Chapter 355 – Winter is About to End


Chapter 355 – Winter is About to End

Night, when I was lying in bed, a kitten came.

It’s Miel.

Miel jumped into my bed and moved to the right of my neck.

There, she started sleeping.

Oh, this is rare.

Is it because it’s cold?

That might not be the case.

Miel and the other kittens sleep anywhere but at night, they only sleep beside their mother, Jewel.

She came here means…..

Perhaps Jewel is about to give birth so she wouldn’t let the kittens get close to her.

And here I thought she came to me since she had trouble sleeping.

Okay okay.

When I was already feeling Miel’s body temperature beside me, Rael , Uel, and Gael came in too.

They want to sleep beside my neck too….unfortunately, they found Miel on the right side of my neck.

Rael moves to the left side of my neck then.

Uel and Gael move between my crotch.


I’m glad that you’re here but I can’t move if you’re like that.

I’m in trouble.

However, it’s a happy trouble.

When I was thinking like that, a high elf came in.

When the high elf found the kittens sleeping in my bed, she threw them out of the room one by one.

Ehto….ah, yes, you’re right.

Sorry kittens.

Forgive me for not being able to say anything.

Also, go to sleep in a warm room.


The next morning.

The kittens were sleeping in the phoenix chick Aegis’ birdhouse.

They’re sleeping in a better place than the birdhouse owner.


It’s cold.

However, the weather is good.

I headed to the ranch area.

I’m going to make an open-air bath in the ranch area.

I know that it is not something that one should do during winter but it can’t be helped. The horses and the cows rarely ask for anything.

At first, I thought they found it troublesome to go to the hot spring but that’s not the case.

It seems like it’s because the goats’ jealousy is terrible. They can’t go to the hot spring after all.

The goats really became gloomy so the cows and horses requested me to do something.

That’s it.


The reason the goats can’t go to the hot spring is because they are afraid of the dungeon where the teleportation gate is.

The causes were the arachne Arako and her earth dragon who lives in the dungeon.

Arako and her earth dragon rarely come out of the dungeon so they are not familiar with them.

The only thing I can think of is to have Arako and the goats interact with each other but it’s currently winter.

Arako and the earth dragon both said that they are not vulnerable to cold but the reason I refused to take Arako and the earth dragon out of the dungeon is because I’m cold.

The goats have not been able to go to the hot spring yet.

They are jealous of the horses and cows that can go to the hot spring.

Though the goats are the type that will say that the grapes they were not able to eat are sour, they are not acting like that now.

They also have cute sides.

However, that doesn’t give you the right to trouble the horses and cows.

Oh, it’s not okay to trouble me either.

Don’t bite me.

I’ll be making an open-air bath for you.


Even though it’s for the goats, that doesn’t mean that I’ll make a low-quality one.

The place I decided to build it up is on the north side of the ranch area. I dug the place using the AFT.

The area is a square with 20 meters on all sides.

I don’t want anyone to drown so I better make it as deep as the smallest one will be able to use but that might mean I’m making a puddle instead of an open-air bath.

Anyway, I want not only the goats but also the cows, horses, and sheeps to use it.

Since animals will be using it, there shouldn’t be any steps(stairs because of the difference in level) as much as possible.

Because of that, I made the stairs like a slope.

The deepest part is around two meters deep.

The bottom of the bath was made flat in order for the animals to easily stand and the slope steps a little gentle.

That can also divide the place where the animals can enter.

When the bath was completed, the piled-up snow was thrown there.

After that, all that needs to be done is to melt and warm it up using magic…..

I usually ask Loo for things like this but she’s pregnant so I don’t want her to go out in the cold.

When I was thinking of whom to ask, Gran Maria flew by.

「Can I ask of you?」

「Leave it to me.」

Gran Maria conjured a fireball that hits the snow piled up in the pond.


There is no change.

Gran Maria’s fireball was buried in snow.


「Did you fail?」

As if it heard me, the snow made a whooshing sound and immediately evaporated.

I found out later that it seems to be a magic technique that can turn snow into water.

I was told by Gran Maria that it would explode if an amateur cast it.

In other words, she failed.

「My apologies.」

The apologizing Gran Maria was cute.

I asked the kuros, who got here immediately after hearing an explosion, to melt and warm the snow using magic.

Sorry for bothering you.

The work was divided into a group that’ll melt the snow and the group who’ll warm the water.

Since there’s a number of them, the open-air bath was completed in no time.

It looks quite warm.

The first bath belongs to the kuros who worked hard for it.


You’re the one who warmed it up so don’t hold back.


They stopped holding back immediately.

The goats rushed to join the first bath.

You’re quite early.


And Gran Maria.

Don’t be depressed.

「No, but, that… you wish. I should have melted the snow first before warming it up but I tried to do both at once…..」

I-I’m sure you’ll do better next time.

My instructions were vague.


The open-air bath was quite popular.

When it gets lukewarm, the kuros will warm it up with magic so there’s no need to worry about water cooling down.

They don’t want to get out of the bath because of the difference in temperature with the cold outside air so I’ll lit a fire near the open-air bath.

This outdoor bath will be only available this winter.

In the spring, I’m sure there will be no problem once I let Arako and the earth dragon interact with the goats.

Because of that, I did not even think about drainage.

Ah, when it is time to drain it, I’ll ask Gran Maria……

It looks like I can’t ask her.


Let’s think of something else.


I feel like winter is about to end.

The spiderlings are already measuring my sizes.


Why are you measuring me?

Not only me but Alfred and Tiselle too.

Because of that, the high elves, the lizardmen, the dwarves, the beastkins, the mountain elves, and the civil servant girls have begun asking for clothes.

Why are you trying clothes?

What are you thi…..

Last year’s parade.


No way, we’ll do it again?

But that’s embarrassing.

No, I’m not telling you not to do it but me parading is….

So that’s why I have to go.


Well, that’s only one day long.

All right.

I’ll go.

Ah, I won’t take back my…wait a minute.

What’s that?

The mountain elves are making a stage.

The height is about three meters.

It’s too low to be a stage but the biggest feature is it has six large wheels.

「We will set up a chair on the stage so village chief can easily greet everyone there…. 」

「I see. I just want to confirm this….are you planning to make that stage move while I’m sitting on the chair? 」

「Of course, that’s the plan. 」

「Okay, let’s talk. 」

Winter is about to end.

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