Arc 1 Chapter 2.7 – New Companion


Morning of the fourth day when they started managing the tower.

When Kousuke checked “Notice”, he only saw information about gaining experience and not about the tower LV going up.

Other than that, there’s no particular change. No added features or something new can be installed using the management screen.

While looking at the summoning circle items, Kousuke suddenly thought.

(….should I summon them? It feels desolate with the wolves alone…)

When the tower LV reached 3, new types of summoning circles appeared.

He looked at them one by one but nothing came to his mind.

There’s only one thing that captured up his attention.


Name: Spirit Fox Summoning Circle (10)

Rank: Monster Rank E

Installation Cost: 100pt Divine power or Holy Power + Magic Power = 50,000pt

Description: Can summon fox that can use magic. It is whimsical but sweet.




At that time, that’s the only thing on Kousuke’s head.

He decided to install it without hesitation.

He installed it on the 8th floor.

Like with the wolves, he also set up a stable, and a fountain.

Aside from the spring, he doesn’t know if the foxes will use the stable but thinking about a shelter that can protect them from wind and rain, he decided to install it.

He also installed <Slime Summoning Circle>. Though he doesn’t know if they’ll be eaten by the foxes, at least he knows that there’s something edible near them.

When he looked at the list of the buildings, there was something that made him anxious.


Name: Shrine (Minimum)

Installation Cost: 50,000pt Divine Power

Description: Has god’s power, maybe? Presently, an ordinary building.


……before I noticed it, I’ve already installed it near their residence. (I don’t regret it though by Kousuke)


He immediately took Mitsuki to the 8th floor.

He summons 10 spirit foxes from <Spirit Fox Summoning Circle> and gives them names.

After naming them, he checked their status one by one. While doing that, the foxes are only waiting quietly.

When he checked their status, he found a pleasant miscalculation. Nine out of ten of them had mastered <Language Comprehension (Familiar)> right off the bat.

They also have skills such as foxfire and illusion.

They seem to be capable if raised properly so Kousuke is already thinking of what task they’ll do in the future.

After enjoying their fluffiness for a while, Kousuke told them that they can use the facilities there as they see fit and instructed them to hunt if they want to.

Unlike the wolves, Kousuke doesn’t know if they will hunt in a group so he just gave an instruction that they can hunt on their own.

By the way….the foxes were happily eating the slimes that sprung out of the <Slime Summoning Circle>.

(….are slimes considered as monster treats?)

He asked Mitsuki but she could only shake her head.

They are not sure but the foxes look pleased so they just accepted it like that.

It was almost noon so they decided to return to the management floor from the 8th floor.


—Scene Change—


When they return to the management floor, Kouhi has already returned and lunch is ready.

He asked about the situation of the six summoned people.

He thought that there wouldn’t be any major progress since they’ve only been summoned since three days ago but there seems to be progress.

The six of them are registered and are active as an adventurer party. They plan to build a base outside Ryuusen.

Later, that base will be the place where they’ll install the teleportation gate to the tower.

It was said that the request to build had already been pushed forward.

They work fast, he thought. Kousuke thought that it would take a little more time to negotiate but since it will be built outside the city, the negotiation was smoother than expected.

「It seems like guarding and hazard pay during the construction period will be hefty.」

「Maa, it can’t be helped.」

By the way, the six-man group are meeting Kouhi and Mitsuki outside the city.

This is because Kousuke has no intention of publicizing himself as the tower manager for now.

He doesn’t plan on hiding it forever but he thinks it’s still too early. He’s waiting for the city inside the tower to grow to some extent first.

That’s why Kouhi and Mitsuki, who are always by Kousuke’s side, are cautious to not expose their connection to the six-man group.


After eating lunch while discussing about that matter, Kousuke decided to wait for the two to finish cleaning up before checking each floor.

The wolves led by Nana on the 5th floor seem to have no significant change except for an increase of skill LV of the newcomers.

For the original five, their skill LV did not change much. However, they, at least, were not taken over by the newcomers.

However, there was one wolf from the newcomers that learned the command skill. It is probably because they divide themselves into two groups, one as the village guards and one as the hunting group.

He planned to keep the status quo for a while so he’s not going to increase the headcount of the summoned wolves today.


After that, they went to check Hih at the 7th floor.

Unfortunately, it seems like they’ve some sacrifices during hunting.

When they gather them together to check, they are not complete.

Though he doesn’t know if this has happened because he increased their number, he can only feel sorry.

However, aside from that, the skill LV of the newcomers has greatly increased.

By the way, the skill LV of the old-timers has increased too.

Kousuke was surprised to see that some of them even have LV 5 skills.

It seems like Hih’s hunter instinct has kicked and had everyone go hunting steadily.

He decided to give Hih a scolding to stop its recklessness.

By the way, when he checked Hih’s status, he felt happy because it learned <Language Comprehension (Familiar)> so he decided to make him understand.

He told it to not overdo things and be as careful as possible.


Kousuke decided to just scold it to the extent that it won’t hurt its ego while persuading it to be as careful as possible.

He just placed them there earlier so there won’t be any major changes.

Upon checking their routine, there are six who are waiting at the <Slime Summoning Circle>.

As for the other four, they are probably hunting around.

Since there’s no significant change, they returned to the management floor.


—Scene Change—


After returning to the management floor, Kousuke decided to end the tower management for that day and spent time relaxing with Kouhi and Mitsuki.

They were busy capturing the tower first and managing it after. It was the first time the three of them relaxed all together.

After enjoying the food cooked by the two, they just spent their time talking about everything.

After that, he was invited by the two so the three of them bathed together. They enjoyed things that can be enjoyed by three people after that.

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