Arc 1 Chapter 2.6 – Excellent


After breakfast, Kousuke checked the management screen without any plan.

The same as yesterday, he saw another “Notice”.


Notice: Tower LV has risen to 3.

Details: A total of 14 tower management experience points have been obtained for meeting the following conditions.

                        – Setting up a summoning circle. 2 experience points earned

                        – Monster subjugation (300). 4 experience points earned

                        – Monster subjugation )600). 8 experience points earned

The experience points needed to level up the tower is 16 so Tower LV 2⇒3. It is now Tower LV3. The remaining tower management experience is 0.


The tower LV went up.

Kousuke was happy that the LV went up but worried at the same time.

They have been subjugating monsters since they built the village but he doesn’t think that the monsters they subjugated until yesterday exceeded 500.

After asking Mitsuki, she said it’s about 500.

Kousuke thought, who subjugated those 100?

He was sure that they’re the only ones who can go to that village.

Because of that, he decided to check it out with Mitsuki.


Upon arrival, there were only 5 gray wolves in the village.

「….Eh!? Could it be, you’re the ones who did it?」

When they checked yesterday, he didn’t think that the monsters around will significantly increase overnight so he thought the wolves would be okay. Is he too optimistic, he thought?

「What happened to the others?」

He didn’t think he’d get a reply but he still asked a wolf who came by.

Then, the wolf howled.

「It looks like there’s no need to worry.」

Mitsuki pointed to a certain direction.

Kousuke didn’t look at first but he soon realized what she’s pointing at.

A pack of wolves, the other five wolves.

「Did you hunt on your own?」

He checked the status of the wolf, who seemed to be the leader of the pack, when it came close.


Personal Name: Hih

Race Name: Gray Wolf

Inherent Skill: Howl LV3, Bite LV4, Intimidate LV2, Group Action LV3, Long-distance movement LV2

Blessing Skill: Command LV2

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar


Its skills levels went up.

To go up to LV4 in just one night, it probably did something ridiculous.

Not only Hih but all the members of its scouting group had their skills level up. However, none of them level up as high as Hih.

Among the other wolves that stayed in the village, there’s only one who gained the command skill.

Perhaps it is the leader of the group that’s guarding the village.

「This is … quite unexpected」

「It seems so. If you use them well, they are a decent war potential.」


If they really become war potential, there’s a possibility that the hierarchy that they are currently using won’t be that effective.

Thinking about the future, Kousuke decided to return to the management floor at once to make effective use of them.

First, he set up <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)> on the 5th floor. With this, the war potential of the 5th floor can be replenished.

Even if he summons too many of them, he can leave it to the wolves since there’s another one who has LV1 command.

The LV2 commander(Hih) will be moved to the 7th floor along with 4 other wolves.

Since the 7th floor now has someone with LV2 command, Kousuke set up two <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)> there.

In addition, a stable was set up near the teleportation gate of the 7th floor and it will be their base. It is originally for livestock but there won’t be a problem if the wolves use it.

Of course, he also installs a <Low LV Barrier for Buildings> to it. There’s also a water source that the wolves can use.


Name: Small Fountain

Installation Cost: 100,000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A small fountain. It can also be used as drinking water.


It is quite expensive but it is a necessary expense because water is needed by the base.

After that, Kousuke installed <Slime Summoning Circle>, one on the 5th floor and two on the 7th floor.

The slimes summoned by those will be the wolves’ prey. When they were subjugating them yesterday, he saw the wolves eating slimes.

It would be nice if he could earn some pt with this setup and even if he doesn’t, they can be used as wolf food so Kousuke finds it profitable.


It was already noon when he finished his management work.

Kouhi has also returned from Ryuusen.

After lunch, the three of them headed to the village again.

「Come to think of it, when people move here, are the wolves going to stay?」

On the way to the village, Mitsuki asked.

「No….they have to leave this place, right? For humans and demi-humans, they are only monsters.」

「Won’t they be recognized as tamed monsters?

「If there are only 10 of them, yes but what if they are more than that?」

The two became silent when Kousuke asked that.

「In addition, when the population increases, there’s no point for them to stay here.」

The reason why he summoned wolves there was to prevent that place from being vandalized until people come.

With that in mind, it is better to pull them out before other people come.


They arrived at the village while talking about that.

The five wolves led by Hih are not there. They likely go hunting.

The members it brought were different from the members it was with earlier this morning. Perhaps it is also thinking about the benefit of its command skill.

Or perhaps it’s only a coincidence.

Of the five wolves remaining in the village, the one that has command skill is called Nana.

Kousuke called Nana and summoned 10 gray wolves from <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)> that he set up earlier.

In order to make them his familiars, he has to name them one by one so he decided to start at “One” and add one letter after it in the order of AIUEO.

「Lead the other 14 wolves to protect this village for a while. You are free to go hunting so I’ll leave everything to you.」

When Kousuke said that, Nana replied with bark so, she probably understood(?).

When he checked the status, he found the skill <Language Comprehension (Familiar)LV1>.

(….EH!? No way, it really understood?)

Though he doesn’t understand how far it can understand, he guesses it might be able to understand him to a certain extent.

With that, he felt that it’s okay to leave the 5th floor to Nana.


Nana calls Hih after that. Hih, on the other hand, brought his team of five to the 7th floor.

Kousuke was worried if the wolves could pass through the teleportation gate but they managed to get through without any problem.

He also had Kouhi and Mitsuki to try passing the gate and they were able to confirm that anyone who can operate the teleportation gate can pass through without any problem.

They all went to the stable that Kousuke set up right next to the teleportation gate and explained to Hih’s group that this will be their new base.

Unfortunately, Hih doesn’t understand language but it was sniffing around for a while so it probably gets some of it.

While Hih was sniffing around, Kousuke summons 20 more wolves from the two <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)> and gives them names.

After naming the wolves, he asked Hih, who was sniffing around nearby, to come and lead them.

The other 4 wolves, who were sniffing around on some other place nearby, also gathered. They did something like greeting.

After that, he took them to the <Slime Summoning Circle> and told them that they can do whatever they want to the slimes that will come out of it.

Afterwards, he let them do whatever they want.

He plans to check their situation every day. Depending on what he observes, he might further increase the number of wolves.

For now, that will be the end of the instructions to the wolves.


After returning to the management floor, Kouhi and Mitsuki performed their final summon as planned.

The last two were introduced as Sarasa and Tine. Both of them are women.

By the way, the six people summoned by Kouhi and Mitsuki are all beautiful men and women.

That will be useful when they’re negotiating in Ryuusen.

The two of them will be sent to Ryuusen too.


Somehow, Kousuke doesn’t feel like doing some management work anymore so he took a bath (of course, with two companions) and spent his time leisurely.

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