Arc 1 Chapter 2.10 – Vampire Princess


While Kouhi was dealing with Liston on the 73rd floor, Kousuke spent his time watching over the wolves and foxes.

When he came back to the management floor after checking each floor, Kouhi had already returned. After that, he spent time reading books.

As for where he got those books, it was when he first installed their living area on the management floor. When he started reading, he never thought that he’d be addicted to it. He always finds something interesting when reading.

Since he understood the theory in the book, he thought about putting it to practice.

However, Kousuke calms himself down and decides to do it after things are done.

They still need to install the <Vamilinear Castle>.

After dinner, Mitsuki requested him to install the Vamilinear Castle on the 73rd floor before she starts summoning.

After cleaning things up and putting everything in order, the three of them head to the 76th floor to start the summoning ritual.


—Scene Change—


(This is a big castle…)

That is Kousuke’s impression when he first saw the Vamilinear Castle.

This is the first time in Kousuke’s two lives that he sees a castle so he can’t compare it with anything.

In fact, Vamilinear Castle is a standard size castle and there are some castles larger than it.

Well, it is absurd to expect Kousuke, who has never seen a castle in two lives, to notice it.

Anyway, the three of them are now looking at the <Vamilinear Jewel> that is displayed on the management screen of the castle.

There’s no point in looking at it now since that is where they are going.

They can immediately go towards their destination but with Kousuke’s request, they went around the castle first.

That’s why they checked the throne in the throne room, found a room with a lot of shelves but didn’t have a single book that might be a library, found a hidden empty treasure room after finding a heavily locked door and a trick door, and finally arrived at the room where the object was.


The <Vamilinear Jewel> is located in the basement of the castle.

In the middle of the considerably big room is a luxurious pedestal where a transparent, crystal-like ball is placed.

To check it, Kousuke used his left eye and found that it was definitely the <Vamilinear Jewel>.

The owner is Kousuke. It is probably because he was the one who installed the castle.


「It’s okay.」

Mitsuki tried to stop him because he suddenly tried to touch the <Vamilinear Jewel> but Kousuke already checked it using his left eye so he knows it is safe to touch. He put his right hand on it without worrying about anything.

<Owner confirmed. Do you want to change the setting? Yes or No?>

That suddenly came out of his head so he just selected “Yes”.

<Starting the procedure of changing the ownership. Please the new owner’s right hand.>

「Mitsuki, put your right hand on it.」

「?… this?」

When Kousuke asked her so, Mitsuki placed her right hand on the jewel.

<….confirmed. Ownership change, ended.>

「….this is?」

「Yeah. I don’t know what it is but since we can change the ownership, I tried it.」

Kousuke blocked whatever Mitsuki was trying to say by saying that.

「Either way, it will be managed by Mitsuki so it is better to change the owner, right?」

「….I understand.」

Although a little pushy, Kousuke thought that it would be better for Mitsuki to own it.

Especially when thinking about the future, he felt that Mitsuki definitely should be the owner.


—Scene Change—


After that happened, it was finally decided to start the summoning which is the main reason they are there.

Mitsuki has already prepared everything so she managed to summon immediately.

There was no particular problem and the summoning ended successfully. She summoned a woman with gray hair and red eyes.

It is a beautiful, bewitching woman which is different from Kouhi and Mitsuki.

「…Is it you who awakened me?」

「Yes, that’s right. There’s something I want you to do.」

「Fumu….I’m anxious about what you want me to do….How about the people waiting there? Sacrifice prepared for me?」

The moment the gray-haired beauty said that, pressure overflowed from Mitsuki.

「….Even if it is a joke, there are things you can never say. Do you get it, my contracted one?」

「Mou….My apologies. It seems like my mind is still floating around after being revived for the first time in a long time. I’m really sorry.」

While being pressured by Mitsuki, she apologized properly.

Given that, Mitsuki immediately stopped releasing pressure.

「I hope you understand. Let me introduce you to my lord.」


「Yeah, that’s right. There’s a quicker way to make you understand using that mouth of yours.」


「Kouhi, please.」

Mitsuki looked at Kouhi leaving behind the gray-haired beauty.

Kouhi pulled out a wine glass and a knife out of nowhere.

「My apologies my lord. Can you take this?」

「….? Ah.」

Though confused, Kousuke took the wine glass using his left hand.

After that, Kouhi took his free right hand.

「My apologies. Please endure it.」

「….Kouhi? Kuh….!?」

Kouhi slashed Kousuke’s hand using the knife.

And of course, blood flows out of Kousuke’s hand and the wine glass was for that.

With everything that happened, Kousuke, who still hadn’t heard anything, was still left out without explanation.

When the blood accumulated on the wine glass is 1 cm deep, Kouhi immediately heals his right hand.

Thanks to that, the wound on his right hand closed soon. The glass containing Kousuke’s blood was handed over to Kouhi.


Mitsuki, who received the glass, gave it to the beautiful woman.

However, looking at her closely, the appearance of the beautiful woman is strange.

She seemed stunned or surprised.

Mitsuki pointed at the glass and she finally noticed it.

「What’s wrong? Are you going to waste Kousuke-sama’s kindness?」

Looking at the state of the beautiful woman before her, Mitsuki offers the wine glass in a funny way.

「Mou….no, but….this is….」

At first, the beautiful woman seemed to be hesitant but she still took the glass from Mitsuki. She seemed to have prepared herself first before tasting it.

The beautiful woman drank the blood until the glass was empty. Her eyes are closed as if she’s savoring it.


Then, she exhaled in one breath as if she held all her feelings inside her. She then turned to Kousuke and say…

「Again, I would like to apologize for my attitude earlier. My name is Shrine Vamilinear. Vampire princess Shrine.」

「Ah, no. I don’t mind it in particular so it’s fine….rather than that, Vamilinear….!?」

「?….Is there something wrong with my family name?」

After looking away from the mysterious Shrine, Kousuke looked at Mitsuki.

「No, we don’t even know what it means.」

「…then why are you…」

「This castle, it seems to be called <Vamilinear Castle>.」

「What….!? That means, that is, no way….」

While she’s saying that, Shrine finally saw the <Vamilinear Jewel>.

「….that is definitely the <Vamilinear Jewel>. What is going on?」

Shrine decided to rush toward Kousuke as if panicking. On the other hand, Kousuke pulls Mitsuki and uses her as a shield.

「Ah, yeah. No, I don’t really have any idea….For the time being, ask Mitsuki about the current situation.」


「We are going back to the base so please work for Mitsuki.」

Kouhi made a suggestion after seeing the impatient Kousuke.

「But my lord, it is already late at night. If we return it’s….」


「….No, Kou’s group is here too. So there’s no problem.」

Kouhi, who noticed Kousuke’s troubled expression, immediately answered what she thought.

For some reason, Mitsuki looked at Kouhi as if looking at a traitor.

She doesn’t know what’s happening too while Shrine is just watching what’s happening.

In the end, Mitsuki stayed in the castle and explained the situation to Shrine. Kouhi, who returned to the management floor, was in a good mood for a while.

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