Chapter 4 – The Wolf….was Tamed!


When the shadow covering the wolf disappears, I become anxious of what will happen next.

Will I end like those beautiful Japanese sagas?

The wolf before me, it’s quite dirty!

Maa, I’m worried about it being too thin too but I’m more worried about it being too dirty!

There’s dirt here and there and there are tangled hairs too.

I wonder if wolves don’t care about hygiene.

Its face is still as fierce as ever and its eyes are wide open.

Could it be surprised?

…’s so cute.

As an animal lover, I want cute ones of course!

Looking at it now, it feels like it became cool rather than scary.

Hnn? It’s coming closer.

No way, will it attack?

T-the wild wolf showed its stomach!

This is touching.

I wonder if wild wolves of another world are this easy to tame.

Maa, before it changes its mind….

….Happy, I’m happy but it’s dirty!

This dirtiness is unbearable.

Ah, by the way, there should be magic that I can use for this, right?

What is this dirt anyway?

What does it look like when it is clean….

I’ll imagine it being clean and beautiful.

I patted the silky silver hair of the wolf in front of me.


This guy is really cool.

The wolf looked at me…is it a little proud?

Cute guy.

I’m worried about it being too thin but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Looking at it again, it’s really a beautiful wolf.

If its dirt will be cleaned, its handsomeness will improve from 20% to 80%.


Then, I noticed it already earlier but it’s really big.

It’s in its sitting position but our eye level is the same.

My height should be a little over 180cm.

….wolves in another world seem to be big.

As for me, I also prefer being tall since I can do a little more.

Dropped Into Another World ToC

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