Arc 1 Chapter 2.4 – Arranging Living Quarters


Arc 1 Chapter 2.4 – Arranging Living Quarters

Now that the road for the 5th floor has been finalized, the next step is to create a village….Mitsuki talks to Kousuke about it.

「Kousuke-sama, can I have a moment?」

「Yeah. What’s wrong?」

「I want to send Eck’s group to the city.」

Kouhi and Mitsuki are appointed as assistant managers.

By the way, both Wahid and Eck have become part of the management team too.

If one is appointed as manager, assistant manager, or part of the management team, he can freely enter and exit any floor using the teleportation gate.

If they use the management gate, they can go to the 1st floor in an instant. From there, they can get out of the tower.

As long as they can get out of the tower, Mitsuki can take them to the city.

Teleporting from the tower directly outside the tower and vice versa is not possible.

Accessing the floor of a tower can only be done through the help of a teleportation gate.

「Ah, wait a minute. I’ll open the door on the 1st floor first….you can leave now.」

「Thank you.」

After talking to Kousuke, Mitsuki approached Kouhi and whispered something.

The two of them looked at Kousuke and for some reason, Kouhi turned red and nodded. Mitsuki giggled happily.

「… What?」


「It’s okay. It won’t be bad for Kousuke-sama….probably.」

「Huh…..maa, do what you want.」

Though he’s worried about what the two have talked about, he did not dig into it. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get any answer.

Kousuke understands that forcing a girl to talk will not get him a good result.

「So, when will you come back?」

「I’ll be back tomorrow.」

「Got it.」

「See you later.」

Mitsuki took Wahid and Eck to the city.

Aside from Mitsuki, who’s scheduled to return tomorrow, Wahid and Eck will be active in the city for a while.

「I’ll prepare dinner.」


Kouhi left the management room while blushing.

Kousuke, on the other hand, begins creating the village on the 5th floor.


—Scene Change—


Name: Common House(Type A)

Installation Cost: 20,000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A typical common house


Name: Medium Sized Store(Type A)

Installation Cost: 50,000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A medium-sized store. There is a counter on the first floor. Can also be used as a guild.


Name: Temple(Very Small)

Installation Cost: 50,000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A temple where a teleportation gate can be installed. It is very small because all it has is a room for the teleportation gate installation.


Ten houses and one store were built in the center of the 5th floor.

In the center of the city(planned) will be a teleportation gate that can be used to get in and out of there. The temple will be built there too.

The teleportation gate is yet to be installed. They planned to build a building for the teleportation gate outside Ryuusen City so it will be installed after that building is completed.

The preparation on the Ryuusen City side will rest on Wahid’s group.

It will naturally be built by human hands so it will still be a long time before the teleportation gate can be installed.


Name: Low LV Barrier for Buildings

Installation Cost: 5000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A barrier that prevents intruders from entering the building. Permanent type.


A barrier was installed in each building.

Goblins also appear on the 5th floor. This is something that will prevent the buildings from being vandalized until actual people live there.

It will also be better if either Kouhi or Mitsuki will periodically exterminate monsters around the village.

For the time being, the creation of the 5th floor village will end with that.

As if waiting for it, Kouhi came to Kousuke to tell him that dinner was ready.

「After dinner, can we go to the fifth floor?」

「The fifth floor? I don’t mind but, what do you want to do there?」

While they were eating, Kousuke checked if Kouhi is okay with it.

「Since I built some buildings there, I thought the monsters there should be exterminated as much as possible.」

「I don’t mind but…..we don’t have time to exterminate that many monsters. Mitsuki’s not here too.」

「No problem. Our main purpose for today will be checking the village’s surroundings. The full-scale subjugation will take place after Kouhi and Mitsuki are both here.」

「I understand. I’ll accompany you.」

If it is only monsters from the 5th floor, even Kousuke can deal with them but both Kouhi and Mitsuki won’t allow him to do so so it was decided that full-scale extermination will be at a later date.

Kousuke doesn’t think that they are being too overprotective. On the other hand, he’s thankful that the two care for him so he follows their advice.

After dinner, Kouhi went to clean up so Kousuke decided to work a little in the management room.

He adds a room for the summoned beings, Wahid’s group, on the management floor.

Since the summoned group will be working outside for a while, they don’t need a room on the management floor but there will be a problem if they come back for something.

Therefore, Kousuke added a room for 6 people.


Small Room X 6 = Divine Power 1000pt X 6

Furniture(Various Items Included) = Divine Power 200pt


Each room only has a bed and a small shelf.

Other than that, Kousuke planned to have the room owners themselves decide.

In addition, Kousuke realized that he had forgotten something very important for him.


Bath(Changing Room and Miscellaneous Good Included) = Divine Power 10,000pt


In fact, he has always thought of baths.

When he was doing nothing, good memories about open-air baths visit him.

In order to save pt, he had not installed the best one but he’s planning on saving for it until the time comes.

By the way, Kousuke doesn’t have anything impure in his mind. He really only wants to take a bath.

Unfortunately(as expected), there are no games in this world so the only luxury he has is that bath.


—Scene Change—


After installing the bath on the management floor, Kouhi came for him so they went to the 5th floor.

From the teleportation gate, they head to the center and check the newly built houses and temple.

A gray wolf was wandering beside a building so there’s a possibility that this place is near their den. Perhaps the only reason it has not entered the building is because of the barrier.

They decided to exterminate the wolf first before checking the house. Kouhi exterminated it easily.

As for the house, they are in the condition that it can be used anytime.

And there, Kousuke noticed a fatal mistake.

「…..I forgot a well….」

「That’s right. Come to think of it, how about the sewage system?」

Looking around, she couldn’t see anything like a sewage.

「When I first built a house, it seemed like it would be built underground automatically. I spent 100,000 divine power pt for it but it was a necessary expense.」

「I see.」

In addition, he also looked for water supply but there’s no such thing as a water supply facility in this world.

It can’t be found in the management menu which means he can’t install one.

It will be possible for him to ask craftsmen in this world to build it but he doesn’t intend to do that much.


Kousuke and Kouhi returned to the management floor and decided to start the full-scale monster subjugation after tomorrow.

After installing the well he forgot, Kousuke decided to take a bath immediately.

Ordinary households have no bath so they don’t use hot water that much. In order to get hot water, Kousuke needs to use a certain amount of pt.

When Kousuke was slowly enjoying the bath, Kouhi came in for some reason.

「Ko-Kouhi!?…..what’s wrong?」

Kouhi came in with only a towel covering her outstanding body. She approached Kousuke with a red face.

「I thought that this will be a good time to accompany you….am I a bother?」

「N-no….that’s certainly not true. Rather, I’m happy….no, nothing.」

Though Kousuke was surprised, he doesn’t have any reason to decline and even welcome it deep inside his heart. Kouhi joined him like that.

(Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve been alone with someone in this situation…)

In the first place, Kouhi and Mitsuki rarely act separately.

This situation is, of course, the first time.


In the end, the night has become intense and he had no choice(?) but to show her that he’s a man.

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