Arc 1 Chapter 2.8 – Two Unique Items


Three days after placing the foxes on the 8th floor, no significant change has occurred.

Kousuke also did not set up new facilities.

In the meantime, Kousuke’s group watch over the wolves and the foxes as they subjugate monsters and earn them divine power.

As a result, they found that they can earn more divine power by defeating monsters with high LV.

Kousuke also took the wolves to hunt on a middle floor once but came to the conclusion that they can’t hunt there if they are not accompanied by them so he doesn’t plan on sending them there again.


When the tower LV up to LV3, aside from the additional summoning circles and buildings, there was another change.

It’s an additional management function.

As for what it is, it is something that gave the assistant managers, Kouhi and Mitsuki, the authority to manage floors.

Kousuke immediately expanded the management room and installed two new control panels.

After that, the only thing that needs to be done is giving the floor management authority to Kouhi and Mitsuki.

He did not even ask for their opinion.

「You two, come over here and look at this…」

「What is it?」

「What’s wrong?」

When he increased the number of control panels, two things suddenly appeared on the screen.

On the management screen, there are two new things that can be installed for reaching LV3.


Name: World Tree Sapling

Installation Cost: 300,000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A sapling of the big tree that controls holy power on the ground. It has some power even in the state of being a sapling. Moreover, it can grow using divine power and produce divine power. However, maintenance is necessary to preserve and raise it. A unique item exclusive to this tower.


The other one.


Name: Vamilinear Castle

Installation Cost: 300,000pt (Divine Power)

Description. Castle. Its existence can only be revealed by using magic power. There is a Vamilinear Jewel in the center of the castle. The jewel’s role is to breathe in magic power and produce divine power. However, maintenance is necessary to preserve it. A unique item exclusive to this tower.


Presently, those can be considered as very expensive purchases but their worth is more than the installation cost.

Fortunately, they still have enough pt to install both.

Kousuke thought of leaving the floors where these two will be installed to Kouhi and Mitsuki.

The problem is securing manpower that can maintain those two.

「….so, do you know what are these?」

「I don’t but we should leave making mochi to mochi makers. Let’s ask an expert.」

「What do you mean?」

「Secret desu.」

Kouhi smiled and giggled.

「Then, I’ll be in charge of the castle…I’ll summon that.」

(….Kouhi-san, secret, is it? And Mitsuki-san, areh? What is “that”?)

Kousuke is scared so he did not ask them.

「Then, please do so. Also, once these two items are installed, I’ll leave their management to the two of you.」


The two were surprised upon hearing Kousuke’s plan.

After that, their expressions changed to a strangely enthusiastic look.

Kousuke thought that there shouldn’t be any problem if they are motivated so he continued to explain.

「Somehow, when the tower’s LV went up, I can now assign others to manage things for me. For the time being, I plan on having you manage 1 floor each but depending on the circumstances, I can increase the number of floors you can manage too so let me know if you want to.」

「I understand.」


Transferring management authority is quite simple.

On the floors that Kousuke assigned them to, they can do what Kousuke can do like installing or setting up things.

However, divine power, holy power, and magic power that are needed for installation are restricted by the manager.

As for how much restriction, Kousuke, the manager, is the one who’ll set it up.

The two have no objection in that part too.

For the time being, the summoning that the two will perform will be done later due to time constraints. Because of that, the installation of the two items and the management authority transfer was postponed.


—Scene Change—


In addition to the two unique items, there are two additional items that are quite bothersome.


Name: Divine Stone(Small)

Installation Cost: 10,000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A stone that absorbs the surrounding holy power and magic power to generate divine power.


Kousuke did not know how much divine power would be generated but he decided to install it for the time being.

The places he installed them are the 7th and the 8th floors where the wolves and foxes are.

On the 7th floor, one will be installed in the pond beside the stable where the wolves reside. When Kousuke tried to specify that pond as the installation place, it was permitted.

On the 8th floor, one was installed in the shrine and another one was installed in the small pond.

After that, they decided to check the 8th floor.


Kousuke, who came to the 8th floor with Kouhi and Mitsuki, decided to check the shrine first.

In the middle of a room, a fist-size stone is laying on the floor without anything else.

However, there are two foxes who are circling around it.

They watched them for a while but it seems like they are not trying to do anything mischievous to the stone.

They are thinking that the foxes might have felt the power of the stone.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a problem, the three decided to check the pond next.

There were three foxes drinking water there.

As specified, the divine stone is indeed in the pond.

When Kousuke appraised the water of the pond, it came out as <Divine Water>.

Apparently, he already expected that result.


They checked the 7th floor just in case but the result was the same.

Since the wolves have also drank the water and there’s no bad side effect, there seems to be no problem.

Kousuke is not looking forward to how drinking that water will affect the wolves and the foxes. Or maybe nothing will change at all.

That is also the reason why he did not install a divine stone on the 5th floor.

According to their plan, an unspecified number of humans and demi-humans will migrate and come and go there in the future so he won’t put something special there.

Under such conditions, its features will be as it looks.

It’s a shame that the wolves of the 5th floor will not be given with <Divine Water> but they really can’t install one there.

After seeing the result on the other two floors, Kousuke will decide if he’ll make the wolves on the 5th floor and 7th floor guard that place in turns.

Incidentally, they have already confirmed the safety of the wolves on the 7th floor.

No wolf has been killed since then which is something to be happy about.

However, given the rank of the monsters that appeared on that floor, the skill LV of the wolves doesn’t go up.

Kousuke is looking forward to the effect of <Divine Water> to check if he can finally make the wolves go to the middle floors.


As the last work of that morning, they went to check the 5th floor.

This place is led by Nana so there’s no particular problem.

Rather than that, it seems like the surrounding monsters are decreasing steadily.

There are also other wolves who have command skills now so it might be a good idea to add more wolves soon.

While patting Nana’s fur, Kousuke was seriously considering that.

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