place? Let’s not do this. Let’s let her go.」

「But she already fueled my curiosity, there’s no way to stop me now.」

「No no, we have to properly punish her.」

I grab the fairy queen’s head since she’s trying to escape.

「Ah, don’t, stop.」

「Choose, bath or labor.」



The fairy queen, she’s said to be godly elusive.

She’s both everywhere and nowhere.

She’s that kind of existence.

However, she has a weakness.

If she’s grabbed by others, she’s as vulnerable as a normal person.

That works with both my hands and the web of the spiderlings.

Before I met the fairy queen, it was already caught by a spiderling using its string shot.

Currently, the fairy queen can’t escape because her limbs are tied with Zabuton’s web.

By the way, there’s also a web on the fairy queen’s hair.

Even if you managed to untie your limbs, you won’t be able to escape.


For the time being, let’s have her soak until her juice comes out.

How are we going to soak her?

Let’s ask Loo.

Do we need to prepare a special bath or should we wash her with water first?

Or boiling water?

「Hold on. This queen is wrong.」


The fairy queen apologizes with an air of superiority.

Can that be even called an apology?

「This queen will restore the knocked down wheats using my own power. How about that…eh? Why are you grabbing my head… queen is still speaking, ouch!」


The knocked down wheats were restored.


They revived.


I’m tearing up.

However, my anger hasn’t faded away.

But she at least managed to reduce my anger by half.

Thinking about it, maybe soaking it will be a bit too much.

「Fuhahahaha! Idiot! You let your guard down!」

The fairy queen managed to untie the webs on her limbs.

「Farewell! Bird brains!」


The fairy queen is making a pose of making a fool out of me.


Let me tell you this.

「Farewell, bird brain.」

She was soaked in hot water for half a day and cold water for another half day.


Let’s get back to the present.

When she heard that I’ll forgive her if she works, she decided to help with the harvest.

「By the way, what happened to this queen’s pudding? By the look of it, this queen can already tell that it is sweet and delicious!」

「Say that again after working hard.」

「Am I not working! Look at this queen! My hands are already dirty with soil!」

「Tell me how many carrots have you harvested?」

「Ehto….more than 20.」

「Hahaha. Look over there.」

The high elves are harvesting potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and pumpkins.

They are almost done.

「They are many! This queen is alone!」

「You are in charge of half a field. Each high elf has to harvest twenty fields. Do you understand?」

「I can’t calculate something difficult!」

「…..all right. Just do your job properly and quietly and your food will be prepared properly.」

「Pudding for lunch!」

「Have you forgotten what I said a while ago? I’ll say it again. Say that after working hard.」


This year’s harvest was lively.

And tiring.


When the harvest is over, the preparation for the martial arts tournament begins.

「You can go home now.」


「I already told you. Making it every day is impossible.」

「Then, sugar cane is fine.」

「You act like a great person.」

「This queen is a great being! What’s wrong with someone great acting like someone great?」

「I don’t really care. Ah, can you not do anything to the field anymore….」

「I-I understand. No more. My lord is persistent.」

「Being persistent is fine. But what I’m telling you is not just about the fields here.」


「Playing mischief in any field isn’t good. Do you understand?」

「I-I understand.」

「Good. Tell the other fairies too. I’m sure the great being can do something that simple.」

「U-umu. This queen is a great being. Leave it to me. Hahahaha」

「Hahaha, I’ll leave it to you.」

I hope this will reduce the hardships of farmers around the world.


「Ah, there you are.」

Loo comes over to me and the fairy queen.

「Using the remaining hot water she bathes in, I found out that it has a lot of benefits! I want to experiment with her using different temperatures, is that okay?」

「I don’t mind.」

If the fairy queen is useful for something, you should examine it thoroughly.

「Wait, don’t decide on your own! I don’t want to soak anywhere anymore.」

「Don’t worry, the temperature will not be as extreme as before. This time, it will be a pleasant temperature.」

「Absolutely hate it!」

Loo tries her best to convince her but the fairy queen refuses everything.

Maa, that’s right.

Her first experience is terrible.

In addition to that, what comes to her next was not an apology but labor.

The fairy queen will surely not cooperate.

In that case, let’s offer a price.

「One bath, one pudding. How about it?」


「Eggs are precious. There can only be one pudding. How about decorating it with fresh cream and fruits?」


It was settled.


After that, you can see the fairy queen being stewed by Loo.

「She looks like a witch.」

「Not the other kind of witch but a proper witch.」



Even if Loo doesn’t have an experiment, the fairy queen comes to the village to ask for sweets.

「If you work, we can give you.」

「This queen is good at comforting children.」


It might be true but I did not ask her to do so since she’s a little scary.

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