Chapter 351 – Drunk Village Chief


Chapter 351 – Drunk Village Chief

Gulf’s son’s childhood friend was heartily accepted by Gulf’s wife. That decided their marriage.

Though Gulf’s not here so they can’t receive his approval but given Gulf’s wife’s smile, it looks like he has no right to complain. After all, he’s the husband who left their house during the harsh winter.


Gulf is currently practicing in a place a little far away from Village Five.

I think it would be better for him to return.


Gulf’s son and his childhood friend will stay at the inn this winter.

That is Gulf’s wife’s wish when she used her reward medals.

It’s not that I’m against it…then, let them be.

It seems like she’s already urging them for a grandchild.

Good luck, Gulf’s son.

Let me give you a little of the medicine Loo made.

It’s okay.

You think this is suspicious….no, this is not a suspicious drug.

Yeah, well, it’s “that” kind of medicine.

My sympathy.

This should help you.

Oh, don’t drink it all of a sudden.

Keep it for emergencies.

Promise me that.

I’m probably worrying too much but looking at Gulf’s son, he became so thin after living at the inn for three days.

Also, if you have trouble, go to me or Gutt.

Don’t keep it inside.


Yeah, don’t keep it inside.

At my mansion, I made an announcement for the ladies.

Let’s talk.

I think we have enough number of children already.


The result of the discussion.

Two beastgirls were pregnant.


It’s because I’m all talk.

I’m sad because of my weak will.


It started to snow.

Looking at the snow while taking a warm bath is superb.

For some reason, the wine slime came to the bath. It’s sitting on a floating basin.

Next to it is a bamboo cup with alcohol.


Can you give me a little?

I’m sorry.


It is the alcohol it brought without permission.

I know.

Let’s apologize together.

Therefore, let’s have another cup.


I’ve been in the bath for a while so a worried Kuro came over to check me out.

Thank you.

By the way.

Let me wash you.


Don’t be shy.

If your body is not clean, Ann will stare at you.

Even Yuki would prefer the clean you, wouldn’t she?

You’re still okay since you haven’t been out lately?


That’s what everyone thinks.

However, even if you sit still somewhere, you’ll still get dirty.

Give up and be washed.


Yeah, I’m a little drunk.


I go to the kotatsu with the newly cleaned Kuro.

The wine slime is no longer here.

I’ll go apologize later.

On top of the kotatsu are petite tomatoes.

It’s freezing outside so taking a warm bath really makes me comfortable.

I thought of petite tomatoes and decided to raise them a while ago. The kuros made a fuss seeing these tomatoes poor growth.

It was hard to explain to them that this is another breed.

I recommend this to eat raw more because it can be eaten without making your mouth dirty but the kuros prefer ordinary tomatoes.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t eat it.

Kuro opens his mouth and waits. I throw three petite tomatoes in his mouth.

The oni maids said that it’s nice since it can be put directly on dishes that will save them the time needed to cut ordinary tomatoes.

It became an active part of food garnishing.

What was the dish that uses petite tomatoes as the main ingredients again?


I can’t think of it.

I wonder if this is the influence of alcohol.

Can I even be affected by alcohol?


Before I knew it, a basket with oranges was placed on top of the kotatsu.

Thank you.

I thought I’d want some oranges.

On the other side of the orange, I suddenly found the fairy queen.

She’s nibbling dried potatoes.


Hey, don’t play with the kotatsu using your feet.


The kittens are in the kotatsu?

That’s dangerous.

The kittens will attack anyone including me without hesitation.

Yeah yeah.

The kittens have become strangely spoiled.

There is a reason for that.

Their mother, the jewel cat Jewel, is pregnant.

I thought so because Jewel has been quiet these days.

I don’t mind but please spare me if you plan on giving birth per year.

However, I’m looking forward to the new kittens.

I won’t say it out loud though.

I’ll be in trouble if they say that I’m looking forward to the kittens more than my children.

Oh, the kittens are angry. They must have felt my thoughts.

No no, even if the new kittens are born, you’re more important.


You guys will be oneechan so stay strong.


So, fairy queen.

What happened today?

「Just came here to play like usual but was kicked out when it is time for them to study.」

An oni maid hands over a warm tea to the fairy queen.

Enough with the sugar……by the way, that tea also smells like honey.

My tea is only a little sweet…..


What about me?


I-it’s the wine slime. It stole it, not me.

Yes, I did drink it too but…..ah, yeah, that’s mine. I think it’s better for me to talk to the person who manages it.

I was wrong to delay the apology.


Warm tea is delicious.



While drinking tea, I asked the fairy queen to play reversi with me.

She’s insanely strong.

Even with the help of Kuro and the kittens’ wisdom, we couldn’t win.

As expected.


Call Kuroyon.

It’s okay.

For the sake of victory, I will not choose the means.

I don’t have pride.

Yeah, I’m drunk after all.

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