Arc 1 Chapter 3.2 – Fairy


A week before the teleportation gate on the 5th floor is opened.

Kousuke, who’s trying to make a guild card, is doing all he can to make the status viewable on the management floor.

Kousuke, who is now taking a break, is consulted by Kouhi as soon as she returns from the 73rd floor.

「My lord, may I speak with you?」

「…..Hnn? What’s wrong?」

「I have received a suggestion from Liston on the 73rd floor but I want to consult you first if it is acceptable.」


「That is, it seems like that world three has grown enough to grow root in the 73rd floor. However, it seems like to make sure that it grows smoothly, more manpower is necessary.」

「Ah, I see….areh? Didn’t Liston already summoned on his own before because of manpower problem?」

As Kousuke said, Liston already summoned two other high elves.

In the first place, high elves are treated as legendary creatures in this world.

A high elf is said to be almost immortal on both physical and spiritual aspects. If that is the case, how did Kouhi even manage to summon a high elf in the first place? That is because he already abandoned his physical body and only exists as a spiritual body.

In summoning, the spiritual body will be called and the physical body will be granted by the summoner.

By the way, as a digression, Kouhi, who did not know anything aside from the fact that she’ll summon a high elf, had it worse compared to Liston who even knows the names of those he summoned.


「Yes, that’s the situation until now but the three of them are already having a hard time. It seems like the surrounding environment needs to be modified which is something the three of them can’t do.」

「I see…..So? Since Kouhi consulted me first before doing it, does it mean that you need to summon quite a large number of people like Mitsuki?」

Mitsuki, who’s managing the 76th floor, was also asked by Shrine to summon a large number of familiars.

「No. We’re not planning to summon….he said he wants to call the elves from the outside.」

「……..I see.」

Kousuke finally understood why Kouhi came to consult him.

Calling from outside would mean that it would be a considerable number of people.

There’s no other way but to go out of the tower and get those elves themselves but given how busy Kouhi is, she can’t do it.

Rather than that, it would be better to install a new teleportation gate.

However, that itself is a big problem.


「……..if we install another gate outside, there’s a chance that we might invite other things, right?」

「That’s right. However, I’ve already checked them once. The whole clan that we’re trying to pull in is a closed clan that has little involvement with the outside world.」

Kousuke replied with a wry smile.

「……..I feel like they’ll be very difficult to handle.」

「Yes, but if you think about it the other way, it can be said that the tower is their best place to live in.」

「They’re kind of shut in…..maa, okay.」

「That clan is said to be the clan that manages the world tree on Azen continent.」

Azen continent is a continent located north of the central continent.

「Since they are already managing a world tree, why would they even bother coming here?」

「That’s….according to Liston, that world tree has already done its duty.」

「…..What does it mean?」

「It seems like the world tree has the role of adjusting the flow of holy power and magic power of the world. That world tree has already come off of the earth vein.」

「I see. So that’s what “it has already done its duty” means?」


「Got it…..For now, I can’t say anything without seeing them myself. Is it possible to meet them?」

「Now? I’m not sure but, shouldn’t it be better if I check them out first before meeting my lord?」

「It’s okay. I’ll have both of you come with me. Also, I would like to see other world trees.」

Kouhi looked at the newly returned Mitsuki after hearing Kousuke.

The three of them don’t spend much time together since Mitsuki too is busy managing the 76th floor.

「With the two of you, it will be fine.」

「….I understand. I’ll talk to Liston.」

「Ah, wait. I’ll go with you. I want to see how much the world tree has grown.」

Kouhi agreed with Kousuke so the three of them went to the 73rd floor.


—Scene Change—


「Oya. For you to be all together….did something happen?」

「It’s about the elf migration that we talked about before. After talking about it, my lord said he wanted to see how much the world tree has grown.」

It was Liston who greeted Kousuke’s group of three when they arrived at the 73rd floor.

However, the three did not see the other two companions of Liston.

As for Kousuke, he was looking at the world tree that has grown up.

It was already big when it was still a sapling but now it has grown even bigger.

「What’s our next step……? Kousuke-sama?」

Liston asked Kousuke’s decision.

However, Kousuke approached the world tree as if he did not hear Liston.

「My lord?」


They don’t feel anything unusual so they are sure that Kousuke is not being manipulated but even so, Kouhi and Mitsuki are looking at Kousuke suspiciously.

「…..Is this the world tree?」

Kousuke is only focused on the world tree and doesn’t even bother looking at anything else.

That time, Kousuke can see that the world tree is being surrounded by small and big lights.

Even when they planted the sapling, something like this did not happen.

It is unclear whether he can see this phenomenon because of the tower of his left eye but it doesn’t even matter if it did.

That moment, Kousuke is fascinated by that fantastic scene.


Eventually, Kousuke, who was approaching the world tree, arrived at the root of the tree, and touched its trunk gently using his right hand.

At that moment, the world tree emits faint light and even produces small lights on the leaves.

Eventually, the light gathered in front of Kousuke and a palm size fairy(?) appeared.

The fairy happily flies around Kousuke.

「Th…..that…..such a….could it…..」

Liston was stunned after seeing that scene.

No matter how one looks at it, the fairy is not hostile so Mitsuki, who almost took action, just asked Liston.

「It looks like you know what that is. What is that?」

「….No. It’s not that I know….I might be misunderstanding something….」

「I don’t care about your personal opinion. I want to know what you know.」


When Liston falls silent, Mitsuki releases a little pressure.

In response, Liston began talking with cold sweat on his back.

「…..It’s a legend that is passed down to us elves. A great spirit dwells in the world tree and it will only appear to someone that spirit recognizes….」

「I see. That means it’s some sort of spirit or an existence close to it.」

「As expected of my lord.」

Leaving Liston who’s murmuring that it’s impossible, Kouhi and Mitsuki were convinced while watching Kousuke playing with the fairy.


「Liston, what happened….!?」

「What was that light!?」

Perhaps they noticed that something unusual happened to the world tree, Sera and Zepar also came to the scene.

When they saw Kousuke and the fairy, they stopped and found no words to say.

Seeing the two’s reaction, Kouhi and Mitsuki were convinced that it is that fairy that dwells in the world tree.

Kouhi approached the two and asked them.

「I just want to confirm this. That thing dwells in the world tree, isn’t it?」

「No….probably….I can’t say. After all, its existence is only a legend.」

「We can’t even confirm if someone can really dwell in the world tree…..」

「Is that so…..? Maa, anyway, it is not making any strange move against my lord so let’s observe for a while. 」

「Alright. Let’s do that. 」

Kouhi and Mitsuki made such a conclusion. They stay put and watch over Kousuke and the fairy.

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