Chapter 352 – Chocolate and Anti-Snow Measures


Chapter 352 – Chocolate and Anti-Snow Measures

Fairy queen, why are you here again today?

「Pancake! And put that black thing too!」

Black thing?

Ah, you mean chocolate.

I’ve already planted cacao before but I left it alone since I don’t know how to make chocolate.

It was only recently that a beastgirl discovered how to make chocolate.

Initially, it was bitter but it became mild after mixing milk and sugar.

However, it is still far from the chocolate I know.

The chocolate I know was more mellow and sweet.

However, I wouldn’t say that because I’ll surely be in serious trouble.

Even if it tastes like this, it is already highly praised by the villagers.

However, it is difficult to mass-produce because it can only be made manually.

It is something valuable now.

Because of that, I don’t even dare to eat it as it is. It can only be used as toppings for other foods.

Only the fairy queen doesn’t hesitate to ask for chocolate topping.

I’ll make some for you.


When I asked the fairy queen about the pancake, she signaled three fingers which means three layers.

After garnishing it with whipped cream and banana, I poured warm liquid chocolate on it.

Lastly, I sprinkled it with crushed almonds.

I also thought of adding honey for sweetness but….should I do it?

You’re going to have tooth decay.

I wonder if fairies can have tooth decay?

Oh, I can hear Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa’s footsteps.

It seems like study time is over.

Should I cook for them too?


I’ll also satisfy the fairy queen’s demand but I’ll cook for Alfred’s group first.

I know.

Just wait for your turn.


The snow is terrible this year.

Each area’s maintenance has been very difficult.

It is normal to snow but now it is necessary to dig out the road.

I also check the waterways.

The deep waterways are okay but I’m worried about the shallow waterway. The water in it might totally freeze.

The only way to check is to tap the surface of the water to check if it’s frozen with a wooden sword.

Because of that, the kids volunteered.

Okay okay.

Let’s go together.

Be sure to wear warm clothes.

Wear hats too.

Oh, there are a lot of people.

I’ll be in trouble if I’ll accompany them alone.

Loo and Tier are pregnant.

This is something I shouldn’t insist on doing.

Someone…..Hakuren is preparing to go out.

It seems like she’ll go with us.

「You are wearing warm clothes but, aren’t you okay with cold since you’re a dragon?」

「I’m not really cold but it would be a problem if the children imitate me.」

「Right. How about Hiichirou?」

「Mother is coming.」



I, Hakuren, Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa, and three beastboys went out to check the waterways.

Other than me and Hakuren, everyone’s equipped with a wooden sword, so do we look like a dangerous group?

No, we probably looked like picking children up from a dojo….

Ursa, don’t swing your sword around.

All of their wooden swords, except for Tiselle’s, are of the same length so they all look similar.

Don’t run around.

Don’t hit the trees to make the snow drop.

Ursa is totally enjoying the snow.

Hakuren, deal with her.

「Ursa will be a calm elder sister, don’t you think so?」


I understand.

Ah, beastboys.

Don’t say it’s impossible or absurd.

What’s important is to believe.


There are a few places that froze up.

They are places where the water flow is slow.

So far, the places where water freezes are roughly known.

「The only place where it is frozen is the surface.」

The children break the ice using their wooden swords to check it out.

Looking at how thick it is….it still probably okay.

「Here, everything’s frozen.」

Well found.

By the way, did you break the frozen part using your wooden sword?

That’s great.

Just don’t break the waterway.

Let’s have Hakuren melt all the frozen parts with magic.

「I won’t. Let the kids practice.」

Hakuren says so and leaves it to the children.

They melt the ice with fire magic.


Are children in the village geniuses?

Beginner’s level?

But they can control flames to melt the ice in a brilliant manner.

Then, I noticed.

Hakuren has a proud face.

「….you taught them?」

Hakuren gives a strong nod.

Though it is frustrating, I’ll praise you.


After checking the waterway, we returned to the mansion and enjoyed zenzai.

It’s because it is cold.

It penetrates our whole body.

I’m glad that I prepared it before we left earlier.

Only one mochi per person.

Or else, you won’t be able to eat dinner.


After enjoying the thick zenzai, I receive reports from each area.

Each area, no problem.

All piled up snow was melted in the moat surrounding the village. I guess they used magic.


What about unmelted snow?

Did it reach a moderate amount already?

That means we can make igloos.

Where are you going to make it?

The courtyard, it is indeed convenient in many ways.

 Also, Raimeiren has come so if the weather is good tomorrow, I’ll ask her to make “it” tomorrow.

Prepare for….eh?

It has been prepared.

That’s too early.

Maybe because snow mountain is popular.

It looks like everyone’s looking forward to it.

If Raimeiren doesn’t make it, you’ll make it?

I passed a bowl of zenzai to the high elf who’s reporting to me while thinking something.


The number of rice cakes is insufficient?

When I found it out, the children suddenly ran away after eating.


You won’t be able to eat dinner. Ann will be angry.

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