Chapter 354 – Pregnant Women and Cows


Chapter 354 – Pregnant Women and Cows

It’s not good to leave pregnant women be so I’ll visit them.

The room of the pregnant jewel cat Jewel.

A brazier is placed in an empty space where hot water on a pot is being boiled to maintain moderate temperature and humidity.

It’s so comfortable that you wouldn’t think it’s winter.

On a slightly big cushion at a corner of the room is where the curled Jewel is.

Jewel hates being touched when she’s pregnant so I can only watch her from a distance.

Cat came to me instead.

He’s not acting sweet but warning me instead.

I know.

I won’t approach Jewel.

I’ll pat you if you’re doing good as a father.

However, if possible, I would like you to focus on bringing up your kittens.

Miel and the others are acting like spoiled hooligans.


Even if you act like that, you won’t get my pity.


Cat moved away from me.

When I was thinking what’s wrong, Miel’s group came to the room.

And attack me.

It’s not because they were protecting their mother but because I left them to be beaten up by both their mother cat and father cat.

My bad.

Jewel glares at the being beaten up me.

I know, I’ll leave.

Before leaving the room, I checked the pot on the brazier.

Let’s add some water.

The oni maids look around regularly but I should put some too now that I’ve seen it.


When I was dealing with Miel’s group in another room, the spiderlings and the kuros rushed in.

It took a lot of time.

The pregnant Loo and Tier are calling me with a smile.

Yes, I know.

I never intended to leave you unattended.


In the ranch area, the cows move around without minding the piled up snow.

I was wondering if they’re okay but I saw the cows who already had accumulated snow on their backs look cold.

How about taking them to the hot spring?

Will there be a problem if I take them to the dungeon?

Also, there will be a problem in the hot spring.

There are a lot of bathers these days.

They surely won’t like it if the cows bathe with them.

Let’s just borrow the hot spring I made for the lions in the hot spring area.


I started moving the cows to the hot spring area.

The goats rushed with us too but it’s impossible to handle them all at once.

I’m sorry for the horses too but you’ll have to wait for your turn.

Since I had contacted everyone in advance, we moved smoothly from the dungeon to the hot spring area.

Without encountering any problem, the cows entered the hot spring.

They look comfortable.


Don’t be anxious about bathing with the lions.

I already told them to not eat you.


After getting warmed up, I thought of brushing them one by one but….

The cows no longer want to leave the hot spring.

It looks like they’ve enjoyed it.

It seems like I failed to consider how cold they felt earlier.

I’ll just wait until they voluntarily come out.

I’m cold.

I have no choice but to take shelter in a building.

I kill time by talking with the ghost knights, who I entrusted this hot spring area to, and Asa, the teleportation gate manager.

It took a long time before the cows came out of the hot spring.


At a later date.

The cows, who had never left the fenced area on their own, escaped.

And I found them relaxing in the hot spring.

Did they walk through the dungeon and the teleportation gate by themselves?

They’re smart.

No, it’s not the time to be impressed.


They didn’t break the fence.

They properly opened the gate of the ranch area and even closed it when they left.

On top of that, they called the kuros to escort them.

One of the guarding kuros reported it to me so I know that they left their place…..


For the time being, don’t leave without telling me first.

If you want to, I’ll take you there.


A bell was set up in the ranch area.

A thick rope is attached to the bell and the cow could ring the bell by biting and pulling the rope.

If the bell rings, the high elves or the beastkins that are taking care of the animals in the ranch area will open the door.

From there, the kuros will escort them to the hot spring.


The bell rang for three consecutive days and it was removed.

There’s no point in using the bell since it has become their routine.

The cows can even open and close the door by themselves so let’s leave them be.

There’s also no way they’ll want to permanently stay in the hot spring area too.

But just in case, please return properly.


I understand.

Let’s modify the door so that it can easily be opened and closed.

It’s a good time to do it since it’s winter.

Also, I want to apologize to the kuros for increasing their workload since they’re the escorts of the cows.

Don’t worry, since you’ll be in the hot spring area with them, you can bathe too.

I would even be glad if you do so.


Other than the cows, I took the other animals to the hot spring too but it seems like they’re not addicted to it.

A bit relieving.

The reason why they were not hooked up to it probably varies for each of them aside from the goats. The goats didn’t get hooked to it because of the dungeon.

The usual arrogant goats were freaking out in the dungeon.

I only know that they are scared but I don’t know the reason why they are terrified in the dungeon.

After that day, they never want to enter the dungeon again.

What on earth are they afraid of?

The well in the ranch area is like a cave so why are they acting like that in the dungeon?

I even explored the dungeon with the arachne Arako and the earth dragon but I never found anything suspicious.

It’s a mystery.

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