Chapter 6 – Inside the Cave….Shadow of Death


Purification failed.

No, it didn’t really fail but there’s a matter of range.

It won’t do much if I only purify the entrance of the cave.

As soon as I entered, there’s already a shadow.

I somehow managed to purify the area.

I was able to purify about 2 meters around me.

Ah, was the cave this wide?

And there’s a faint groan.

This place seemed to be the den of the wolves.

Did I come here voluntarily to be eaten….?

….if that’s the case, I’m too stupid.

Perhaps it is the effect of purification, the shadow inside the cave became thinner.

Thanks to that, I can barely see what’s inside.

A wolf, similar to the wolf that brought me here, is intimidating me from a distance.

Behind it, a shadow moved.

I can’t confirm if that’s only a silhouette of something of a shadow itself from where I’m standing at.

And furthermore behind is a mountain of black things.

Once again, I put out my hand and use purification magic.

The visibility became better than before.

The black mountain now looks… wolves’ corpses.

They are piled up like a mountain.

If I didn’t see wolves’ feet in some places, I wouldn’t have noticed.

That’s a mountain of corpses.

I feel really disturbed.

….when I try to get closer, the groaning increases.

Ah, this is bad.

The wolf that came with me barked once.

It became quiet.

What should I do….purification only has a little range.

Can’t I do anything to see what’s before me?

Maa, I have to try everything.

I imagine covering the whole area that my eyes can see.


It seems like I can purify a wide area.

However, the cave was wider than expected.

Since my eyes can see more now, I tried repeating purification several times.

It is interesting to see the black shadow in the cave disappear.

Fuh, but as expected, it is troublesome to repeat it several times.

Strangely, whenever I use magic, I feel like my body becomes lighter.

I wonder if magic has such an effect.

….I have no idea.

Even if I think about it, I’ll just waste time.

Speaking of which, I’ve been moving around but I don’t feel tired.

….this too, is a waste of time to worry about.

I shake my head since I’m thinking too many unnecessary things.

Well, next, next.

I approach the mountain of corpses in the depths of the cave.

Even if the cave is purified, there’s no change in the shadow covering it.

When I was looking at it, the wolf who brought me here stands next to me and quietly looks at the mountain of corpses.

I don’t know how to read its expression but I feel that it’s sad.

I want to do something about it….I really don’t like this personality of mine.

It can’t be helped.

If I strengthen my imagination, I can lift that curse.

Yeah, magic is almighty!

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