Chapter 4 – Water Problem


Chapter 4 – Water Problem

The most important thing in life.


A person can live for more than a week without food but I heard that the same person can’t live without water for three days.

In order for me to continue my life as a pioneer, securing drinking water is an essential, top priority matter.

After building a house and securing a base, the next step is to secure water supply.

I have to water my newly sprouted crops immediately so my next target is to obtain water!!


—Scene Change—


Problem solved.

I immediately talked about the conclusion first so let’s talk about what happened from the start.

First, I tried to get water from the place that stands out the most.

The sea.

The place I settled at is facing the sea.

Mother sea.

Mother mother sea.

Where waves come and go. The true identity of the wave is water.

That’s right, the sea is an inexhaustible source of water!

…..some people might be thinking “oi oi, wait a minute”.

Seawater. Seawater means salty.

It can’t be used for drinking purposes.

I know that too. However, the sea is too big to leave it without trying something.

One way or another, can’t I use the inexhaustible seawater for drinking and daily life purposes?

With that in mind, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing that came into my mind is distillation.

Boiling seawater will separate steam, which is freshwater when cooled down, and impurities.

Maa, imagining it alone is already extremely troublesome but I want to at least try once.

Fortunately, I purchased a pot from the capital.

I just have to draw water in it then heat it on fire….

But, how am I supposed to collect the steam?

How do I start a fire in the first place?

When I was worrying about a lot of things, my interest suddenly shifted to something.

The drawn seawater in the pot.

It is only waiting to be boiled however, how salty is the seawater exactly?

I’ve never been to a beach in my previous world but it is common sense not to drink seawater because it’s dirty.

That’s in my previous world. Here, the sea is clear and beautiful.

It makes me want to try some as an experiment….

I scooped some seawater in the pot using my hand and try….



Is my tongue messed up!?

For confirmation, I scooped another handful of seawater and drank it.


Not salty at all!

It’s freshwater!

It’s normal water!!

Is this really seawater!?

「Maybe….in this world, seawater is not salty!?」

That’s not an impossible theory.

This is a different world. A completely different place from the world I came from.

There might be normal things there that can’t be considered normal here.

I looked down at the seawater that tastes like fresh water on my hand.


……Hold on.

The water scooped with my hands.

These hands have been creating unbelievable miracles since yesterday.

I can demonstrate master-level skill according to the tool I hold.

When I touched the soil, crops even sprouted even though I hadn’t sowed seeds.

A gift from god, the hands of a “master of supremacy”.

「If I touch seawater it….!?」

As an experiment, I tried pouring seawater from the pot directly into my mouth without using my hands.

「Kuhhh!? Shaaaalllllttyyyy!?」


It’s salty!!

I coughed involuntarily and spat out all the seawater in my mouth.

「But that made things clear….!!」

It was me, not this world, who’s not normal.

Specifically, my hands.

The “master of supremacy” that dwells in my hands changed the seawater I touched into top quality drinking water!!

「…..”master of supremacy” is so versatile….!?」


Aren’t you a bit too enthusiastic in making skills?

This is not a skill, isn’t it? It is something beyond that.

It’s a gift. A true gift from a god.

I guess it is normal for it to be versatile.


—Scene Change—


Maa, the drinking water problem was easily solved like that.

Water is also needed for the field so I draw water with a bucket instead of a pot and put my hand in it.

Mysteriously, that alone turns seawater into freshwater.

This is kind of troublesome and hard but thinking of the process of making water by boiling seawater, this can already be considered luxurious.

After removing all the seawater from the pot, I saw something white at the bottom.

「… this salt?」

Water and minerals make up seawater.

Does this mean that “master of supremacy” separated them?

Salt is salt. It is essential for people to live so this helps me a lot.

After removing it from the pot and drying it thoroughly, I got salt.

I managed to water the field too. Everything is going well.

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