Chapter 343 – True Fairy Queen


Chapter 343 – True Fairy Queen

Children as manpower.

Using them without hesitation.

As for the children’s education, they don’t have a single thought.

In such an era, one rumor spread.

「If you make children work on it, the fairies will ruin your field.」

It is true. The fields that forced children to work were vandalized in a strange way.

People at that time were quite scared since it still happens no matter how tight they guard the fields.

Because of that, the working environment of children has become considerably better.

Still, sometimes, there are people who treat them badly.

When such a person appears, the fairies will be mischievous again.

Right, it was ancestor-san who taught me.


「I, am I subjecting the children to hard labor?」

「No, but since she appeared here when nothing was happening, she played a prank. You can consider that as the fairies’ nature.」


The reason why ancestor-san is telling me this is because I told him that I asked the fairy queen to tell all the fairies to stop playing pranks on fields.

He makes sense though.

I understand.

「I understand. I’ll tell her to do whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t touch my fields.」

「My apologies. By the way, please be very careful with the way you say it. If she interpreted it in a strange way, she might think that she can do anything to fields other than yours.」


Though I only got acquainted with the fairy queen, I also think so.

I’ll be careful with my words.


I saw the fairy queen playing with goats in the ranch area.

Don’t hold the sugar cane with your mouth.

You look bad.

Hnn…..before I knew it, she’s already commanding the goats.


Those goats don’t even look at me let alone follow my orders.

She’s currently riding a goat….why are you charging towards where the cows are?

Oi oi.

The cows are usually calm but they are scary when they get mad.

Ah, the goats suddenly stopped before the cows.

The fairy queen was thrown in front of the cows.

As expected.

The goats are like that.

Now, the fairy queen….escapes, she ran away.

She ran away to the athletic that I installed in the ranch area.

She seemed pretty surprised.

And now, she’s taunting the cows.

However, the cows climbed to where she was.

Ah, look, she’s cornered.

Yeah, even if you ask me for help, I can’t do it.


The other fairies are obedient.

They’re relaxing in the flower garden.

In a certain sense, the scene is magical.

However, I would like to ask the humanoid fairies something.

If you sleep on petals, can you make your posture be more graceful?

I don’t want the children to imitate you.


Since the martial arts tournament is near, the number of visitors in the village has increased.

Dors, Raimeiren, Girar.

After seeing the fairy queen, all of them made a painful expression and decided to not get close to her.

「Are you acquainted?」

「We’re not acquainted but I know her and I don’t want to talk to her.」

I can feel hardship from Dors’ words.

Could it be that she played pranks on him in the past?

However, even after that, he left her alone.

But, is this fairy queen the same fairy queen he knows?

It’s amazing when you think about it.

「The fairy queen is the children’s ally. If you let your child play with her, she would gladly do so….but you need to be careful since she might take them even in the middle of the night.」

Raimeiren warns me to not let her get close to Hiichirou.

Don’t worry, I’ll pay attention to that.

Also, I have already confirmed that she takes them out even at night.

Hakuren wondered why Ursa was sleepy during the day and found out that she’s the cause.

She captured her and the fairy queen was asked to soak in a hot bath for two days.

「She’s incredibly strong. Very smart too. I’ve experienced something terrible twice.」

I didn’t know who Girar was referring to.

I’m surprised when he said that it’s the fairy queen.

Is the fairy queen strong?


By chance, given the present queen, is someone mimicking the real one?

「No, she is indeed the fairy queen. How should I say this….」

When Girar was troubled, Raimeiren assisted him.

「It is better for you to see.」

Raimeiren asked the fairy queen.


The fairy queen summoned several large vines from the ground and it wrapped her around.

After that, the ball made of vines opened up.

Inside is….a bedroom?

No, is it a throne?

The fairy queen was sitting there.

Did she grow up a little?

Her aura is completely different.

「Human, what is it you want to ask me?」


Who is this?

Fairy queen?

No, she certainly looks like the queen but…..split personality?

「What’s wrong? I can’t answer anything if you’re stunned.」

「Ehto, then….why did you charge to the cows?」

「Because I find it interesting. But those goats. They pledged allegiance to me and betrayed me immediately. Unforgivable.」


She’s the fairy queen alright.

So, is this the strong mode of the fairy queen that Girar is saying?

「Why are you in a different form?」

「This figure is bad for children. Animals hate this too. By the way, I remember something village chief. I want to eat pancakes like the one you made before.」

The fairy queen came out of her vine throne before I replied.

Oh, she shrank.

Her aura returns to normal.

Is she only strong inside her throne of vines?

Girar answered my question.

「She spreads her vine to make a place her territory. In her territory, she’s always in that form. She’s a really troublesome existence that won’t disappear no matter how much I breathe. I fought with her once and I don’t want to experience it again.」

To think that she could make Girar say that.

I shouldn’t really fight with the fairy queen.

「While parrying all of my attacks, she’s endlessly saying she wants sweets. It almost drives me crazy.」


Yeah, that’s indeed the fairy queen.

「Village chief, pancake.」

And the same fairy queen is now pleading to me.


She’ll keep saying that until I make it.

Maa, that’s fine.

「All right. I’ll make pancakes for you today.」

The fairy queen ran to the children while saying she did it.

She’ll probably tell Ursa and Alfred so I won’t turn back on my words.

Yeah, she’s smart.


By the way.

What happened to the vine conjured by the fairy queen?

It’s pretty big but….

Loo, Tier, and Flora cut it with pleasure and bring it home.

It seems to be a valuable magic medicine.

The fairy queen, she’s like a walking herb.

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