Arc 1 Chapter 3.1 – Teleportation Gate Installation


It has been a month since Kousuke captured the tower.

At last, the first step in making the 5th floor village will start.

Kousuke is currently receiving report from Isnani, someone they sent to Ryuusen.

「Then, is the preparation on the other side complete?」

「Yes. The construction of the base, which took most time, was finished. The interior was cleaned up yesterday. The adventurers also made some educated guesses after we spread stories.」

「That means all that is left is to install a gate?」


「Hmm. I see….」

Looking at Kousuke’s subtle expression, Isnani tilted her head.

「… there an issue?」

「Ah, no no. I am currently making something now but I couldn’t make it in time. There’s no problem with the village.」

「You are making something?」

「Yeah. This one.」

Kousuke happily took out a crystal on a box.

「….that is. What is it?」

「Put your hand on the crystal.」

Since it was Kousuke who asked her, Isnani put her hand on the crystal.

After that, Isnani’s current status was displayed on the surface of the box.

「….this is!?」

「Should I call it a status checking device or device of confirmation? In short, it’s a magic tool that can check your status or rather, a divine tool because it is using divine power.」

Isnani was stunned by his simple remarks. Kouhi and Mitsuki, who were beside him, also smiled upon seeing Isnani’s reaction.

For the two of them, a divine tool was something out of their expectation.

For a while, the 73rd and the 76th floors are completely left to them to manage and Kousuke only checks the wolves and the foxes. In his free time, Kousuke spends his time making something and this is something he managed to make.

In the first place, there is no device in this world that can check the power and skills of people.

And that thing is already expected since only Kousuke’s left eye has that kind of power.

It was the result of Kousuke’s understanding on using divine power.


Isnani, who somehow managed to calm down, asked.

「If you ask me, this is already amazing. What causes your dissatisfaction?」

「Yeah. To begin with, status is a lump of personal information. I tried transferring it to a card so that only the person himself can see his status but it didn’t work well. Now, I’m trying my best to display it in a box.」

「……..I see.What about Kouhi-sama and Mitsuki-sama?」

「If it is magic tool, I can be of help but we are talking about a divine tool here.」

「The same goes for me.」

Both Kouhi and Mitsuki can use divine power but making divine tools is completely out of their specialties.

In the first place, it is already absurd to make something like that in less than a month but Kousuke is not aware of it.

「Ano…..making that divine tool….can you let me join?」

Isnani offered her service with difficulty.

「Hnn? I don’t mind but, what about Ryuusen?」

「Eh? You’re okay with it? Great!」

Kousuke’s first impression of being cool in Isnani has collapsed as she dances for joy.

「No, I’ll say it again, what about Ryuusen?」

「There is no problem. Everything’s going according to plan so it is okay to transfer one person to another place.」

「Oh, okay. Then, you can do so after getting the permission of the others.」

Kousuke pushed away granting permission to the other team members. Kouhi and Mitsuki can only shake their heads.

Eventually, Isnani will later become the leader of the tower and guild development team. She’ll continue to develop holy, magic, and divine tools with Kousuke but that’s a long way to go.


「Then, how about the installation of the gate?」

After the derailed discussion of the two, Kouhi finally speaks.


Kousuke and Isnani looked at each other with an “I’ve completely forgotten about it” expression.

Seeing that, Kouhi and Mitsuki both sighed.

As if panicking, Kousuke immediately installed a teleportation gate in the temple of the 5th floor village.

After that, he took out something like a squishy square at the bottom of the management screen.

「And….for the time being, can you take this to the place where the teleportation gate was planned to be installed?」

「….this is?」

「Ah, because the gate will be installed outside of the tower, it will need a marker.」

「I see. I’ll take care of it.」

Isnani nods and receives it.

She can’t afford to drop it in the unlikely event so she’s keeping it with great care.

「After that, you can operate the gate on that side too but, how long will it take for you to get it there?」

「That is…..about two hours.」

「Alright then.」

Isnani(or rather, anyone other than Kousuke) can be teleported out of the tower.

It has been decided to wait for two more hours because they don’t know the situation on the other side.

「I will take my leave.」

After seeing off Isnani, who was teleported out of the tower, the three of them headed to their respective jobs.


—Scene Change—


At the Ryuusen base, Wahid’s team of six is now assembled.

That’s only normal because their hard work will finally come to an end and they can finally see the result.

The six are waiting for the change that Isnani brought back from the tower.

Isnani, who is the most sensitive one when it comes to divine power, noticed.

「Ah, it’s about time.」

Hearing those words, the others, who are relaxing, lined up neatly.

In the meantime, the small, square shaped object glowed and grew eventually turning into a gate.

From the gate, Kousuke’s group of three appeared.

Seeing them, Wahid’s group of six knelt down.

「Ah, No. You don’t have to be that formal.」

As Kousuke panicked, he urged them to stand.

「Congratulations, Kousuke-sama.」

Everyone said that.

「Yeah. It is because of everyone’s hard work. And this is where the real show begins.」

「Of course, we understand.」

「Then, I’ll leave the rest to you. Ah, did you hear about it from Isnani?」

「We heard it. There is no particular problem so please, use her.」

Wahid answers on everyone’s behalf. Perhaps because he was the first one who was summoned, he has become someone like the leader of the group of six.

「Okay. And…is the other side okay?」

「Of course.」

「….that’s all about it, for now? Is there anything else?」

Kousuke asked Kouhi and Mitsuki and the two shook their heads.

「Ah, right. I forgot to say. Presently, this teleportation gate can only be started by the upper management so be careful since even you can’t pass through without permission. The activation is similar to the gate on the management floor.」

They have used the management gate several times so everyone knows how to use it.

「I see. I understand.」

「That’s it? Then, we will leave and transfer the wolves to another floor. Take a break for the time being.」


After hearing their reply, Kousuke’s group of three went through the teleportation gate and disappeared into the tower.

After seeing them off, Wahid called out the other five.

「As Kousuke-sama said, we have a break but that also means that the real thing is about to start. Everyone, let’s do our tasks as planned.」

Everyone responded and left that place to do their own work.


On the other hand, Kousuke’s group, who arrived at the temple on the 5th floor, gathered the wolves and had them join the wolves on the 7th floor. After that, they returned to the management floor.

Finally, the 5th floor village is really to accept outsiders.

Let’s Manage the Tower TOC

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