Arc 1 Chapter 2.3 – Summoning Technique


Arc 1 Chapter 2.3 – Summoning Technique

Summoning technique.

Is a technique to call out an object that the summoner wants.

What is the “object” referred there? A living being or even an inorganic substance.

Theoretically, anything can be summoned as long as the summoner has the ability to. This means if a summoner summons someone stronger than himself, he will not be able to restrict the summoned being and the summoner might even be attacked by the summoned being.

Therefore, summoning technique sets the restriction the summoner wants.

The restriction is a contract. In short, summoning technique is a built-in contract where the summoner becomes the master of the summoned being.

However, there are exceptions to everything.

That is, if the summoned being has already signed a contract with the summoner. In Kousuke’s case, he has Kou.

Kou, who was brought by Mitsuki, had already signed a master-servant contract even before signing the summoning contract. After all, the master-servant contract acts as the content of the summoning contract.

In both cases, the summoner becomes the master of the summoned being.

…..that, should always be the case.

「…, Kouhi, Mitsuki….what is this?」

Kousuke decided not to look at the scene before him and asked Kouhi and Mitsuki.

「Is there any problem?」

「I’m sorry but I don’t know what Kousuke-sama wants to say.」

The two truly seemed unsure. Because of that, Kousuke looked up at the sky and once again ruminated on what he knows about summoning technique.

However, no matter how many times he ruminated, he can’t understand why everything is happening.

For some reason, a man and a woman are kneeling before him.

These two are people who Kouhi and Mitsuki summoned respectively.

The man is called Wahid while the woman is called Eck.

According to the rules of summoning, those two should have been kneeling before Kouhi and Mitsuki and not before Kousuke.

「No, why are these two like this….」


「……..that’s simple desu. The summoner is the master of the summoned. We, the summoners, are your lordship’s servants. It is only natural for the two of them to kneel before you, my lord.」

(…..of course!?…..right, of course…..)

To back up Kouhi and Mitsuki, the two summoned beings nod after hearing what they are talking about. Kousuke gave up thinking.

「Fuh, is that so? Then, I look forward to working with you.」

The two of them bowed deeper after hearing Kousuke.

「… your will」

「Please take care of me from now on.」

Kousuke thought that it might be very hard for them to work together in the future but he did not say anything else.

After all, they are not the only people that Kouhi and Mitsuki plan to summon.

「Apart from them, you will summon more, right?」

According to their plan, Kouhi and Mitsuki will each summon six people.

「That’s right but we have to change our plan. We can only summon once a day.」

「…..The power of the crystals is not replenishing enough.」

「… Is that true!?」

「Yes. It is not like we can’t replenish our power using the crystals but when we try to absorb power from the crystals, we losses some of them.」

「It seems to be more efficient to use the tower management directly than have the power absorb by us.」

Hearing the two, Kousuke thought for a while, arms crossed.

「….I see. Then, should we use it from now on?」

「I agree.」

「That would be better.」                                                                                                               

「Got it. Then, there’s something I want to try over there.」

The summoned beings were entrusted to Kouhi and Mitsuki while Kousuke modifies the tower.


—Scene Change—


Kousuke thinks that they need adventurers to subdue the monsters on each floor to gain divine power.

The problem is how to bring adventurers to this tower. Adventurers can easily go to the tower using the teleportation gate.

However, Kousuke thinks that’s not enough.

To begin with, many adventurers on the central continent are above the average in terms of level compared to the other continents.

High-level adventurers won’t find the low-level monsters from the 1st floor to the 40th floor attractive. That’s even more so in this tower since each floor is very wide.

On the central continent, a lot of intermediate-class monsters appear at the outskirts of the cities so they won’t bother going to the tower given the current situation.

If that is the case, what should be done?

That’s what Kousuke was looking for in the management menu.

(…….Here! This is it!!)

After finding his objective, Kousuke feels at ease.

If that is not possible, his plan would collapse.


Name: Floor Exchange

Installation Cost: 100,000pt (Divine power)

Description: Swap any two floors


(Kuh!!!…. Expensive? Not really. Compare this to completely changing the environment, this is pretty cheap….However, the remaining divine power won’t be able to keep up with our plan. What should I do….)

There’s no problem in swapping one floor but according to the plan, he needs to swap several floors so his divine power pt is clearly insufficient.

For the time being, he put “Floor Exchange” on hold and tried to find other functions.


Name: Teleportation gate(Specify Floor)

Installation Cost: 10,000pt (Divine power)

Description: A teleportation gate where you can specify the floor destination. Only one floor can be specified. Round trip and one way settings are possible.


「…..This is it!…..ah, sorry.」

He instinctively shouted, which made Kouhi, who’s nearby, startled so he apologized.

Since using the <Teleportation Gate(Specify Floor)> is feasible, Kousuke immediately installed them.


For the time being, the first point will be the 5th floor since they are planning to build a village there.

The 1st to 6th floors were left as they were.

He installed one <Teleportation Gate(Specify Floor)> on the 6th floor and connects it to the 41st floor.

Next, he installed one <Teleportation Gate(Specify Floor)> on the 45th floor and connects it to the 70th floor.

Then, he installed one <Teleportation Gate(Specify Floor)> on the 72nd floor and connects it to the 7th floor.

After that, he set things up to make sure that the floors he just designated with are sandwiched between the 6th and 7th floor. He installed one  <Teleportation Gate(Specify Floor)> on the 40th and one on the 70th floors, and they are connected to the 46th and the 73rd floors respectively.

With that, the installation of the teleportation gate is completed.

Since the flow of the floors of the tower will be troublesome if he left things as it is now, he removed the original teleportation gates to the next floor from the 6th, 40th, 45th, 70th, and 72nd floors.

By the way, removing them did not cost any pt. Unfortunately, nothing was acquired either.

In addition, the entrance gate of the tower on the first floor was closed.

Now, any work related to teleportation gate is complete and the floor lines will be as follows.

First floor(closed from external visitors) ~ 5th floor(Planned Village) ⇔6th floor ⇔40th floor~45th floor⇔71th floor~72nd floor⇔7th floor~40th floor⇔46th floor~70th floor⇔73rd floor~100th floor

※「~」connected, 「⇔ 」round trip

***TN: Visual aid ***

By the way, the holy power and magic power collected each day are being wasted so Kousuke checked if he can do something about it. He found out that he can disconnect the crystals from each floor so he cut off the connection from the crystals of the 7th floor to the 40th floor.

Kousuke wondered where the surplus holy power and magic power would go to but after thinking about it, he couldn’t seem to figure out where, so he stopped thinking about it.

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