Chapter 10 – Cursed Rock?….Slightly Different


The wolves started to growl all at once.

The next moment, the cursed rock is already in front of me.


I instinctively protect myself with my arms….

I have no time to calmly analyze what’s happening.


After a loud crashing sound, the pain…areh? I don’t feel any pain.

When I checked what happened quietly, the cursed rock was embedded on the wall of the cave opposite of us.

Moreover, the shape of the cursed rock has changed.

It got smaller.

When the cursed rock comes out of the wall, it moves along the wall for some reason.

It looks like it’s taking its distance from me.

I don’t remember doing anything against it though.

What happened?

It knocked against us….was it attacked?

Ah, the barrier.

The barrier successfully protected me.

However, that’s a little different from the result that I thought of when I cast the barrier.

Why did it even get into the wall?

The place here is bigger compared to the space where the wolves were.

We got here from a path that is connected to a corner of this space.

This place is rectangular in shape and the cursed rock that moved to the opposite diagonal corner looks small.

It seems like it was trying to escape but I really don’t know.

I wonder if there was something in me that scared it.

Does this rock even have a will?

I twist my neck and look back at the wolves.

They stared at me with their round lovely eyes.

They are relaxed.

My tension also loosens up a bit because of them.

If I try to get a little closer, the cursed rock will attack me again.

Let’s try to receive its attack.

It is blocked by the barrier and the barrier shines and attacks back.

….attacks back?

The light that pierced the cursed rock like a spear disappears.

It was only for a moment.

The barrier attacks back, what is it?

I never thought that a barrier can be this frightening.

The cursed rock sunk on the farthest wall again.

At first, it is so big that it looks like it’ll reach the ceiling of the floor which is about 25m high…now, it has become much smaller.

It became smaller twice so it is probably around 7 – 8 meters.

Well, pardon me but you attacked me first so I can only fight back.

Or rather, it was the barrier that attacked.

When I looked at the wolves, they tilted their heads.

It looks like they don’t know what’s happening too.

It’s a waste of time to think about barriers so let’s leave it alone.

The problem is the cursed rock.

I couldn’t attack so I could only try to get closer.

It’s not even moving from the corner.

Is it just me?

I feel like it’s giving me the same impression as the wolf when I first met it but this is an inorganic rock.

Could it be a living rock?

Is that the reason why it can curse?

I tried purifying it.

The cursed rock shines for a moment but turns back to being a black rock immediately.

It seems like the purification power is weak.

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