Arc 1 Chapter 2.5 – Level Up


The next day.

After eating breakfast, Kousuke looked at the management screen and noticed that Tower LV had risen to 2.

Kousuke tried to look for the reason why it leveled up. There’s a button called “Notice”  so he checked it out.

In the “Notice”, there’s only one item written which is the tower leveled up but upon pressing, information about it can be found in details.


Notice: Tower LV has risen to 2.

Details: A total of 10 tower management experience points have been obtained for meeting the following conditions.

                        – Installing five teleportation gates. 4 experience points earned

                        – Installing 10 items. 6 experience points earned

                        The experience points needed to level up the tower is 8 so Tower LV 1⇒2. It is now Tower LV2. The remaining tower management experience is 2.


Apparently, it seems like it has met the condition to level up yesterday.

However, after meeting those conditions did not make the LV 2 immediately.

Tower LV can only happen at a certain time, for this instance, midnight.

Since this is the first LV up experience, nothing is certain yet.

There’s only a little information about LV up so he decided to not think about it for the time being.

At least he found out that when Tower LV increases, the number of items that can be installed has slightly increased.


Name: Gray Wolf Summoning Circle (10)

Rank: Monster Rank F

Installation Cost: 10pt (Divine Power) or Holy power + Magic Power = 5000pt

Description: Can summon 10 gray wolves. Unlocked in Tower LV2. Can be used as watchdogs.


Name: Gray Wolf Summoning Circle

Rank: Monster Rank F

Installation Cost: 100pt (Divine Power) or Holy power + Magic Power = 50,000pt

Description: Randomly summon up to 1000 gray wolves. Subjugating 1000 gray wolves will make you 110pt divine power.


<Gray Wolf Summoning Circle> obviously cost more compared to <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)>.

However, after thinking a little, Kousuke set up <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)> near the temple of the village.

The installation cost is only 10pt so even if he made a mistake, he thought it wouldn’t hurt.

Mitsuki said that she’ll return before noon so he decided that he’ll go to the village when there’s the three of them.


—Scene Change—


Mitsuki came back before noon as planned so the three of them went to the 5th floor after lunch.

The objective is to confirm the summons that Kousuke set up earlier.

The summoning circle was neatly set up in front of the temple.

When he touched the summoning circle as a test, he found that there’s a slight flow of divine power there.

At the same time, the summoning formation activated and one wolf appeared.

「…..My lord!!」


Seeing the summoned wolf, Kouhi, who was nearby, immediately tried to cut it off but Kousuke stopped her.

Fortunately, Kousuke managed to stop Kouhi in time. The summoned wolf is still alive.

The wolf was just silently staring at them from the summoning circle.

Kousuke, who somewhat figured out what’s happening, gently called it out.

「…..come here.」

As if waiting for those words, the wolf attacks. It pounces him.

Kousuke, who was crouching down to touch the summoning circle, was taken down involuntarily.

「Uwah…….wait a minute……it tickles!!」

Those words were said without a hint of worry. The wolf is on top of him, licking his face.

Kouhi and Mitsuki were both surprised.


「Probably….I’m surprised that it looks like he tamed it.」

「Hey…..wait a minute…..fuu. No….maybe it is not like a normal summon. I didn’t use summoning.」

After calming the wolf down, he joined the conversation.

「What do you mean?」

「I think the summoning circle is just one of the functions of the tower. For normal summoning, you won’t use magic power or holy power.」

To confirm, Kousuke used his left eye.


Personal Name: none

Race Name: Gray Wolf

Inherent Skill: Howl LV2, Bite LV2, Group Action LV1

Blessing Skill: None

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar(Temporary)


He already expected that title.

Other gray wolves summoned from <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle> installed in another place did not have that title.

He’s worried about the (Temporary) but he doesn’t need to worry about it now.

He also spoke to both Kouhi and Mitsuki about the title.

「I see. That means monsters summoned by the summoning circle set up by using the tower management panel will belong to Kousuke-sama, right?」

「Not all summoning circles but there are summoning circles like that.」

For the time being, after having found out that there’s no particular danger with the wolves summoned by that summoning circle, Kousuke continues his summoning.

As a result, he summoned 10 gray wolves.

After the 10th gray wolf was summoned, the summoning circle disappeared.

He decided to name the summoned wolves. It will take time to name them one by one so he named them Hih, Fuh, Mih, Yuh, Itsu, Muu, Nana, Yaa, Koko, and Kou.

After naming them, the personal name changed and the (Temporary) in title disappeared.

If you name them, they’ll become your official familiars.


Next, Kousuke tries to check how much instruction they can follow.

He asked Kouhi and Mitsuki to look for a monster nest near the village and go to that place to check what they could do.

As a result, they found out that it would be better to give them freedom to some extent.

Instead of Kousuke giving detailed instruction himself, he can just say attack and the pack will decide on how they’ll attack themselves.

Though their skill LV are still low, with the help of Kouhi and Mitsuki, no big accident occurred.

Perhaps it is the benefit of their group skill.

By the time they returned to the village, their Group Action skills had risen to LV3.

It is a convincing result since their cooperation gets better and better.

After returning to the village, Kousuke instructed them to guard the village. After that, Kousuke’s group of three returned to the management floor.


—Scene Change—


Kouhi and Mitsuki, who have returned to the management floor, are going to perform summoning again.

They summoned a man and a woman. They introduced themselves as Isunani and Doll.

As usual, they kneeled down before Kousuke. Kousuke no longer cares about that kind of courtesy so he just greeted them normally and ended it there.

It seems like today, it is Kouhi’s turn to take them to Ryuusen. And so, they left.

After that, Kousuke is….


He groaned in front of the management screen.

He has done what he can for the village and all he can do now is wait for Ryuusen’s side.

Even if he finds something to do, it will be difficult considering the risk.

He can do a lot if he has spare divine power but unfortunately, he doesn’t.

「Ara ara. You seem to be very troubled. Would you like to eat first?」

「Eh….!? It’s already time to eat?」

After groaning in front of the screen for a long time, Mitsuki finally decided to talk to him.

It was already time for dinner before he knew it.

「Thank you. Yeah, let’s eat.」

When Kousuke stood up and said that, Mitsuki happily crossed her arms on his.

Although the distance to walk to from the room to the dining room is short, Mitsuki is still happy.

(By the way, isn’t this the first time I’m alone with Mitsuki?)

He’s been alone with Kouhi several times but this is the first time he’s been alone with Mitsuki.

He noticed that Mitsuki’s tension seemed to be high.

In the end, after eating, he decided to spend time with Mitsuki from the bath to the bed as if it was the normal thing to do.

Kousuke himself welcomed it anyway….

(Kouhi-san, stop telling everything to Mitsuki….)

Kousuke finally guessed the relationship between the two unexpectedly.

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