Chapter 6 – Monster


W-wild boar….!?

The mountains are full of trees.

The moment I met it, a shiver ran over my whole body.

I’ll say it myself, this boar is not a boar.

It looks like a wild boar but it’s a completely different species.

It even has horns.

Those pair of horns make me think that they are there to skew whoever they charged like a bull at.

Not only that. It also has larger and sharper tusks compared to the wild boar I know.

A wild boar that has a total of four pointy objects.

Its atrocity is also not comparable to the wild boar I’ve seen on TV.


The horned boar is already aware of my existence. It is outright hostile.

It charged at me without a second thought.


I dodged the bullet-like charge.

The horned boar hit a tree trunk.

There are four new large holes on that tree trunk. The tree wasn’t able to stand that charge and collapsed.

It was a thick tree that can be used as a pillar of a house.


This boar is obviously not normal.

It’s just like a fantasy.

What if it is not a normal beast and can be categorized as a monster?

I’m in a different world so I guess it is normal for monsters to exist….

While I’m thinking of that, it charged again!?


Anyway, the problem is the intense hostility of this boar monster.

The moment I saw it, I already told myself to “Stay alive”.

I did not go to another world just to die!

Is there anything here that can be used as a weapon?

I’ve grasped the equipment I brought for today’s mountain walk….I took out the machete.

I bought it with the intent of using it for cutting grass and branches on the way but it looks like this is the only one that I can use as a weapon.

Horned boar.

It stares straight at me while scratching its hind legs on the ground.

It looks like it’s telling me “I’ll skewer you this time”.

I hold the machete and take a deep breath.

The tension rises to the maximum.

It was the wild boar who made the first move.

Bullet charge.

But I’ve already seen it. Since this is the second time, I can accurately judge its movement and attack it at the right moment as a counter!

The blade of the machete exactly hit the place in the middle of the boar’s horn. I hit its forehead.

Bummoooooo! The horned boar raised a beast-like howl as life leaves it.

I-I won….!?

I feel more dead than alive.

Looking at the machete now, the blade is already missing and I’m only holding the handle.

It broke.

The impact of the slash broke it.

The blade was still deeply dug into the forehead of the horned boar.

Perhaps it has reached the brain. There’s no way this beast will ever move again.

Ah, scary. The mountain is dangerous!!

I’m in a different world after all.

Danger is rolling everywhere. Moreover, they are pretty dangerous danger.

I was able to beat this monster because of the effect of the “master of supremacy”. When I grasped the machete, I became a first-class warrior.

If I’m a normal person, there’s no way I can do that kind of hair’s breadth attack and defense that makes me dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

The “master of supremacy” is really mighty.

But……what should I do with this boar…..?

Originally, there should be a scene where I’ll say “Yay! Meat!”.

Wild boar is some sort of pig.

I heard that it tastes like pork too.

Even if this wild boar has horns, if you apply the theorem of fantasy, it should be really delicious and I should also be able to use its skin effectively.

However, in order for me to do that, I have to cut it in and out. In short, dismantle it.

That requires a large, sharp knife and the only one I have just broke.

I don’t have anything else to cut, at least that’s my current situation.

If I take more time, this dead prey will rot more and more.

It’s a waste but I have no choice but to leave this as it is…..!

I put my hand on the corpse of the dead boar and decided to leave.

Although it tried to kill me, it has no choice since it is its way of life.

I thought of burying it but that’s not the right law of nature.

If I leave it as it is, other beasts and birds will come to eat it clean.

I’ve already lost my heart because of my previous attack and defense so I decided to go down at once.

What I learned this time.

Mountains are dangerous.

At the very least, I should enter the mountain only after I’ve been properly equipped.

Let’s continue to forage food from the sea.

Let’s Buy the Land TOC

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